Sage sticks weren’t something that I’d come across until relatively recently in my journey, but wandering around the shops in Glastonbury they are everywhere. So, what exactly do they do – and are they more than just woo woo?

Ummm, yes!

The smoke that comes off the burning sage releases ‘negative ions’ which have been linked to an uplift in mood in multiple scientific studies. It’s these same ions that are made by sunlight and water, adding to our sense of calm when we’re on a beach, near a waterfall or enjoying the sunlight that reaches through trees in a forest.

When there’s enough of them, these ‘negative ions’ can cleanse the air of mould spores, odour, bacteria, and other airborne particles which can potentially be harmful. This happens because they cling to particles with an opposite energy charge to them, causing the germs, mould and allergens to fall to the ground because they get too heavy to remain airborne. This means that – thanks to the sage – you’re no longer breathing them into your lungs and body.


Because our modern homes are filled with lovely luxuries like rugs, carpets, washing machines and televisions, we’re now being exposed to more of these particles than ever. This means that sage can help us more than ever too! It has been found to eliminate a large amount of the pathogenic bacteria that lingers in a room following 30 days of a smoking session.

“We have demonstrated that by using medicinal smoke it is possible to completely eliminate diverse plant and human pathogenic bacteria of the air within confined space…” – ‘Medicinal Smokes’ research article in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology (2006)

Cleansing your aura and the space around you using sage smoke not only improves air quality but can lift your mood and make you feel better too. Especially if you set a strong intention while you’re doing it…

For example, as I walk around cleansing the space in each room (especially the corners), I’ll say repeatedly out loud: “this is a clear and open space for inspiration and creativity” or “I cleanse this room of negativity so that new good things can flow through“. As we already know about manifesting, intention is the key that will unlock the results that you want!

I then open all of my windows so that the smoke can leave the apartment, taking the negative energy I’ve just intentionally released along with it. After doing this, the energy in the flat instantly feels much fresher, lighter and helps me to feel more prepared for a new beginning.

If you light your sage stick and the end turns to flame, you’ll need to blow it out to make sure that it’s a slow burn and the leaves turn gradually to ash. In my experience, the same stick can last many different uses and will need to be relit a few times during each smoking session. Also, watch out for smoke detectors in your house 🔥

Regular cleansing with a bundle of sage can:

  • Clear negative energy
  • Improve your mood
  • Improve air quality
  • Make you feel more relaxed
  • Support your intentions for a new beginning
  • Give you a positive energy boost

These are just some of the recorded benefits – so why not try it for yourself and see how you feel afterwards?