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  • Spiritual Burnout: What Is It And What Does It Look Like?

    Lightwork doesn’t always feel light. In fact, it can feel heavy and draining AF…

    There are 2 main ways that spiritual burnout can happen to you:

    1. Taking too much in
    2. Giving too much out

    I’ll talk about each of these in more detail so that you can become aware of them setting in (and spot if they already have 🥴)

    Spiritual burnout is the feeling of being totally spiritually spent.

    Like you’re scraping around at the bottom of your sacred inner well trying to find the water that used to be there. The thought of learning anything else or giving any more readings/healing sessions repels you. It’s like your soul is saying a flat… out… NO.

    In the words of Cheryl Cole, “too much of anything will make you sick” and that is also true of spiritual work.

    If you have been doing all of the courses and reading all of the books, you might get to a point where the idea of signing up to one more person’s free online challenge feels like literal hell on Earth.

    There’s a key message when this happens: it’s time to listen to your intuition and implement what you’ve already learned instead.

    Information overload can lead to intuition underheard.

    If this type of spiritual burnout is happening to you right now, you can expect feelings of:

    • Your head wanting to explode
    • An urge to scream at the next ad you see for an online course
    • Wanting to swap your bedtime read for mindless TV instead

    Of course it’s important to feed your brain and learn about different opinions, but the most important thing of all is YOUR brain and YOUR opinion. Investing too much of yourself in learning from other people can dilute your own inner voice and stop you from trusting yourself.

    The truth is, you don’t need any validation from anyone else if you know what feels right for you.

    Shut the book, click out of the online course, and see what YOU have to say instead when you’re feeling this type of spiritual burnout.

    The other type of spiritual burnout creeps in while you are busy doing your spiritual work.

    If you’ve been giving readings left, right and centre or had an influx of people who need your healing help, you have probably experienced this. It feels like:

    • You’ve lost the joy in doing your spiritual work
    • You’re longing for a break, and starting to actually wish for fewer bookings
    • Your intuitive messages are getting foggy, and your body feels like it needs to rest before healing anyone else

    This one is tricky to tackle when you need to run your own business, so it’s all down to strategic planning to avoid it happening in the first place. This could mean only doing readings on certain days of the week or being ready to switch to a waitlist system as soon as you hit a certain number of client orders.

    Raising your prices will also mean that you can enjoy serving fewer clients well, rather than trying to serve everyone while you run your own energy into the ground.

    Especially as an empath, Projector, introvert or anything else which might predispose you to energy drain – planning how to avoid spiritual burnout is going to keep you doing your spiritual work for much longer and with far greater success.

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    Have you experienced spiritual burnout before?

    This is something that I shine a light on and help my spiritual coaching clients to avoid, so if you want to work with me 1:1 then apply for my Spiritual Success Coaching Program before it closes on 15th September! ✨


  • How To Talk About Spirituality With Cynical People

    In case you hadn’t noticed already, not everyone is at the same level of awakening.

    I talk this through SO much with my coaching clients who all experience the same issue as everyone else when they’re going through their spiritual awakening: not feeling understood by their closest friends and family members anymore.

    It can be so isolating and that’s why having a spiritual community around you is so important. Finding other spiritual people online has been an absolute gamechanger for me and not only has it given me a sense of belonging again, but it’s also helped me to grow even further as I get introduced to new ideas, tools and concepts.

    But you still don’t want to get rid of your old friends, right? And even if you did, you can’t get rid of your family!

    So, today I want to give you some tips for talking about spirituality with cynical people…

    Gatekeeper Blog copy

    If we want to “be the change that we want to see in the world”, then we need to listen to other people’s opinions like we want them to listen to ours. They have had a totally different experience and that’s why they see things the way they do.

    The likelihood is that you were also at a similar level of awakening to them once, and maybe you used to have a similar point of view to them.

    Meet them at their level. Respect what they have to say. And see what has made them arrive at that opinion or world view.

    That is a great starting point for then being able to present your ideas in a way that will resonate with them more closely.

    Gatekeeper Blog copy (1)

    If you’re going to approach the topic of spirituality with someone who you know is cynical, it probably isn’t a good idea to begin talking to them about Arcturian Starseeds and quantum leaping. No, no.


    My spiritual awakening started with The Secret, and I know the same is true for so many other people. When I secretly want someone to spiritually awaken, I give them the gift of this book.

    Why The Secret?

    Because it is entry-level spirituality. It’s not complicated and it appeals to their human senses, which I will talk more about in the next tip.

