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  • Release | Use This Cord Cutting Meditation To Set You Free From Energy & Attachments

    After sending out over 3000 Angel Card readings, it’s become clear to me where people get the most stuck in their lives.

    There are a few cards which I don’t get very often at all, and then there are some which are prolific and take up the bulk of my readings.

    I also get messages from people wanting to manifest their exes or bring someone back to them, but – probably to their disappointment – I always tell them that what they should actually think about is cutting the cord…


    I knew that I needed to help with this because when we don’t know how to move forward, we feel stuck. When we feel stuck, we can’t manifest; we can’t see the new opportunities which surround us; and we aren’t grateful for things because we’re thinking about what we have lost.

    The problem with this feeling being caused by our energy is that most of us can’t see it!

    The attachment is there, but we don’t know how to get rid of it. However, with this powerful technique, you can finally reclaim your energy and raise your own vibration by severing ties to the past.

    In this free guided meditation, you will cut your cords to the things and people which no longer serve you.

    As empaths and lightworkers, we can soak in other people’s energy and take on their problems, which means that we need to regularly cleanse ourselves of low vibration energy.

    Like an energy detox, by releasing our attachments and cutting the ties to what has made us feel heavy, we can become weightless.

    Our soul can feel free, and we can breathe again.

    Too much attachment to the past makes it impossible for us to see the potential that still lies in our future…

    Enjoy this cord cutting meditation, and feel lighter as you release the past.

    Download the free meditation mp3 here →




  • Why Some People Won’t Have A Spiritual Awakening

    Isn’t it annoying when our friends and family won’t awaken with us?

    From conversations with my clients and spiritual friends, this is the worst part about going through an awakening: the loneliness.

    Feeling like you’re weird and strange.

    Not being able to connect with people in your life in the same way that you did before.

    This is only going to make us wish that they could come along for the ride with us, especially as we unwrap our gifts, connect with the Universe, and realise the full power that we have to create our own reality.

    “Why can’t they see this too?”

    Well, maybe they’re not meant to right now…

    We all have different times for our awakening to start unfolding, and they are all as Divine as each other! I believe that there’s reasons why some people won’t spiritually awaken in this lifetime, and I’m going to share these with you.

    Hopefully they’ll help you to see that it’s perfect; it’s Divine; it’s necessary for some people not to awaken. The only thing we can do in this situation is not to control them – but to work on our own acceptance of the new situation we find ourselves in.

    It’s not our job to try and “fix” someone who we hope will awaken. It’s not for us to decide when their time is. They have to find the light when they’re ready to turn it on.

    Here’s why it might not happen in this lifetime 🔮👇🏿

    ⋆☽ They don’t want to… ☾⋆

    A lot of people might have the potential to awaken, but they have so much resistance.

    Often this is an energetic issue where their Crown Chakra is closed, or so blocked by judgements that they lack a tangible connection to the Divine. When they lack that connection, they don’t feel as though they have any physical proof that anything else exists apart from our 1) physical bodies, 2) life and 3) death.

    These people need evidence, and as spiritual people we already get a lot of that through signs, synchronicities, manifestations, card readings, etc…

    But for someone who has never experienced any of that – or has never noticed any of that – it could be very hard to believe that there’s some truth in spirituality.

    They also might not want to because of past life trauma…

    Who else here feels like they were a witch in a past life? 🙋🏼‍♀️


    I strongly feel this way, and I actually believe that me, my mother and my sister were all witches together in lifetimes before. With these “witch wounds” comes a huge amount of fear about sharing our psychic gifts and being open about our spirituality.

    We have so much fear of being persecuted because we literally were! And even today, we probably still will be by a lot of people.

    These past life traumas were so intense that they still threaten our sense of security today. For some people, it’ll be so bad that they will not risk awakening in this lifetime.

    It’s a similar story for people who have been brought up in strong religious traditions…

    Or in any kind of belief system which would put them off awakening so badly in this lifetime because those beliefs are entrenched, and are what they have chosen to stick by.

    For the same reason that we won’t change any beliefs, the benefits for these groups of people don’t outweigh the costs of being a spiritual person in today’s society.

    If they don’t feel safe and the fears are too strong, they won’t be in a state of allowing and believing in the magic of the Universe like we understand it.

    ⋆☽ They’re not ready… ☾⋆

    Other people will awaken in this lifetime, but just… not yet.

