A 3 month group coaching program to help you master your energy and manifest your reality

Elevating up means letting go of everything that’s tying you down.

Diving deep means you can finally pull up all the things which have been holding you back.

Expanding your energy to manifest more means you need to stop letting your energy be limited.

Knowing where you want to go is intuitive work that requires you to connect with higher realms of information so that you can get where you want to go quicker and take shortcuts.

Loving yourself and others fully isn’t possible until you tune in to all of the parts of yourself that you don’t feel are fully lovable.

Inside the wounds is where the riches lie, because you can let go of each and every last thought pattern and emotion that has been holding you back.

It’s time to fly high, and let go of what has no longer been serving you.


Do you resonate?

You’ve done all the right things but you’re still not getting the results you feel like you should be in your life & business. Your intuition is pointing you towards the fact that the issues (and answers) lie within your energy, mind and needing to do the inner work.

You’re ready for a radical uplevel and looking for the right coach to invest in. You love group containers because of the chance to bond with other spiritual people on a similar journey to you. You want a dynamic, uplifting environment with 24/7 support available.

You want to raise your frequency, align with your power, and attract stellar success inside a supportive 3 month group coaching program!

You're here for a reason

Is this why SCA is calling to you?

Energy is important and there are actually a lot of blocks and problems that people experience when they learn this and start trying to create physical changes in their life using this POWERFUL invisible force.

Movement comes from within YOU most of the time and if there’s blocks there then… well, you’re gonna find it hard to move forward. Even when your soul is telling you what you want, you can feel stuck, unready and unprepared. In spiritual terms, it’s like you have all the gear (knowledge) and no idea (“why isn’t this working?!”)

Enter SCA! This is why a high vibe expansive group container of people who are ready to shift and grow with you will be so helpful for bringing out your blind spots, transforming them and transmuting them so that they’re no longer a problem for you. With your energy, you can move your reality – as long as you know how and get out of your own way. This is what I will help you with inside Spiritual Coaching Academy

an entirely new vibe

After our 3 months together...

You will be able to master manifesting by tuning in fully to how energy works, so that you can reshape your whole reality for the better. This is done through a carefully planned 12 week process of removing mental and energetic blocks, doing deep emotional healing, and understanding the fabric of the Universe on a quantum level. 

12 weeks to transform

The Agenda

You’ll be immersed in teaching, meditations, live group calls and breakthrough healing sessions with workbooks to bring through big “aha” moments.

Week 1

Initiation & Intention Setting

You’ll learn how to master goal setting and set intentions that materialise in your reality. Includes a live group initiation ceremony on 3rd Sep!

week 2

The Power Of Your Past

Say goodbye to the witch wound and past life trauma, as you start to listen to and love your inner child.

week 3

The Tiger’s Transformation

From the pain, you will rise, as you dive into the depths of yourself to realise the resilience, grit and strength that you have inside.

week 4

Limiting Belief Week

Limiting beliefs can’t stay from this point onwards. Your new life is for you to lead and it starts with mastering your mind.

week 5

Mastering Manifestation

We go way beyond the basics that we all know and love to get to the root of what manifestation really is: moving your own energy to shift your reality.

week 6

Going Quantum 

Peek behind the fabric of the Universe during this exciting week where the matrix that we live in will be explored. Time becomes changeable here!

week 7

Integration Week

A breather. A chance to rest and/or catch up. An important time to settle in to your new frequency. 

week 8

Activate Your Energy Body

Working with your energy body will give you full control over your frequency – if you know how to protect it and radically align your energy centres. We’ll sort that out here.

week 9

Spiritual Principles 1

Your spiritual support team are coming in! This is where your guides and galactic team can contact you more easily as your intuition develops.

week 10

Spiritual Principles 2

We live under the 12 Laws of the Universe, so we may as well learn to master them. You will also get a grip of the basic principles of astrology and human design.

week 11

Eternal Coaching Tools

These are the tools that you can take with you into eternity to use whenever you need them; whether that’s with clients, on yourself, or when a certain situation arises.

week 12

Closing The Container

It’s time to say goodbye SCA and hello transformation. We’re still here for you though – you get lifetime access to all future rounds of SCA!

your spiritual support squad

To support you fully, you will also get...

Live Group Calls

You’ll have 10 live group calls, including an opening + closing ceremony, Q&A coaching sessions, breathwork sessions and energy healings.

Facebook community

You’ll get access to a private group with other SCA members so that you can get 24/7 support, share manifestation wins and have your questions answered.

Workbooks & meditations

You’ll have powerful meditations and workbooks to help you work through each topic in a personal and profound way. You can do these in your own time at home.

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“I worked with Liz for a few months back in the summer. In terms of the results I had, where do I start – there are so many! I left my part time job so that I could give all of my time and energy to my business. I left London to travel and work remotely for a few months. I learned how to fully trust in my intuition and gifts as a highly sensitive person and empath. I also gained clarity on the services I wanted to offer as a business.”


“After 12 weeks of coaching with Liz, my attitude about myself, my career and my business completely shifted. Thank you for your inspiring, insightful and mind blowing sessions Liz! You opened up valuable new perspectives on my life and current circumstances, helping me both professionally and personally too – your support gave me the full acceptance and approval for the growth in my business I desired and my personal success!”


“Liz’s energy throughout each coaching call was just amazing! She’s so insightful and so intuitive. I found that with every coaching call I had, I felt so much more grounded in myself and my mission and what I want to bring into this world. I definitely feel that I have grown a lot throughout the coaching. I feel that I’m more secure in who I am and what I want to manifest. I’m teaching way more classes than I did before – I’m teaching the most I ever have and I’m getting a whole load of new clients – which is amazing.


Is SCA for me?

This is perfect for you if:

This is not for you if:

Here’s what happens when you join...

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Meet Your new guide

Hi! I'm Liz Roberta

Liz Roberta is a Hay House author and award winning Spiritual Coach who was named the “Emerging Voice” of 2020 by Kindred Spirit magazine, one of the “5 Most Influential Female Coaches of 2021” by Entrepreneur Mogul and one of the “50 Under 50” for 2022 by The NYC Journal. Liz is qualified with a BSc and MA, and is a certified Life Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Meditation Teacher and Hypnotherapist.

Her Millennial Manifestor blog has been read by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world and she has done 5000+ card readings for clients over her career. Her Spiritual Success podcast is in the top 5% of podcasts worldwide and her book Living In Tune is one of the industry leading books on intuition. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

8th September is your final day to join as we start on 9/9. 

On the last official day of the program and if you’ve done all of the trainings, you’ll be able to get your certificate. You also have lifetime access so you can join all future rounds!

Yes! I think this is so important so that you can go back and get the information whenever you need to.

You get lifetime access to all future rounds of SCA, which means that you can join in the live calls and healing sessions again next time.

The live calls will take place in the Facebook group and on Zoom. The replays will be available if you can’t join one because of other commitments.

I have never had to give a refund as I care deeply about providing the best possible experience for my clients. However, under UK law, you are entitled to a refund within 14 days of purchase. This would remove you from the program, the SCA community and revoke your login details.

Specific results are never guaranteed for any program – everyone has a different path, opportunities and ways of taking action. Everyone is different. This is outlined fully in the Terms & Conditions.

The progression of SCA is planned intentionally, so it’s important that you go through all of the content in order and make time to complete all of the activities for the full transformation.

Replays are always available to watch after the live sessions.

The completion certificate will be available when you have completed all teaching activities.

Ready to manifest with sCA? Let's go!

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You can send me a DM on Instagram: @iamLizRoberta or email: hello@lizroberta.com