Your aura is an energetic screenshot of how you’re vibrating right now, and as we very well know – your frequency will determine what you attract with the Law of Attraction!

Your aura is affected by how healthy you are, how you’re feeling emotionally (which is affected by your relationships, career, stress etc) and it can also signal what your soul is here to do.

If you want to know what colour your aura is, here are some ways that you can find out today ↓

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I spend a lot of time at spiritual workshops and psychic development classes, so I’ve been lucky to come into contact with many different healers who have a natural ability to see and sense auras. People with these gifts often find work as a Reiki practitioner or energy healer to help people with balancing their chakras and cleansing their energy body.

Asking a professional healer is a great way to find out the colour of your aura because they’ll also be able to help you heal it as needed. Remember to check that they can see auras initially though, if that’s what you’re most interested in finding out. To get recommendations for an energy healer who can see auras, you can message me on Instagram 🤳🏻

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When I have contact with the Archangels, I see them as colours. That’s how I can identify which one is with me. So, it makes sense that they’d be keen to show you what colour you’re shining too. As with any request that you have in day-to-day life and anything that you ever feel unsure about – you can always ask the Angels to help you.

Make it clear what you want to know by writing in your journal: “Dear Angels [you can enter a specific one here], please tell or show me the colour of my aura right now. I will look out for the signs…”

Then pay attention to any colours that you see in your mind or feel like you’re being guided to. If you keep noticing the colour blue everywhere you go afterwards, or the word ‘blue’ keeps coming up in conversations and things you’re reading – they could be giving you the answer to your question.

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Our friends and family in heaven know us inside out and can see us for who we truly are. Therefore, they’re a great source to rely on when you need answers. I ask mine for help with all sorts of little things, like finding my keys, and they’ll bring my eye straight to somewhere I haven’t thought to look yet.

If you ask your spirit guides by writing down or thinking of the question in your mind, then – like Angels – they will also try to show you the answer. Watch out for the signs: any colours that you’re drawn to more than usual or that seem to be following you around; it will be your spirit guides delivering the answer you asked them for.

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If you read my blog on using a pendulum, you’ll know that you can ask a pendulum for accurate answers to simple questions – including the colour of your aura, and the best way to do this is by using a dowsing wheel. With a crystal or homemade pendulum (like a wedding ring on a necklace), you can hold it above the the dowsing wheel so that it acts like a map, guiding you to your answer.

To find out the most prominent colour in your aura, you’ll need to print and use a pendulum dowsing wheel specifically for colours or chakras, like this one I made earlier…

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Since I was 14, my Tarot cards have guided me to everything I need to know. But, centuries ago, they actually started out as a card game before they were used by psychics for divination. Many people still learn how to do readings using a standard 52-card playing deck and substituting the suits of the Tarot (wands/cups/pentacles/swords) for the suits of the playing cards (clubs/hearts/diamonds/spades). You can do something similar when you want to find out the colour of your aura.

Instead of buying a whole new set of Tarot cards, you can use a spare deck of playing cards. Write by hand a different colour on each playing card (from the list of aura colours I’ve given below) and then shuffle them like you would a Tarot deck, focusing your energy and intention on asking for the colour of your aura. This is more likely to work if you have an existing connection to cards and use Oracle or Tarot often, as spirit will know that you’re open to accepting and receiving messages this way.

Pull one card when you feel guided to – and see what colour it reveals!

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And once you’ve discovered the colour of your aura, read the next blog: What The Colour Of Your Aura Says About You