    It’s for no-one to say when they’ll awaken, as that’s up to their soul and the big-U for when their awakening is due. It’s written into their life plan somewhere, but we just can’t see when it will be.

    Some people awaken from a sudden, tragic life event. Some people awaken through the people they meet and the places they end up. Some people awaken through a magical metaphysical experience.

    You just have to be patient with these people.

    You may not still know them when they awaken, but, if you do, you’ll be the first person they come to for advice, and you can be their support because you know what it’s like to awaken and feel alone.

    Awakenings can’t be forced and it’s not for us to decide when someone else’s is going to happen. We can just be grateful when it finally does!

    ⋆☽ Their path is to help others awaken… ☾⋆

    … without awakening themselves.

    This is the heaviest one, because, as I said before, some people awaken through tragic and sudden life events. For me, I don’t think I’d be in spirituality if I hadn’t moved in with my alcoholic stepfather at age 13. He’s at end-stage alcoholism now, so it’s incredibly unlikely that he will awaken in this lifetime.

    However, if his soul had not made that sacrifice then I probably wouldn’t be here now making it my life’s work to teach about spirituality and help many others through their awakening (and then helping them to set up spiritual businesses which will help many others through their spiritual awakenings!)

    I also think this about psychopathic killers and people who we see as “evil” who have a huge impact on the world. We only see and talk about the negative impact, but the positive impact which comes afterwards isn’t publicised.

    Through every tragic event there are people who find each other, set up new charities and businesses, and make it their life’s mission to stop the same thing happening again. Some souls make sacrifices to help to get others on their right path.

    There is good in every situation and it is these souls who help us to see it through it through the contrast that they provide.

    It’s like a soul sacrifice that they made when they came here to Earth, and even if they don’t awaken – and seem like they’re so far from ever awakening and having empathy – their soul still contributes to the network of awakened souls that is illuminating the whole globe.

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    Our job isn’t to make unwilling people awaken – it’s to help the ones who are.

    In the spiritual community, we can reach out and help others rise up who are discovering the secrets of the Universe for the first time and feeling isolated by their new gifts and realisations.

    It is not our job to force anyone to do anything that they don’t want to do. That would only push people further away and would be coming from a place of our own scarcity!

    By shining brightly and being our best spiritual selves, we will gradually inspire others to do the same.

    When someone won’t awaken, the best thing we can do is to live our lives as an example.

    Their time will come when they are ready.



  • 5 Types of Blog Post That Your Readers Will Love

    When you’re writing your blog, it’s a good idea to mix up different types of blog post…

    As you get more experienced with writing your blog, you’ll notice that there’s certain styles of topics and headlines which catch more attention from your readers than others.

    This means that it’s super helpful to become familiar with the different types of blog post so that you can wow your audience and keep delivering content that they love to read and connect with. Here are 5 types of blog post which will help you to do just that! ↓ 

    Gatekeeper Blog copy (2)

    Example: 5 Types of Blog Post That Your Readers Will Love

    These are the most viral type of blog post because they’re easy to digest and simple to understand. We like topics that can be broken down into an easy-to-understand list! 

    From my own experience, any blog posts like this which include a numbered list are always my most successful titles.

    How can you summarise your blog topic into a list which will help people to group ideas together or categorise themselves?

    Screenshot 2020-07-29 at 19.55.23


    Gatekeeper Blog copy (1)

    Example: How Blogging Changed My Life

    As a writer, the most powerful thing you have is your story.

    Your personal experiences can be gold for someone who is feeling lost and lonely going through the same thing that you went through.

    Sharing a personal story also allows your audience to get to know you better on a deeper level.

    Screenshot 2020-07-29 at 19.59.36


    Gatekeeper Blog copy (3)

    Example: How To Turn Your Followers Into Raving Fans

    This type of blog shows your readers that you’re an expert who can teach them exactly what they need to know about a certain topic.

    They’ll leave your blog feeling more knowledgeable and confident, which will make them more confident in you.

    Screenshot 2020-07-29 at 19.52.24


    Gatekeeper Blog copy (7)

    Example: What Your Favourite Font Says About You

    This is always a fun type of blog post to write and read, which is usually a bit silly and not meant to be taken 100% seriously.

    However, we’re always curious to know more about ourselves and what group we fit into – and if you get it right, your readers will feel like you really understand them!