    If you’re going to start talking about spirituality, start small and start basic with things that they’re more likely to get on board with. Think of things that they’ll understand according to their current perception of reality.

    From there, you can build on that – but you can’t expect them to jump on board with both feet if you’re way out on the water.

    As an example, my husband is a scientific, cynical kinda guy, so it has been a long 9 year process trying to get him around to spirituality. He still isn’t, but he’s more open than he was, and I’ve done that by presenting him with the topics which will appeal to where he’s at right now and aren’t too “out there”.

    I got him a birth chart reading because he’s an engineer and the format of a very technical-looking diagram with numbers is exactly his forte so he could get on board with that!

    What parts of spirituality would the person you’re talking to be able to get on board with, before you go into the deeper stuff?

    Gatekeeper Blog copy (2)

    Most people want to manifest something, even if they wouldn’t call it that…

    The best way to get someone on board with spirituality is to tempt them with how it can work for them. How could they personally benefit from something that you’ve learned?

    If you’re just telling them about x, y and z then it’s easier for them to tune out – but if you tell them how and why it could get them closer to their desires, they’re more likely to listen.

    • What lesson are they needing?
    • What would be useful to them?
    • And how can spirituality get them closer to what they want?

    Package your message so that they are tempted to learn more because there’s an obvious payoff that they’ll love.

    Gatekeeper Blog copy (3)

    Experience is the key to understanding for most people, so if you can show rather than tell them about spirituality – it’ll be an easier sell.

    Most people struggle to grasp and believe in spiritual concepts because they don’t have physical proof or scientific support for it. You can solve this by helping them to experience it for themselves.

    If they can start with a small energy experiment of their own, like manifesting something they want, and it works – the Universe has already done most of the legwork for you.

    Maybe they will also start noticing the signs if you tell them what to look out for, like Angel numbers, feathers and butterflies. Ask the Universe to send them one, or – if they’re willing – you can see if they’ll ask for their own sign.

    Once they receive that sign, it might be their first step on a new spiritual path. You could be a key catalyst in this person’s awakening, but pushing too hard on a message that they’re not ready for yet could cause them to shut down even more.

    When they start to experience it for themselves, they are dialing in to their own unique conversation with the Universe. If you can just bargain with them to ask for a sign, try a new manifestation, or notice the synchronicities – they might get the evidence that they need to believe.

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    It can be really frustrating trying to share the most exciting and fulfilling part of your life with people who don’t understand it yet, but the most important thing for you to remember is that it’s your journey – and not theirs! And vice versa…

    Focus on what lights you up and intend to find new people who understand the intuitive side of you. In the meantime, I hope that these tips will help to make communication easier with your cynical loved ones – while the Universe plans their awakening in perfect Divine timing ✨






  • What Type Of Starseed Are You? | Starseed Quiz

    After last week’s blog hopefully got you thinking about if you are a Starseed, I wanted to show you all of the different types that you could be.

    Finally realising what kind of Starseed you are can bring a sense of inner peace and belonging, or at least an “aha” moment where things start to make a little bit more sense.

    As there are so many different constellations in the Universe, there’s probably an unlimited number of Starseed varieties. Today, I’m only going to talk about a few of the main ones that I come across most often…

    There are many other known types of Starseed which I’m not going to mention here that might still apply to you, including Draconian, Venusian, Martian, Andromedan, Polarian, Hadarian and Agarthan to name a few (phew)!

    I’ve also made a fun quiz to see what type of Starseed you might be, but the most important thing of all is that you use your intuition and feel for the galactic family that you feel most drawn to. If you can’t choose between more than one type, it can mean that you’re a hybrid! For example, I’m a hybrid of Pleiadian and Syrian.

    So, are you ready? Take the quiz and read about the 5 most common types of Starseed – Pleiadian, Orion, Arcturian, Sirian and Lyran – below! 👽

    Gatekeeper Blog copy (1)

    The Pleiades is a constellation also known as the Seven Sisters. Like all Starseeds, there are certain physical characteristics associated with them, and this type is known for often being tall and slim with long limbs. They might also have blonde hair and blue eyes, with a heart-shaped face and a small nose.

    These people are pure humanitarians who are filled with love and understanding. Earth seems overly harsh to them because their nature is to be gentle, peaceful and loving. From being in this Earth environment where society is much tougher than where they originated from in the Pleiades, they may become people pleasers who feel overwhelmed by their sensitivity.

