If you’re empathic and sensitive to energies, it’s more important for you than anyone to do this once in a while. Low vibration items and spaces can really start to weigh us down if we aren’t intentionally shaping our energetic environment to be one that serves and inspires us.

Are you ready to give your belongings an energy upgrade? You can use all of these techniques to shift any lingering low vibration frequencies…

Having a Spring energy clean will raise the vibration of your space, making you feel lighter and brighter afterwards.

This ancient tradition of burning herbs and using the smoke to intentionally cleanse a space can work wonders for your mood and manifesting by clearing out old energy that’s lingering in your home. If you are using Palo Santo or California White Sage, ensure that they’re responsibly sourced as high demand means they’re being harvested carelessly and unsustainably by some suppliers.

  • 🌿 Palo Santo
  • 🌿 Sage
  • 🌿 Cedar
  • 🌿 Lavender
  • 🌿 Rosemary
  • 🌿 Thyme
  • 🌿 Juniper

I’ve written more about the benefits of burning sage specifically in my blog, How Burning Sage Actually Kills Bacteria & Raises Your Energy.

I discovered Aura Spray for the first time at a workshop in Glastonbury last summer. It smelt amazing and seemed like a super quick and easy way to cleanse energy, so I bought a bottle of Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame Aura Spray.

Aura Spray is a highly charged liquid spray made with cleansing essential oils. Just one or two spritzes can quickly get to work cleansing the energy of your aura or one of your items.

With any of these methods, the most important thing is the intention that you’re putting into the physical ritual. The energy of your intention is even more powerful than any clearing technique, and it will guide and amplify your energy clearing.

If you want to try making your own Aura Spray, you’ll need:

  • 🌿 Pure water – from a natural spring or sacred well
  • 🌿 Alcohol – to preserve it, like gin or vodka
  • 🌿 Cleansing essential oils – like sage, lemon, lavender, grapefruit or frankincense
  • 🌿 You can then charge the solution under a Full Moon or with crystals

This energy clearing technique works in a similar way to smoke cleansing, and you might already have some incense at home.

Holding a lit stick of incense, you can use the smoke to clean the corners of your room. You can also cover an item in the smoke – while setting an intention that you want to cleanse, clear and transmute any stuck, low vibration energy.

This is a fast and free method of energy clearing – even if you feel a bit silly doing it.

I knock on my Tarot and Angel cards between uses, as well as between questions mid-reading for someone. When you see me knocking on a deck in one of my Tarot reading videos, it’s because I’m shifting any old energy out of the cards.

My cards are the thing I need to energetically clean most often because I’m always tuning into other people’s energy while I’m shuffling and arranging the cards. You can also use this technique for other items and spaces too, by clapping loudly in the corners of a room or next to an item.

As you’ll see in the video, I have a smokey quartz crystal point, but any type will work – clear quartz, rose quartz, citrine, etc.

Hold the quartz point so that you’re not covering either end of it (this would transfer energy into and out of your own auric energy field) and rotate it around the item you want to cleanse.

  • CLOCKWISE ☽ Transfers energy into an item.
  • ANTI-CLOCKWISE ☾ Takes energy out of an item.

Most of the time, you’ll want to rotate the crystal point anti-clockwise over an item so that you’re removing the lower energies from it. The only time you might want to put energy into an item to clear it would be if you’re channelling Reiki energy and raising its vibration that way.

Selenite is interesting because it doesn’t need to be cleansed regularly like other crystals – it’s sort of self-cleaning.

It vibrates at such a high frequency that you can keep it next to – or in a box/drawer with – your other crystals and it’ll gradually raise their vibration too. This means that it’s a great tool for energy clearing!

You can either place the thing you want to cleanse next to a stick of Selenite and leave it there or, if you have a Selenite wand, you can rotate it around the item in the same way as a quartz point.

Just having Selenite on your bedside table or in your home will help to provide an energetic shield against negative energies.

☽ ☆ ☾

With any of these techniques, the most important thing is always your intention.

Whenever you’re cleaning the energy of an item or space, make sure you set a very clear intention with the Universe that you’re cleansing, clearing and transmuting any low vibration energy.

This will allow you to shift the energy, move it out, and then transmute it into another form so that it doesn’t re-enter your belongings again as low vibration energy.

Have you tried any of these energy clearing techniques? If so, which is your favourite? Let me know in the comments!