    Screenshot 2020-07-29 at 20.02.50


    Gatekeeper Blog copy (5)

    Example: Why Isn’t Your Blog Growing As Fast As You Would Like?

    You’re not really asking your reader a question, because you’re going to answer it for them!

    But doesn’t a question in a title just make you want to click and know more?

    This is a very enticing type of title to use which guarantees to make people curious.

    Screenshot 2020-07-29 at 20.04.47

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    If you want to know more about how to have a blog that you and your customers love, make sure you grab a copy of my new ebook

    How To Be A Successful Blogger 👩🏼‍💻✨

    how to be a successful blogger make money blogging


    This is just a snippet from chapter 2: How To Write Your Blog and I’m giving away everything I know about how to start, grow and monetise and successful blog that can grow your business on automatic.

    Instead of spending years trying to figure it out on your own, make your life easier by following these tried and tested tips for just $5!





  • What Type Of Business You Should Start Based On Your Zodiac Sign

    Astrologers everywhere will be cursing me for this, but I want all spiritual people to know that they have the chance to start a business based around their own passions and gifts.

    Plus, I thought it would be fun!

    Most of us know that there’s so much more to our astrology than just our Sun sign (read How Your Sun, Moon and Rising Zodiac Sign Affect Your Personality here), so feel free to check out your Moon and Rising sign too…

    We can often resonate with those as strongly or more strongly than we do with the sign that everyone knows us as. For example, I’m a Libra moon and I resonate with the personality traits of that sign as much as my Taurus sun.

    If you could start your own dream business that makes your soul sing, what would it be?



    Gatekeeper Blog copy (2)

    Known for being bold, fiery and formidable, an Aries will probably be happy in any position where they can be the boss!

    Entrepreneurs under this sign will definitely not like to have a ruler, because they have strong opinions about the best direction forward, with a huge amount of strength and tenacity to push things in the direction they want to go in.

    People under this star sign – like all fire signs – have a lot of energy too, so they can be amazing in the fitness industry where they can burn off some of that energy and inspire others to push their limits. They can use their strong leader archetype to be the CEO of a large corporation in any field that they’re most interested in.

    But, it is essential that it’s a field that they’re interested in because these fiery souls will not push forward and reach their full potential if it’s not something that they feel passionate about. This sign will probably be happy wherever they feel passionate, can lead others, and can call all the shots.

    Gatekeeper Blog copy (4)

    Unlike Aries, Taureans do have the ability to plod forward with something that they don’t feel inherently excited about. That’s because this earth sign is the strong and steady bull, who will do whatever it takes to meet their long term goals; even if it requires some sacrifice and hard work that they don’t feel emotionally invested in.

    Slow, steady and secure is the name of the game for this star sign, and they revel in the achievements that they can create from hard work and perseverance. This star sign is also known for their organisational skills, so they may enjoy a role like organising weddings, events, or even accountancy for those with a numbers mind, where they can organise other people’s business documents and financial figures.

    They are also ruled by Venus, which makes them prone to loving the finer things in life. Naturally drawn to aesthetics, beauty and luxury, this sign will thrive in a company where they can surround themselves with beautiful luxury clothing, high-end homes, or 5* resorts. Notorious food lovers, you might also find a Taurus owning a vineyard or fine dining restaurant.

    Any company which appeals to their senses and offers high class luxury will feel like a pleasure for a Taurus to own.

    Gatekeeper Blog copy

    Geminis excel at communication! In my Tarot readings, I always call them the communicators of the zodiac.

    Therefore, entrepreneurs born under this sign will delight in a business where they can use their intellect and spend plenty of time being social and networking. They love to discuss ideas, so any business within the field of communication should be a great fit for a Gemini.

    You might find these entrepreneurs starting up a PR company or a marketing business. You might find them on stage talking about their books or research. Gemini entrepreneurs will need mental stimulation; so they’re likely to create businesses around this, where they can learn, discuss, develop and grow – and help others to do the same.

    If they can identify a gap where people need help refining and sharing their message, a Gemini entrepreneur will come to the rescue and have a natural gift for this kind of work – which will lead to a fulfilling and booming business for them.

    Gatekeeper Blog copy (1)

    Cancers are caring by nature, so they’re likely to create a business that is going to nurture people’s hearts and souls. They’ll love looking for ways to help people eat better, sleep better, and take time for self-care.