    They have come here with a mission to teach about love and light, and by doing so, they will assist with the healing and ascension of this planet. That is what they feel a deep calling to do. They generally exude a feminine energy with the natural gift of intuition that most Starseeds benefit from.

    Pleiadians live on a higher frequency of love and creativity, and are accustomed to a matriarchal society where women are highly honoured. While being similar to humans in many ways, they are more evolved physically and spiritually. These sensitive lightworkers bring beauty, peace and enlightenment to Earth once they can peel away their human conditioning to expose their true selves.

    Gatekeeper Blog copy (2)

    Arcturians are from the star Arcturus, which is a red giant in the Bootes constellation. Some people believe that when we die, we pass through the Arcturian realm as we return to the spirit world; and similarly as we return back to life during the reincarnation process. The Egyptian god of wisdom, Thoth, is also said to have a home in Arcturus.

    You might recognise these Starseeds embodied as humans by their darker skin, low body temperature and low blood pressure for no apparent reason. They are great public speakers, and so, often find themselves in leadership positions at work. They recognise technology as something important which can help them with their mission here on Earth, which is to create a new society where technology and spirituality work together to reach as many souls as possible and help them to advance.

    These naturally highly intelligent souls often have a knack for mathematics – particularly sacred geometry – and any similar fields like technology, architecture, science, statistics or medicine. They love to plan and are compassionate on the inside, but dealing with emotions is not their strong suit.

    They can be guarded, turn to anger quickly as their first response, and may seem arrogant or egoic. They are often viewed by others as confident people who are highly driven for success and unafraid of death. Arcturus is known for being the most advanced nation in our galaxy.

    Gatekeeper Blog copy (3)

    These Starseeds come from the Orion constellation. Many will have migrated there from other star systems, so it’s quite common to be an Orion hybrid who was previously from another constellation before arriving on Orion. There are multiple different planets in the Orion constellation that you may have incarnated on, including Mintaka, which was covered in sparkling waters filled with whales and dolphins. However, this planet is no longer in existence.

    People who are Orion Starseeds are often born under the sign of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, with bright blue or green eyes which draw people in. They are intelligent with a good sense of humour, so they can become popular for this reason. Although, when it comes to their emotional expression they struggle and can come off as cold because they’re very self-controlled and reserved.

    Their main challenge as humans is to feel their emotions more and open up to others, which will help them to avoid energetic blockages. A key characteristic of these Starseeds is that they are obsessed with learning and knowledge. They are often entrepreneurs who want to lead and inspire others in their own unique way, and they are vehement in their pursuit of attaining knowledge and wisdom.

    The pursuit of knowledge is often their greatest passion in life. This can mean that they’re known for jumping from one thing to another because once they have learned everything that they possibly can in a certain job or career, they want to move on to the next one to understand something new.

    Gatekeeper Blog copy (4)

    Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky, sometimes known as Alpha Canis Majoris, aka, the Dog Star Sirius. This means that you can probably spot a Sirian Starseed by their love for canines, such as dogs and wolves. These spiritual people are down to Earth, level-headed and very hard to make angry.

    Like Orion’s, they don’t express their emotions well and can find it difficult to communicate in their relationships. They can be seen as closed off daydreamers. They are likely to have always had an interest in magic, witchcraft, the occult and different healing modalities.

    They are very creative, so they love the arts and writing, and may feel a particularly strong mission to save the planet and fight for animal rights. Their creativity may also mean that they have a penchant for tattoos and piercings because they love any way that they can express themselves creatively as individuals through their clothing and accessories.

    Similarly to Orion Starseeds, they are task-oriented with a good sense of humour, and they may feel a deep connection to water, including whales, dolphins and mermaids.

    They may also have Lyran Starseed traits, such as the cat or lion-like features.

    They’re more connected with their internal world than the external world, and are very peaceful and intuitive. These mystical, magical people are often seen as gothic and hippy types.

    Gatekeeper Blog copy (5)

    Lyran Starseeds come from the Lyra constellation which is said to be where the first humans came from. The strongest identifier of a Lyran Starseed is their cat-like features, for example, having upturned almond eyes, and they might also be keen on cats as animals.

    They often incarnate as fire signs, Leo, Sagittarius and Aries, and are fiercely independent. They’re hard workers who are very connected with their bodies so they enjoy being physical; they adore great food and embrace their sexuality. They are athletic and typically love exercise.

    They need more sleep than most people and while they are social, they are not necessarily the life of the party. They are known to be risk takers, while still staying grounded the rest of the time.

