I always wanted to have my natal birth chart read, but the only astrologer I knew from Instagram charged $500 to do it with a 6 month waitlist, so I put it off. I even pulled my own birth chart up on the internet and tried to interpret what each of the houses meant, but it was overwhelming, confusing and I’m pretty sure that I was way off…

Then, I got seriously blessed. I met an amazing new friend in Glastonbury (blessing #1) who said that she’d just had her astrology birth chart read and was totally freaked out by how spot on it was for her life so far. Intrigued and excited, I asked her to introduce me to the person who did her reading. That night she linked me up with the Instagram account of Whitley Rose at The Soulflower Collective (blessing #2), who I instantly felt a connection with and who also happened to have a Samhain offer on for birth chart readings that weekend! (blessing #3)

✨🌻 The Soulflower Collective Instagram 🌻✨

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I felt thrilled, nervous, excited and slightly apprehensive. What if my stars didn’t say what I wanted them to? I already knew from my 14 years of tarot reading that the future doesn’t always reveal itself how you’d like. What if this time it was the same, and my big dreams didn’t manifest themselves within what my birth chart had in store for me?

Thankfully, they did! Screenshot 2019-11-12 at 19.39.48

Whitley told me that I will soon be entering my 10th & 11th houses which are in the signs of Gemini and Cancer, where I will build a career in teaching, speaking and writing based on the spiritual gifts that I already unlocked earlier in my chart. This is uncanny and also a massive relief because one of my biggest fears was that my career-boat may have passed after my two previous careers in investment banking and fashion. In the Placidus House System that she uses (as opposed to an Equal House System), the size of each house varies depending on how much energy and emphasis you’ll put into that area of your life, and my soon-to-be career was the biggest segment of my chart!

My birth chart also showed my spiritual awakening a few years ago in my mid-20’s where I started to unlock my psychic gifts, as well as a recent notable event in my relationships which was my marriage in July. Whitley noticed that there was something strange about my chart which may explain why I’ve always felt so lost, torn and confused – most of my astrological houses are ruled by one star sign but the majority of the events actually happen in the house next to it, which is sometimes a totally opposing energy. For example, one of my houses began in Capricorn (the ruling sign for that area of my life) but most of the events actually took place in Aquarius. She said that usually each house will sit quite neatly on each star sign, but lots of mine had these conflicting energies in each area of my life. No wonder I never knew where to fit in!

Going further back into my childhood, there was a cluster of planetary activity around a point in my chart and I knew exactly what she was referring to. Until then, I had been trying to find balance (in Libra) as my parents broke up, my mum left, and I was moving back and forth between my mum’s and dad’s each day and around different houses. Yet I still had my voice at this point and it was at about 13 that it shows where I lost it. In the biggest cluster of transformational events in my chart, I moved in with my new stepdad where my stepsister died suddenly within 6 months, he became an alcoholic and my life totally changed. My life wasn’t great before, but at least I wasn’t living in fear every day afraid to go home.

It was really nice to know that this transformational time was destined to teach me key life lessons that I would need for what I was going to achieve later on. A few years later showed an intellectual, high-achieving time where I was at University studying Economics & Politics and got on a graduate scheme at JP Morgan. I watched the news, read the Financial Times and lived that societal vision of success for a while. Needless to say, it wasn’t for me and the next biggest period of transformation in my chart is what I’m going through right now!

Finding my voice again is where I’m at now to prepare me for my upcoming career in teaching, speaking and writing. Having my astrology birth chart read was an amazing validation that I’m on the right path and that everything on this journey so far has happened for a reason. The fact that I had my reading with Whitley Rose also meant that I was able to benefit from her intuitive gifts!

My chart reading included some messages delivered from my grandma in spirit and we set up a Zoom call afterwards to discuss my chart and the messages in more detail, which she offers as standard with every reading. There’s a lot of information to take in and the chart can look confusing if you’re not used to it – so it was an amazing opportunity to get clarity and meet Whitley in person! We happened to share similar spiritual gifts, troubled childhoods and a love of Marilyn Manson 🖤

The biggest thing that I got from the whole experience was truly feeling as though I’m a child of the stars, as we all are, and that there is intention behind every period of activity in our lives which feels unsettling. Your pain is for a purpose, and it’s usually within those difficult times that your purpose reveals itself.

If like me, you’ve always been intrigued about what your birth chart says about you, I’d really recommend getting a reading of your own. You’ll be sent a video that you can watch at any time and keep forever, and it might highlight lessons and parts of your personality that you’ve never noticed before.

It was certainly an eye-opening experience for me and if you’ve had your birth chart read before – or get it done after reading this – let me know what yours says about you!