    They have a very motherly vibe within the zodiac, and with their sensitive, watery nature they’re able to tune in to what people need in order to heal them. They are also very empathic.

    These kind of skills are underrated in entrepreneurship! But, are an incredible bonus for being able to sense what people need and want – and therefore, will spend money on.

    You might find a Cancerian entrepreneur setting up wellness retreats, holistic programs, and coaching on self-care. They want to heal and help people, and their intuitive antennae is perfectly primed to assist them with figuring out how to do this through their soul-aligned services and offerings.

    Gatekeeper Blog copy (5)

    Whereas some signs are happy to take a more subtle approach to leading an entrepreneurship venture, this is not going to be the case for Leos!

    Leos are known for loving the spotlight, being proud, bold and taking centre stage. This means that people born under this sign might be attracted to businesses where they can be in the spotlight; not only as a leader, but in any industry where they can perform.

    This could be in a more traditional sense, like a performing arts or entertainment company, or in a more indirect way such as being a sales person or realtor where they can perform and take the microphone in a 1:1 setting.

    Setting up a stage school or helping people to feel confident with dancing, singing and acting could be a dream come true for a fiery Leo who loves to express themselves and help others do the same in a confident way. To them, this kind of role would probably feel much more like fun than work!

    Gatekeeper Blog copy (4)

    Virgos take organisation to a whole new level! Perfectionists at heart, people born under this star sign feel most at peace when everything around them is perfectly in its place.

    This means that their business is likely to run like a well-oiled machine, with every detail thought about and taken care of to make everything work as efficiently as possible. This will lead to an outstanding customer experience. There’s very unlikely to be forgotten orders and mishaps in a business run by a Virgo!

    Out of the earth signs, this is the one which is most associated with a skill for expression. They can be great thinkers, writers and teachers. You’ll be pleased to know that the Forbes Billionaires list has more Virgos than any other star sign – this is no accident!

    They’re known for being obsessive, which can lead to great to success in business when they find what it is that they want to obsess over. Their attention to detail can lend well to working in careers where operations are important, like logistics, technology and any kind of agency work. You can always trust that your money is in good hands when you trust a Virgo to deliver something that you need from their business.

    Gatekeeper Blog copy (6)

    Libra is ruled by Venus (like Taurus) which means that people born under this star sign can also be partial to the little luxuries in life.

    As entrepreneurs, they are likely to find a huge amount of joy working in creative ventures where they can make things beautiful and aesthetically pleasing for their customers. They usually have a great eye for what looks good, which can lead to them setting up businesses in interior design, fashion or art.

    They love beauty and balance in all its forms, and that includes being able to harmonise things so that they look visually stunning to the eye. This sign has been endowed with a huge amount of grace and they have a reputation for being socialites who have a knack for attracting admirers.

    This is partly due to their diplomacy skills, which can make Libra entrepreneurs fair leaders and enjoyable bosses to work under. They’re unlikely to cause conflict and will bend over backwards to avoid or resolve conflict with their customers.

    In creative pursuits where they can nurture an atmosphere of perfect harmony, beauty and balance, a Libra is likely to tap into their greatest innate skills.

    Gatekeeper Blog copy (7)

    Scorpios can be sassy, have a sting in their tail, and are known for their sexuality. This can mean that a Scorpio entrepreneur is drawn to any kind of work which will exhibit these parts of themselves.

    For example, you might find a Scorpio setting up a lingerie business or working with people to help them to express themselves sexually in a more confident way. They are ruled by Pluto which makes them shrewd and determined; and they have the ability to focus more than any of the water signs. This can mean that they’re excellent at being analytical and getting right down to the root of the issue – no matter who or what stands in their way!

    They could be excellent at private detective work or in an engineering firm where they can find out the cause of the problem that no-one else has been able to figure out yet. They’re a force to be reckoned with, and extremely powerful leaders in business.

    However, they also have the edge (as a water sign) of that sensitive, intuitive layer to them as well, which is their secret sauce for being able to suss out what will work well and what people need most of all.

    With so much power and ambition within them, this sign is primed for being entrepreneurs as they are unlikely to enjoy being led by others. They prefer to be the boss!

    Gatekeeper Blog copy (8)

    With itchy feet from birth, people born under this star sign are the most likely to create a location-free business for themselves. They need to be independent, which is a factor that they are unlikely to negotiate on when it comes to creating a business.

