I love marketing and it feels like second nature to me because it combines a few of my favourite things – psychology, design, business and intuition.

What does this have to do with you, as a healer, coach or psychic? Absolutely everything! The world needs to see more of you and your gifts in order for us all to evolve and heal in the way that we need to. As I see it, people are awakening everywhere and, without you there to guide them, waking up alone could feel like a scary and lonely experience rather than the wonderful gift that it really is.

I’ve been writing my book about how to find your life purpose, and one of the ways that we can identify it is by noticing what’s obvious to us that others cannot see. That’s one easy way that we can help the world simply by being ourselves. And that is the very essence of aligned marketing – simply being yourself and being able to share your truths openly and honestly for the good of others, in the same way that the Universe has secretly wanted you to all along.

Aligned marketing is aligning your brand message with your truth, and then helping others as a result…

Aligned marketing is aligning your brand message with your truth, and then helping others as a result because you’re aligned with your heartfelt desires and sense of purpose. Et voila… as I always teach at Millennial Manifestor, this is the ultimate pièce de résistance for manifesting everything that’s on your wishlist right now. Align. Have a good reason for it. And then you can receive.

Aligned marketing is what anyone with a spiritual side needs for 2 reasons:

  1. So that people can smell you (demand side)
  2. So that you have sustainability (supply side)

Let’s start with number 1.

In no way am I telling you to do away with your personal care routine here (that would most likely drive customers away), but rather that you need to be attractive in your authenticity. If you’re serving the spiritual community, then it’s more important than ever to be aligned in your marketing. The sensitive intuitives and empaths that you’re serving in your market will be able to smell any phoney or mercenary marketing a mile off,  so stay aligned with your truth and focus your energy on what other people truly want and need. In doing so, you will attract abundance.

The other reason that you need to have aligned marketing is that without it you’ll find your efforts to be unsustainable. I could talk to you about how consumers are changing and the trend for post-millennials having a stronger BS-detector than any generation before them, but – in addition to customers wanting to see aligned marketing – it’s super important for you too. You’ve probably had the experience of doing a job that you hated just to make money (hopefully not just me??) and as a result, felt that agonising resistance inside at the thought of going to work every day…

This is the exact feeling that you want to avoid if you want your business to be sustainable in the long term. If you don’t feel as though you’re truly fulfilling your purpose, it becomes very difficult for you to thrive and feel compelled to keep doing what you’re doing. Especially as a sensitive person, it’s more important for you than anyone to find emotional satisfaction in the work that you’re doing. So, if you want your business to survive in the long term – you’d better believe in your message and align your marketing with what feels good for your soul.

Marketing is just the way that you communicate your gifts to others, and effective marketing gives you the opportunity to create a big difference in the world while also benefitting your own life through the Universal law of exchange.

Believe in yourself and what you have to offer because it is so valuable.