    Lyran Starseeds have an innate desire to travel and explore – think of it like a cat-like curiosity! They are said to be the oldest souls in our galaxy who played an important role in humanity by bringing fire to the Earth and sending the first souls to Atlantis.

    They embody their Divine Masculine energy which makes them spontaneous, driven and persistent with generally high energy. They are natural leaders and “people watching loners.” They are here to express their independence and pursue their dreams fearlessly.

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    I hope this makes it clearer to you which Starseed heritage you might have, and as I said at the start – it’s possible for you to be a hybrid!

    You can also read Are You A Starseed? What It Means & Why You Might Be One here…

    Let me know what type you are in the comments below or over on Instagram! 👽✌🏽



  • Are You A Starseed? What It Means & Why You Might Be One…

    If you’ve ever heard the term “Starseed” and wondered what it means, this one is for you.

    It can take years or lifetimes for someone to figure out that they’re a Starseed, and, while that knowledge lays latent within their soul, they’re not able to fully access what this special cosmic connection can give them.

    That’s why it’s important to share this information about what a Starseed actually is for the people who feel different in some way – but don’t know why.

    For example, I’ve never felt at home anywhere and that sense of “home” has always been a big issue for me. I realise now that maybe it’s because Earth isn’t where my soul originated from.

    Or maybe you have an obsession with the stars and astrology, and you’ve always loved looking up at the night sky. This might be because you find that sense of familiarity and belonging in different galaxies other than this one.


    Life on Earth has huge potential for expansion, so Starseed souls have come here from other galaxies where more evolved life forms exist. Specifically, more spiritually evolved life forms. They come here with a mission and with the challenge of serving, elevating and expanding the consciousness of this human species.

    There are different types of Starseed, so take the quiz in my next blog What Type Of Starseed Are You? to see which family you might be in 👽

    ⋆☽ What is a Starseed? ☾⋆

    An advanced soul who was originally from a different star system. They reincarnate on Earth (usually many lifetimes over) to serve in the awakening of human souls. However, like all souls who reincarnate on Earth, they are born with amnesia.

    This means that they will need to figure out where they came from through a Divinely timed process of uncovering, and much of the truth about their origin may never be fully revealed.

    These high vibration souls raise the vibration of the people that they enlighten and heal, thereby raising the vibration of Earth as a whole. However, being inherently different from the majority of human souls on this planet, while having such a big mission to fulfil, can be challenging to say the least.

    Starseeds can be defined either by their similarity to a certain group of Starseeds or their difference to the rest of humanity.

    ⋆☽ How do you know if you’re a Starseed? ☾⋆

    There are various ways that you might resonate with being a Starseed, which could include:

    👽 Having a body temperature which is unusually high or low. Maybe you are always chilly and your hands feel cold to touch, even when everyone else around you feels warm. The same is true for your body giving off an excessive amount of heat, and both of these happen because Starseeds were originally acclimatised to life elsewhere.

    ✨ You feel older and wiser than most of the people you come across. You feel as though you can see through the fabric of humanity to what needs to be healed and what needs to happen for a collective expansion.

    👽 To be able to carry out their work as a great healer and teacher, empathy is essential for Starseeds. More than just being an empath, they are able to transmute the pain of others and illuminate it as the lesson that it really is for the person who is suffering. Their energetic frequency is such that they naturally diffuse tense situations and make other people feel at peace just by being near them.

    ✨ Starseeds often come to Earth with a special gift to help them fulfil their mission. This could range from being an amazing singer, to an excellent writer, or an incredible painter. These special gifts will be able to help the Starseed to attract attention and share the message that they came here to share for the benefit of humanity. Through doing this work which feels soul-aligned and easy for them, they will be able to raise the frequency of people who come into contact with it.

    👽 Higher connection to other realms and frequencies. Starseeds usually have a knack for channelling due to having a closer connection to other realms and galaxies than most other souls. This channelling usually comes through their ‘special gift’ that I talked about above, which is part of what makes their work so magical and well received.

    Listen to your intuition! If you feel drawn to reading about Starseeds and learning what qualifies you as one – it’s probably because you are one. Something deep inside of you already knows it and it’s your human brain which is looking for the confirmation before you can accept it. Your feelings know you best of all, and they can tell you if you’re a Starseed better than anyone else can.

    These are some general traits of being a Starseed, and there are other specific character definitions depending on which galaxy the Starseed originates from – which we will discuss more in the next blog!

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    So, after reading this, do you think that YOU are a Starseed?

    If the answer is yes, make sure that you read the next blog What Type Of Starseed Are You? 👽 

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