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The business bootcamp with a spiritual twist that takes you from $0 to $5k months. This 3-month live group accelerator will get you lit up and aligned with your purpose in a way that brings you cash.

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For healers and coaches who are feeling called to expand their reach and make more money in an online, service-based business.

It’s time to unleash more of your magic so that you can share it with the world and make a big difference. 

you want
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help with...

  • Marketing
  • Attracting dream clients
  • Manifesting results 
  • Finding alignment in business
  • Selling your offers
  • Building confidence 

Sing along with your soul song.

Sing along with your soul song.

  • Do you sometimes feel like your spiritual business is a hobby?
  • Do you wish you had more clients and customers to take your business to the next level?
  • Do you feel like your biggest impact hasn’t been made yet?
  • Do you know that the results other people are getting in their spiritual business are meant for you too?
  • Are you ready to activate + awaken your full potential?

Spiritual business bootcamp is like turning the ignition to activate your aligned spiritual business empire.



The program that takes heart-centred soulpreneurs with innate intuitive gifts and makes them into well-known light leaders that have credentials, clarity and confidence.

client love notes

"She has been so helpful for me and my spiritual business.

Not only have we worked through the analytical marketing process, she has helped me push through my own internal barriers and negative thought patterns. From my work with Liz, my Instagram has grown and my business is thriving. Before we started working together, I had no clients and now I am booking at least one client a day. I love that her work is based in authenticity and led with the heart.

whitley, transpersonal therapist

"She pushed me to shed all the layers that no longer served me.

Before coaching with Liz, I was largely lost in the direction I would go, no idea what to start first, no long term goals, and no confidence being myself online. Liz helped me to narrow down my focus, figure out how to show up on social media, figure out a brand and business name, and most importantly, she pushed me to shed all the layers that no longer served me. Now, I have a newfound confidence, a beautiful website, direction on social media, paying clients, an upcoming podcast, and a forever spiritual friend and mentor.

Sarah, Astrologer & Human Design Reader

"Working with Liz was like working with my higher self!

Over the course of working with her I was able to uncover and release so many deep blocks I had with money, my relationships and, ultimately, my business. I feel more secure, grounded and EMPOWERED in my mission, as well as my brand, my ideal clients and what I am here to share. I wish I could have Liz in my back pocket for the rest of my days, but just a taste of her gift has been so valuable and I know I will continue to reap the benefits of working with her.
amy, life coach
grow your spiritual business

Here’s what you get:

11 live group calls, including an opening + closing ceremony, Q&A coaching sessions, a live energy healing and taught masterclasses

Trainings to take you deep into sales, marketing, branding, social media, leadership and energetics so you know exactly what to do next

Hypnoses to soothe your subconscious mind and expand your capacity to create and receive

Meditations that you can listen to on repeat during a launch or before going live to get you in the right frame of mind

Access to a private group with other SBB students so you can get 24/7 support, share business wins and get your questions answered

Healings to do the energy work that's required; past clients have felt huge physical effects from doing these and awakening their aura!

Workbooks for reflection and digesting all of the information so you can easily channel your own path forward as an entrepreneur

Lifetime access so you can join all future rounds if you want to, while receiving any additional updates at no extra cost

12 weeks of bootcamp

Module 1

opening with alignment

This is your welcome week! We'll have our Opening Ceremony LIVE and you'll be fully briefed on what to expect throughout the course. You'll uncover your zone of genius, master your alignment and define your company's vision, values and mission. After Week 1, you'll be crystal clear on your intentions, goals and priorities in your business.


see yourself as ceo

The foundation of your business is YOU! You'll do the work on your identity and how much you believe in yourself, so that you can build your soul-aligned empire with confidence. You'll learn how to embody CEO energy and align with better business beliefs that will support your strategic growth. After Week 2, you'll be able to lead more powerfully after the Solar Plexus Power Expansion healing and Boundaries Like A Bo$$ LIVE.


setting up & getting started

This is where we start getting into the details! You'll craft the strongest possible name for your business, set up all of your tech systems and see the importance of having an engaged email list. We'll cover website essentials and how to create a simple (but effective) flow through your business, where traffic → leads → customers. After Week 3, you'll have clarity on who you want to help and how you'll benefit people. 


creating & pricing a program

Here, you'll get clear on a single signature offer! You'll nail your niche and set up a super powerful sales page that is highly converting for new clients. You'll choose your perfectly aligned pricing and we'll discuss different ways you can create cash on our Purposeful & Paid LIVE. After Week 4, you'll know what your money making modalities are so that you can start calling in soul coded clients.


your social media platform

This is where you'll learn to create killer content! You'll uncover the key features of Instagram, Tik Tok and Facebook - and most importantly, the core components that are always relevant on any platform for turning readers into paying clients that know, like and trust you. After Week 5, you'll be confident in your unique content strategy.


your weekly long form content

Having regular communication with your community is important! That's why you'll learn how to create weekly content as a growth marketing tool, including using blogging for SEO, YouTube for videos and a step-by-step training for how to create your own podcast. You'll energetically Heal Your Creative Expression and then we also have an Energy Healing For Entrepreneurs LIVE. After Week 6, you'll be a fully fledged content creator.


integration week

A breather. A chance to rest and/or catch up. An important time to implement all of the work we've been doing. You'll receive instructions for how to best use this mid-term week to your advantage. 


visibility week

It's time to step into thought leadership! You'll be prepared to run your own publicity and PR so that you can get known worldwide for what you do. You'll discover how to become a prolific podcast guest by pitching to podcasts effectively, with a Perfect Pitch Checklist included. In our Raw, Real & Visible LIVE, we'll get your mindset, beliefs and energy on board with you being more visible. After Week 8, you'll love going live! 


magic marketing

This is where you'll start attracting action takers! You'll learn how to create an "f* yes!" freebie to start the flow of relationship management where people are led through your offers and taken deeper into your world. We'll talk about running successful launches and you'll get a Launch Checklist with a Less Launch Anxiety Hypnosis. After Week 9, you'll understand how to use marketing to create multiple routes to revenue. 


