Pendulum Dowsing Wheels (3 Pack)

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This easy, printable Pendulum Dowsing Pack contains 3x Fortune Wheels which will give you answers to questions regarding your chakras, letters and numbers.


8 reviews for Pendulum Dowsing Wheels (3 Pack)

  1. Katie Llanes

    Very good

  2. Mohammadreza Mohammadzadeh

    Dear Liz Roberta
    I just watched your video clip regarding how to use a pendulum. I noticed that you said you would close your eyes when you ask a question so that your mind don’t influence the direction of the pendulum. Since my problem with using pendulum for yes or no is that my pendulum does not move to give me an answer until I watch it and mentally say yes or no , which this is not the purpose of using a pendulum, I tried to ask a question and then close my eyes to get an a an answer but my pendulum didn’t move. Could you please instruct me what to do to solve this big problem? I am happily prepared to pay for your time and efforts.
    By the way, I did not received the angel card reading so far.
    Thank you
    Kind regards

    • Millennial Manifestor (verified owner)

      Hi Mohammadreza,
      I send out all of the Angel Card readings the next working day (they are not automatic) so hopefully you received yours yesterday 🙂
      To me, it sounds like you are having an issue connecting the pendulum with your energy. Have you tried keeping it close to your body for a long period of time? Or keeping it on your desk to hold at points throughout the day? Then it should start to really feel like your own and connected to your energy.
      You could also practice saying yes and no to the pendulum with your eyes open, and watching it swing to get used to the motions. Then it might over time become easier to swing when you have your eyes closed.
      It is just a case of a lot of practice and getting used to working with your pendulum 🙂 Wishing you lots of luck with it! 💕
      Liz xxx

  3. Jeanne

    Great site!

  4. Keshia

    This information was very informative

  5. Tami Pitetti Sanders

    So my pendulum moves for yes and stays still for no. Is this ok?

    • Millennial Manifestor (verified owner)

      Yep! As long as it’s doing a different thing for each then you’ll know what answer it’s giving you 🙂

  6. karen whyte

    Hi Liz
    Beautifully said and very helpful . Thank you I can not wait to try this out 🥰
    Karen x

  7. Michelle

    I’m unsure at the moment…I have a pendulum and I’m a beginner, what does it mean if the crystal swings back and forth between “pendulum to pendulum” and also “board to board”? Your help would be greatly appreciated xxx

    • Millennial Manifestor (verified owner)

      I would keep practising and also give it a cleanse! It may have some energy from other people on it which is stopping it from tuning in fully to your energy. I talk more about using a pendulum and other intuition tools in my Hay House book, Living In Tune, which may also be of interest to you 📚

  8. Paula

    Thanks for these

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