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When you’re struggling to get clarity because of something you’re holding on to, letting go can be easier said than done. In this free guided meditation, you will cut your cords to release the past and move forward. 

You’re lost.

You need help with something; some direction at least.

You know that if the Universe would just give you a sign or some small hint that what you want is coming, you’d find it so much easier to surrender and relax…

I’ve been there, and the only way to move out of that place is to get so tight with the Universe that it knows what you’re thinking.

This is possible when you get really, really good at asking the Universe for what you want.

Here’s how I do it.

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Gratitude is a high vibe request for more of the same, and when you want something that you’re enjoying to multiply – make sure you let the Universe know about it.

That’s why I use the phrase: “Thank you, more please.


I first saw this technique in the Netflix series Styling Hollywood, because it’s exactly what the stars of the show, Jason Bolden and Adair Curtis (pictured above), do.

Let the Universe know what you love and what it should send you more of by being grateful and thinking of this phrase. It takes no time to do, and when you’re already experiencing the vibration of the thing in that moment – you’re in the ideal state to receive.

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Our power to visualise what we want can have a huge impact on our ability to bring it into reality.

Creating a clear picture is like crafting your request. You can create a clear picture not only in your mind but in the outside world too. Make a vision board, stick a magazine cutting on your fridge, or keep a picture of your next dream holiday destination on your desk.

Is there any more straightforward way than to just show the Universe your request?

Let the Universe know what you want by painting the scene in your mind or on paper.

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You can ask the Universe for the things you want every morning in your journal or whenever you think of them by grabbing a pen and paper.

It’s as easy as writing “Please can you help me with…” or “I would love to have…” and addressing it as a letter to the Universe.

You never have to show anyone else and you may rediscover what you’ve written years later only to see that it’s manifested around you. It’s such a special moment when that happens.

Say what you want with words on paper, and watch them come to life.

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This is the level of connection that you want to get to with the Universe: where you have a direct line to deliver your intentions.

By being completely clear about your desires and not having any cross purposes where what you DO want is energetically clashing with something else that you DON’T want, you can unlock this line. For example, if you wanted to find love but you weren’t willing to give up any of your time or space anywhere else in your life for a relationship, your desire to keep life exactly as it is will counteract your desire for change.

It’s having unmistakeable clarity and total trust in the Universe to bring you everything you truly want which is your free ticket for a speedy delivery service.

When you get to a space where you’re vibrating at a high level energetically and clear of cross purposes, like self-love issues and limiting beliefs, your intentions can quickly turn to gold.

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Remember that you were made from the Universe and you are still part of it.

By tapping back into your connection, you can have an open energy discussion about what you want to create. You have that right and that ability.

Your intentions have the potential to create magic in your life, and if you need help more help with this, keep an eye out for my upcoming programs.