I believe that life should be smooth, simple and as in tune as possible – and knowing these things earlier would have given me a much quicker path to my 1st £100k doing what I love…

✔️ Networking and collaborating

I LOVE to build communities because they create connection between people and it’s so much easier to thrive when you’re in an uplifting, empowering environment. So many clients have come to me through memberships and masterminds I’ve spoken in, podcasts I’ve been on and even through my network of friends. Yes, I have lots of friends who pay to be in my programs because they trust me enough to know they’re going to get amazing results!

✔️ Monthly recurring revenue

I actually love it when someone takes a payment plan and never attach any extra fees for them, because it’s guaranteed recurring income. Having containers with a rolling monthly rate and programs that are still paying you 4 months after you launched them is a pretty fantastic feeling. It takes you off the feast and famine rollercoaster so that you can chill and feel confident in your minimum business income for the months ahead.

✔️ Multiple income streams

This leads me nicely into my next point, which is having an offer architecture that supports different people – and the same person at different points on their journey, so they can flow up and down your offers. When you have an amazing customer, you don’t want to lose them from your world! Have something else they can move into to lengthen their lifetime value with you.

✔️ Creating space for my schedule, focus and soul

Let’s be real – I’m writing this on a Saturday and have a full day of creation ahead of me; but I also spent the morning journaling, doing yoga, walking around Lisbon as the sun came up, and drinking kombucha at the local organic supermarket. Learning how to balance your brain, body and time is what gives you longevity as an entrepreneur so you can lead a sustainable business that lights you up. As creatives and intuitives, having access to inspiration is key!

As for what I’d leave behind so I could climb that ladder to £100k faster…

❌ Selling time for money

As coaches and healers, we often start this way and it’s a great way to build your reputation by having a close connection with people during single sessions or readings. However, when you start to do the maths – it doesn’t add up. Being able to scale is reliant on having a business structure that enables you to double/triple/quadruple your income to £100k+ without having to double/triple/quadruple yourself.

❌ Only doing the energy work

This one may feel like a personal attack, and it’s supposed to! Working with energy is of course an important part of success, which is why I include energy work in every single one of my programs; however, it’s not the only part. That’s the feminine side, and you need the masculine side to balance it out. Otherwise, you end up waiting and wondering why your manifestations haven’t arrived and your business is still the same as it was a year ago.

❌ Waiting for that one big bang

There is no one single hack, tip or thing that will take you to £100k by only doing that. Wouldn’t it be great if it was that simple? I hate to be the one to break it to you, but it’s about having a well-rounded approach, balancing implementation (strategy), mind (subconscious) and energy (soul) to release any resistance wrapped around your business and make it move forward day by day.

❌ Not selling enough

Even when you have psychics in your audience, they’re still not mindreaders! It needs to be obvious AF what you’re selling and how it’s going to benefit people. Otherwise, people won’t feel safe and satisfied enough to spend a dime with you. It’s all about building confidence and trust, demonstrating what you can do, and becoming the obvious choice to help people solve a big, painful problem they have.

If you’ve read this far, congrats! You’re one of the minority and you’re clearly committed to growing your business in a big way. It’s that dedication to learning, growing and taking advice that will move you forwards faster than a lot of other business owners.

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To your spiritual success!