When you’re writing your blog, it’s a good idea to mix up different types of blog posts.

As you get more experienced with publishing your blog, you’ll notice that there are certain styles of topics and headlines which catch more attention from your readers than others.

This means that it’s super helpful to become familiar with the different types of posts so that you can wow your audience and keep delivering content they love to read and connect with. Here are 5 types of blog posts that will help you to do just that…

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Example: 5 Types of Blog Post That Your Readers Will Love

These are the most viral type of blog post because they’re easy to digest and simple to understand. We like topics that can be broken down into an easy-to-understand list.

From my own experience, any blog posts like this which include a numbered list are always my most successful titles.

How can you summarise your blog topic into a list which will help people to group ideas together or categorise themselves?

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Example: How Blogging Changed My Life

As a writer, the most powerful thing you have is your story.

Your personal experiences can be a light in the dark for someone who’s feeling lost and lonely going through the same thing you went through.

Sharing a personal story also allows your audience to get to know you better on a deeper level.

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Example: How To Turn Your Followers Into Raving Fans

This type of blog shows your readers that you’re an expert who can teach them exactly what they need to know about a certain topic.

They’ll leave your blog feeling more knowledgeable and confident, which will make them more confident in you.

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Example: What Your Favourite Font Says About You

This is always a fun type of blog post to write and read, which is usually a bit silly and not meant to be taken 100% seriously.

However, we’re always curious to know more about ourselves and what group we fit into – and if you get it right, your readers will feel like you really understand them!

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Example: Why Isn’t Your Blog Growing As Fast As You Would Like?

You’re not really asking your reader a question, because you’re going to answer it for them.

But doesn’t a question in a title just make you want to click and know more?

This is a very enticing type of title to use which guarantees to make people curious.

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