    They love travel more than any other sign and they have a deep desire to explore new things due to their planetary ruler Jupiter. They can be known by others as eccentric, colourful, bold and entertaining. They have great minds which can dazzle and delight people they meet, even if they don’t stick around for long!

    They have enormous optimism, which means that they’ll be happy to pick themselves up again and again when a business venture doesn’t go as well as they’d hoped. This optimism can mean that they have wild ideas, so they could become lifestyle entrepreneurs who hit the jackpot with a Bitcoin boom or the latest fad.

    Did I mention that Jupiter is also the planet of luck? Of anyone, this star sign is most likely to become a millionaire overnight because of a lucky decision that they made to invest in something at the right moment.

    Any business which allows them travel, freedom, and the ability to express themselves as a unique individual will delight the wild Sagittarius soul.

    Gatekeeper Blog copy (9)

    Few signs will be a more formidable opponent in business than a Capricorn on a mission.

    Making money is never going to be a problem for a Capricorn entrepreneur because they are hard working and ambitious due to their planetary ruler. Saturn does not mess around, and Capricorns are able to storm through problems like nobody’s business.

    They might have trouble fitting in to a team because they need to blaze their own path and are often set on achieving high positions of power. This means that many Capricorns are highly likely to become entrepreneurs so that they can finally feel complete in their role as a CEO.

    They’ll have higher goals than just to create a living income and will probably be working towards huge growth in whatever field they have chosen. Organised and astute Capricorns can excel in the most traditional types of businesses like banking, IT and any other business where people are paying them for their organisational skills.

    There is little doubt that a Capricorn can create a successful business if they want to. Their determination and innate manpower makes them a force to be reckoned with. Their business is likely to make a huge impact in whatever industry they choose.

    Gatekeeper Blog copy (10)

    People born under this star sign will probably choose to become an entrepreneur due to the promise of freedom and being able to express themselves fully as the unique individual they are.

    Aquarians are often artistic, eccentric and intrigued by the big questions of life; which can draw them towards the metaphysical and spiritual industries for their business. As an air sign, they find it easy to move from one idea to the next, so will probably have no issue adapting their business as necessary and letting go of the things which aren’t working.

    They also have a humanitarian aspect, so they’re likely to be drawn to work which helps people – especially if they’re helping people to expand their understanding and vision for the future. They would do well in a business where they are trading hope, selling possibilities and showing people that they don’t have to fit into a mould.

    As entrepreneurs, they will thrive in any businesses which could incorporate these things – like a spiritual or holistic business, art and design, or anything connected to the natural world. Aquarians will always have something unique to offer, and it’s their ease at standing out of a crowd which will make their business so enticing.

    Gatekeeper Blog copy (11)

    As the most naturally intuitive sign, people born in the sign of Pisces are likely to follow their heart towards a business which is not only fulfilling for them – but which can make a true impact in the world. This will often be done creatively.

    They may not be as concerned about the money aspect as other signs, but their exceptional skills at answering people’s needs and healing their souls with such gentle and precise care (and a freaky ability to deduce what the problem is) will give them the edge in their own business.

    Of all the signs, these types of entrepreneurs are most likely to see a clear way forward with their third eye – even if it doesn’t make sense to anyone else. They are willing to take that risk and pay the price of being misunderstood, because they know deep down what is right for them and what the world needs.

    They might be drawn to art, therapy or anything which helps others; especially if it’s in a non-traditional avenue. If they end up in a windowless office doing a job which isn’t helping anyone, they’re likely to quickly end up feeling stifled and unfulfilled.

    With so much depth and lots of layers to uncover, entrepreneurship will be a great journey for Piscean people, as they can uncover and explore different parts of themselves to see their abilities shine in a container of their own creation.

    Their passion for helping will equate to pleased customers who always come back for more. This sign is the perfect example of why intuitive people can be outstanding in business ventures when they are creating their own rules!

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    Don’t fall for the lie that sensitive or spiritual people must be bad at business – it can be the opposite!

    Your intuition is your greatest tool for success and by harnessing the things that you love to do the most and what you have to offer, you can make a tremendous impact on the world with your own entrepreneurial venture.

    If you feel like you’ve always wanted to have your own business that you love but you don’t quite know how, I would love to guide you with my 1:1 coaching program. Click here to apply and let’s finally make your dream a reality 🚀