When we’re looking for guidance or confirmation about something that’s bothering us, using a pendulum can be a cheap and easy way to gain eerily accurate insight.

A pendulum is a weight attached to a string – usually a crystal on a single length of chain, but some people use a necklace that they already own or their wedding ring on a chain. It just needs to achieve the swinging motion which will give you the answers that you’re looking for.

People have different opinions on how a pendulum gets its answers, and they basically fall into these different theories:

⋆☽  We can stand firm in our truth, but in lies we falter under the weakness of our belief. Like muscle testing, your body itself is its own pendulum and will respond physically to truth or lies. Some people believe that the swinging of the pendulum comes from our body being its own truth-teller and making the pendulum swing a certain way with small muscle movements.

⋆☽  Some people also think that the pendulum swing is determined by your own energy and will therefore confirm or deny your own beliefs. As we already know – our beliefs create our reality – so if we believe something to be true then there’s a good chance of it becoming manifest in our physical lives in the future.

⋆☽  Pendulums are often used as a method of Divination, ie, to communicate with entities on the “other side” such as Angels, spirit guides, relatives in spirit, etc. This could also include getting answers from your higher soul self.

However you believe the pendulum gets its swing, many people rely on them as a way to accurately predict their future…

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If you buy a pendulum which instantly caught your eye, then you’re more likely to form a close connection with it and get reliable answers as a result. I looked for my pendulum for years, until I eventually stumbled across an Obsidian point unlike any I had seen before while I was at a crystal workshop. After years without a pendulum, I knew it was finally time!

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If you go to mediumship circles or psychic development classes, the phrase “receiving hand” will be thrown around a lot. It is based on the belief that you are more connected to spirit through one side of your body than the other. For me, it is my left hand. If you are unsure what your receiving hand is, then go with whichever feels right and then try to keep using the same hand going forward.

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For me, I know that clockwise means YES and anticlockwise means NO. To find out what your directions will be, start asking the pendulum questions that you know have a definite yes or no answer. For example, “I am female” or “the walls around me are white”. Some people will find that their pendulum swings back and forth or sideways instead of in a circular motion. Practice makes perfect, so make sure that you keep using your pendulum to allow it to become closely attuned with your energy. It will take some time to get used to you and consistently provide accurate answers, so don’t be discouraged if it’s a bit haywire at first!

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The questions that you ask to your pendulum need to be closed yes/no questions instead of ambiguous and open-ended how/what/why/when/where questions. Your pendulum can only give you binary answers, so keep this at the front of your mind when you are asking questions about your future. As an example – people use a pendulum to ask if a certain food is good for them by holding it over the item, and if it’s a healthy high vibration food then the pendulum will answer YES. To get more than a simple yes/no answer see point no. 6!

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It’s so important to get in the right headspace so that you’re not focusing on the answer that you’d like or subtly interfering with the pendulum’s direction. I like to rest my elbow on a solid surface to prevent this happening as much as possible. I also like to close my eyes as I meditate and ask the pendulum a question, because that way I don’t know which answer it’s given until I open my eyes. Our pendulums are really sensitive to our energy – which is powered by our thoughts – so we need to be super careful not to interfere with their motion.

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If you want more than a basic YES/NO answer, then you can use a dowsing wheel. You just hold your pendulum above the centre-bottom of the wheel and then see which answer it directs you to. By using a letter dowsing wheel you can spell out the name of your spirit guide, and similarly with a chakra dowsing wheel you can find out which of your chakras are imbalanced. I have created a number, letter and chakra dowsing wheel pack which you can download and use for free…

Get your number + letter + chakra pendulum wheels here!

Download 3 FREE Pendulum Dowsing Wheels

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As with the rest of your crystal collection, it’s so important to ensure that any energy they absorb doesn’t interfere with their power in the future. To maintain the accuracy of your pendulum, make sure that you’re cleansing it regularly with whatever method you would normally use.

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A pendulum is another great tool in our spiritual toolkit to provide guidance when we feel stuck or confused. Using the dowsing wheels provided above will enable you to get more than a simple yes/no answer and can unlock the door to deeper spiritual development. Once you have found your perfect pendulum, remember to practice and stick with it to nurture a connection which can help guide you through the rest of this lifetime!

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