If you’ve been feeling creatively blocked and are struggling to find an easy flow with your expression, the key could be hidden in the link between your throat and sacral chakra. 

You may already be familiar with what these energy centres represent…

The throat chakra governs our vocal expression and what we communicate to the world. Physically, it rules the throat, voice, mouth, tongue, lips, teeth and sinuses.

The sacral chakra is located below the belly button, where the uterus is, and governs creativity, pleasure, sexuality and our supply of feminine energy. Physically, the sacral rules the sexual organs and urinary system.

To be clear, “feminine” is the Western term for Yin energy – which has more sensitive, intuitive and receptive qualities than the “masculine” Yang energy that we’d be more likely to see in the solar plexus. Everyone, regardless of gender, has a supply of both feminine and masculine energy.

Maybe you’re reading this and none of it is new to you so far, but did you know about this link between the throat and the sacral?

Art by @luisaalexandre

It’s clear when looking at this image that the pelvic floor and vocal cords have a similar physical design. The same is true of the larynx and uterus. Energetically, the centres these organs reside in – the throat and sacral – are both sources of creativity and expression. 

For females, there are patterns birthed from historical gender-based trauma that can severely limit how safe a woman feels to speak, be heard and stand up for themselves. As recently as the 1800’s, women were literally put into mental asylums and subjected to genital mutilation for having an opinion contrary to their husband’s (and unfortunately, this isn’t an exaggeration – this Time article comes with a trigger warning…)

When having a certain set of reproductive organs was directly related to how safe you were to speak, it’s no surprise that so many of us are carrying generational trauma in our DNA that tells us to keep quiet and limit our self expression in order to stay safe. Undoing all of this requires bravely doing the deep healing work that’s already part of the spiritual path you’re on if you’re reading this article.

If we aren’t saying what we want and advocating for ourselves, we’ll have blurry boundaries and end up being overwhelmed. The less we honour ourselves as sacred and find time to have fun, the more depleted our sacral chakra will become.

It’s important that we use our voice to say our needs out loud, so that we can protect our time and space to do the things we enjoy. If we aren’t finding time for self care, it might be because we’ve said “yes” to too many things which are out of alignment.

There are also physiological links between the organs in the throat and sacral chakras. The word ‘cervix’ is Latin for ‘neck’ as it was called the neck of the uterus.

The jaw and pelvis are connected by a long line of fascia (connective tissue) that goes from the coccyx to the end of the tongue. By completely relaxing the jaw – particularly during childbirth – the muscles in the pelvic floor can relax and open too.

If we’re so stressed that we’re tensing our jaw, that same tensing motion will be happening in our pelvic region too. Both areas are supported by diaphragms that move with the rhythm of our breath. There is similar membrane tissue surrounding the cervix and vocal cords, and when we breathe deep enough, the respiratory diaphragm triggers the vagus nerve which reaches down to the pelvic bowl and makes it relax.

Both our jaw and hips store unexpressed anger, which can come out at night as jaw clenching and grinding, or in yoga as an emotional release from the hips.

These two areas are linked in every way – psychologically, energetically, emotionally and physically.

If you’re having issues expressing yourself with words, it’s likely that you’re also struggling to claim your true desires.

What you enjoy is intrinsic to you and no-one will know what that is until you say it out loud. Your sacral lights up when you’re doing what feels good to you, and to get more of what feels good, you need to ask for what you want – declaring it boldly as your true, unhindered desire – whether that’s to the Universe or your partner.

By understanding that your body is linked and your chakras are linked – you can start to make sense of what has been holding you back. It’s time to activate what’s been stored inside you in silence. And release it.

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