Your aura can show you new things…

✨ The energetic frequency you’re vibrating at

✨ What your life purpose might be

✨ How easy it’s going to be for you to manifest that thing you want

These are all entirely dependent on your own personal energy field and the unique shade that you shine in the world.

The colour of your aura can also change depending on how you’re feeling and what stage of your spiritual journey you’re at. For example, I always used to get told that my aura was Purple but now it’s changed to Blue.

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Find your colour below to see what your aura is saying about you  ↓

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People with purple aura’s are often old souls who have lived through many lifetimes. They bring everything that they’ve learned with them into this lifetime and are now focused on evolving spiritually, both for their own soul’s benefit and to help others.

If you have a purple aura, you’re likely to be blessed with some innate spiritual gifts, such as having Clair-senses and being an empath. You may have had some strange experiences throughout your life, such as encounters with spirits and premonitions of events before they happened. This natural inclination towards the weird and wonderful spiritual world means that you’re probably drawn to using Oracle/Angel/Tarot cards, and can’t get enough of learning about esoteric topics.

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As you’d expect, a pink aura belongs to someone whose energy is soft, gentle and loving. This gorgeous feminine colour represents love in all of its selfless abundance, and people with this colour aura are likely to be kind and caring to everyone around them. You’ll often find these pink auraed people engaged in creative pursuits, as they’re able to see the beauty in life and express it through their art – whether that’s writing, painting or design. People who have recently fallen in love may also be radiating a pink aura.

When I see Archangel Jophiel, she appears as a pink light – her role as an angel is to bring beauty down to Earth and support those humans who are doing the same. If you have a pink aura, you can call on Archangel Jophiel for guidance and support with achieving all of your creative goals.

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This fiery, passionate colour embodies everything that you’d expect from a person with this colour aura. A clear, bright red aura means that you are vibrant, determined and action-oriented, taking action towards your goals with more energy than most. If you feel wronged or confronted, however, this energy can quickly turn into anger or aggression, making you prone to arguments and road rage. Although, the intensity of these emotions means that they’re probably likely to subside as quickly as they appear.

A clouded red aura represents the shadow side of these qualities: having anger and resentment that you can’t let go of which is holding you back from moving forward in your life. Let go of the past and focus on healing your wounds so that you can move freely into the future, using your gift of passion as a positive tool.

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An orange aura belongs to someone who is energetic, vibrant and healthy. These are the people who are up and at ’em early, inspiring others and getting a good workout in each day before breakfast. You’ll often find people with orange auras working as personal trainers or motivational speakers because they want to transfer their enthusiasm for living well to everyone else who could benefit.

If the orange shade is slightly on the red or yellow side, you probably carry some of those qualities too. An orange & yellow aura could also belong to someone who is analytical and passionate about mental pursuits, problems and puzzles.

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A yellow aura belongs to someone with young and playful energy, as it’s a colour of hope and optimism. If you’re going through a really exciting time in your life, you might have a yellow aura; like when you realise that you’ve unlocked a new spiritual gift or you’re about to go travelling. When you’re at the beginning of a wonderful journey and feeling full of promise, positivity and excitement – your aura will look like sunshine around you. ☀️

If the aura is an acid yellow colour, it could mean that feelings of fear and scarcity are blocking you from feelings of hope and expansion. Let go of what’s holding you back so that you can embrace the possibility of what lies ahead.

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People with gold auras have a strong connection to the spiritual realm. You’re being divinely guided at all times and you’re probably aware that you have Angels surrounding you, sending you signs and showing you where to go next. Enjoy the feeling of being protected by the Angels as you’re being shown how to carry out their work on Earth.

You’re here to expand and to help others do the same; so don’t get caught up in any doubts or fears that your human brain will fabricate. Instead, focus on your mission of raising the vibration of Earth so that it can get closer to the Divine realm.

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If you’re shining with a silver aura, it means that the energy of the Divine is flowing freely through you at this moment, and – as a result – you’re enjoying abundance in all areas. From money, to health, to home life and friendships, you’re excelling across the board and enjoying the best that these parts of your life have to bring. At a wonderful time in your life like this, remember to give enormous gratitude every day for what you have so that you continue to prosper!

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White auras are very rare, as it’s an Angelic colour belonging to souls who have transcended the physical realm. Because it’s a colour of purity, it can also appear around a new soul who has just incarnated here on Earth for the first time. If you have a white aura, you’re blessed with the ability to make people feel calm and at ease in your presence, and you’re naturally able to work as a conduit for the high frequency energy of the Divine.

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If you’re going through a very difficult time in your life, you may have a black aura or be carrying some dark energy in parts of your aura. For example, when I was a teenager struggling with eating disorders, depression and anxiety, I had a purple aura with some patches of black.

The black and grey energy in your aura shows the wounds that you’re still carrying around as the heavy energies of hurt, unfulfilled expectations and disappointment. It’s highly likely that this is what’s stopping you from manifesting everything that you’ve been asking for, and you might be finding it hard to forgive anyone who’s wronged you in the past. Luckily, you can clear any black energy in your aura using the help of a good energy healer.

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Rainbow auras are bright, colourful and vibrating at a high energetic frequency. If you have one of these, you probably find it easy to manifest as you flow through life following synchronicities and good luck. You’re meant to use this vibrance to help others along their spiritual path, by teaching them how to raise their own energetic frequency. In doing so, you’ll help them to connect with the Divine so that they can receive clear guidance of their own.

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Blue is an intuitive colour and it’s also related to the throat chakra, so people who are meant to be teachers, communicators and messengers will often radiate a blue aura. It’s a calm and balanced colour, so people are likely to feel this way when they’re around you. As someone with a blue aura, it’s easy to be accepting of all options and outcomes – meaning that you’re open to change because you have faith that any path you choose will work out for the best.

With your calm confidence and inbuilt intuition, you’re likely to enjoy sharing a message while bringing peace and understanding to the world (in your own unique way) if you have a blue aura.

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If you have a green aura, you’re a born healer. Doctors, nurses, vets and counsellors will often have a green aura, as well as people who feel a strong connection to nature. With a green aura, you’re likely to feel restored when you spend time outside and probably find a lot of joy in hobbies such as gardening, hiking and looking after animals. Your focus and mission on Earth will be around helping others to heal physically or mentally; just remember to put strong energy protection in place as you carry out your healing work, so that the vibration of your own energy field isn’t affected.

Archangel Raphael is often depicted as a green energy too, and this is the Archangel who oversees all of the healers on Earth. You can call on Raphael at any time when you’re feeling burdened or overloaded by the suffering that you’ve seen, and this healing Angel will help to take the weight from you.

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