Soulful Sales

Sales success secrets are unleashed here! You'll learn Sales Psychology and develop Brilliant Branding that makes you stand out in a crowded marketplace. You'll also master Mindful Messaging and understand how to sell as an act of service during our Building Trust To Buy LIVE. After Week 10, you will have sealed your rejection wound in sales and know how to incentivise your spiritual offers. 


Business Energetics

Open up the energetic flow through your business! You'll learn the Energetics Of Entrepreneurship and see where you might be out of alignment with the Divine Feminine or Divine Masculine. Energy is the undercurrent of your business; it's infused throughout all of your offers. After Week 11, you'll know the importance of making big, bold moves and working with the invisible forces that are always there behind the scenes.


Closing With Confidence

Ending with a bang! You'll finish by learning about Outsourcing, Scaling & Compounding. You'll understand the importance of Automating For Freedom and, after 12 weeks of Spiritual Business Bootcamp, you'll be ready to Lean Into Leadership. We'll come together one last time for our Closing Ceremony LIVE so you can reflect on the huge changes that have taken place in your life & business over the last 12 weeks! 

your business mentor + spiritual guide

hi. I'm liz

An award-winning mentor for coaches and healers. With a background lecturing in Marketing & Branding at master’s degree level, I work with entrepreneurs in the wellness world so they can ignite their soul’s purpose and passion by building their dream spiritual business. 

I’m the author of ‘Living In Tune’ with Hay House and was named the “Emerging Voice” of 2020 by Kindred Spirit magazine, one of the “5 Most Influential Female Coaches of 2021” by Entrepreneur Mogul and one of the “50 Under 50” for 2022 by The NYC Journal.

What I've been upto:
  • Regularly interviewed on top podcasts and with mainstream UK celebrities 
  • Bestselling published book on intuition sold in stores across the world
  • Over 500k blog reads and 20k+ combined social media following
  • Helping dream clients go from full-time work to full-time in their spiritual business
  • Created a business structure that allows income to drop in most days while I sleep and travel around the world
  • Started my career on the investment banking grad scheme at JP Morgan before becoming a fashion merchandiser 
More satisfied clients

In terms of the results I had, where do I start – there are so many!

I left my part time job so that I could give all of my time and energy to my business. I left London to travel and work remotely for a few months. I also gained clarity on the services I wanted to offer as a business.

Lorna, CBT Therapist + Holistic Coach
and More satisfied clients

my career and my business completely shifted

After coaching with Liz, my attitude about myself, my career and my business completely shifted. Thank you for your inspiring, insightful and mind blowing sessions Liz! You opened up valuable new perspectives on my life and current circumstances, helping me both professionally and personally. Your support gave me full approval for the growth in my business I desired, and my personal success!

Bee, Empowerment Coach
is sbb for me?

This is perfect for you if...

  • You’re ready to choose freedom instead of the fear and restriction that’s keeping you stuck in your old life
  • You know your gifts are useful and you want to help so many more people with them
  • You want to connect with other aligned souls on the same spiritual business journey as you
  • You want the world to know about your work and you’re ready to get seen by so many more people!
come in and let's begin!

let's build your dream spiritual business

If you’re ready to make your heart sing every day by doing that soul aligned work you love, it’s time to answer your calling and come inside. Spiritual Business Bootcamp is a 3-month full immersion to take you from spiritual entrepreneur playing small to confident soulful CEO.

Frequently asked questions

21st September is your final day to join as we start on 22/9 with a group opening ceremony in the first week. 

The closing ceremony will be on 12th December and the last official day of the program is 15th December.

You also have lifetime access so you can join all future rounds!

Yes! You get lifetime access to all future rounds of SBB, which means that you can join in the live calls and healing sessions again next time.

The live calls will take place on Zoom. The replays will be available in the members area immediately after if you can’t join one because of other commitments.

Replays are always uploaded to watch straight after after the live sessions. When previous grads haven’t been able to complete the program due to personal reasons, they’ve joined the next round and completed it a few months later with the following group.

The progression of SBB is planned intentionally, so it’s important that you go through all of the content in order. Making time to complete all of the activities will ensure that you receive the full results.

Specific results are never guaranteed for any program – everyone has a different path, opportunities and ways of taking action. Everyone is different. This is outlined fully in the Terms & Conditions.

When you’ve had amazing results that you want to share with others, there is a lucrative way for you to do this! Once you’ve completed the program, you’ll be emailed details of how to become an affiliate so that you can gain a massive 50% of the program price for each person you bring into Spiritual Business Bootcamp.