In case you hadn’t noticed already, not everyone is at the same level of awakening.

I talk this through SO much with my coaching clients who all experience the same issue as everyone else when they’re going through their spiritual awakening: not feeling understood by their closest friends and family members anymore.

It can be so isolating and that’s why having a spiritual community around you is so important. Finding other spiritual people online has been an absolute game-changer for me and not only has it given me a sense of belonging again, but it’s also helped me to grow even further as I get introduced to new ideas, tools and concepts.

But you still don’t want to get rid of your old friends, right? And even if you did, you can’t get rid of your family!

So, today I want to give you some tips for talking about spirituality with cynical people…

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If we want to “be the change we want to see in the world”, we need to listen to other people’s opinions like we want them to listen to ours. They’ve had a totally different experience and that’s why they see things the way they do.

The likelihood is that you were also at a similar level of awakening to them once, and maybe you used to have a similar point of view to them.

Meet them at their level. Respect what they have to say. And see what has made them arrive at that opinion or world view.

That’s a great starting point for being able to present your ideas in a way that will resonate with them.

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If you’re going to approach the topic of spirituality with someone who you know is cynical, it probably isn’t a good idea to begin talking to them about Arcturian Starseeds and quantum leaping. No, no.


My awakening started with The Secret, and I know the same is true for so many other people. When I want someone to open up to spirituality, I give them the gift of this book.

Why The Secret?

Because it’s entry-level spirituality. It’s not complicated and it appeals to their human senses, which I’ll talk more about in the next tip.

If you’re going to start talking about spirituality, start small and start basic with things that they’re more likely to get on board with. Think of things that they’ll understand according to their current perception of reality.

From there, you can build on that – but you can’t expect them to jump on board with both feet if you’re way out on the water.

As an example, my husband is a scientific, cynical kinda guy, so it has been a long 9 year process trying to get him around to spirituality. He still isn’t, but he’s more open than he was, and I’ve done that by presenting him with the topics which will appeal to where he’s at right now and aren’t too “out there”.

I got him a birth chart reading because he’s an engineer and the format of a very technical-looking diagram with numbers is exactly his forte so he could get on board with that.

What parts of spirituality would the person you’re talking to be able to get on board with, before you go into the deeper stuff?

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Most people want to manifest something, even if they wouldn’t call it that…

The best way to get someone on board with spirituality is to tempt them with how it can work for them. How could they personally benefit from something that you’ve learned?

If you’re just telling them about x, y and z then it’s easier for them to tune out – but if you tell them how and why it could get them closer to their desires, they’re more likely to listen.

  • What lesson are they needing?
  • What would be useful to them?
  • And how can spirituality get them closer to what they want?

Package your message so that they’re tempted to learn more because there’s an obvious payoff that they’ll love.

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Experience is the key to understanding for most people, so if you can show rather than tell them about spirituality – it’ll be an easier sell.

Most people struggle to grasp and believe in spiritual concepts because they don’t have physical proof or scientific support for it. You can solve this by helping them to experience it for themselves.

If they can start with a small energy experiment of their own, like manifesting something they want, and it works – the Universe has already done most of the legwork for you.

Maybe they will also start noticing the signs if you tell them what to look out for, like Angel numbers, feathers and butterflies. Ask the Universe to send them one, or – if they’re willing – you can see if they’ll ask for their own sign.

Once they receive that sign, it might be their first step on a new spiritual path. You could be a key catalyst in this person’s awakening, but pushing too hard on a message that they’re not ready for yet could cause them to shut down even more.

When they start to experience it for themselves, they’re dialling into their own unique conversation with the Universe. If you can just bargain with them to ask for a sign, try a new manifestation, or notice the synchronicities – they might get the evidence that they need to believe.

☽ ☆ ☾

It can be really frustrating trying to share the most exciting and fulfilling part of your life with people who don’t understand it yet, but the most important thing for you to remember is that it’s your journey – and not theirs! And vice versa…

Focus on what lights you up and intend to find new people who understand the intuitive side of you. In the meantime, I hope that these tips will help to make communication easier with your cynical loved ones – while the Universe plans their awakening in perfect Divine timing ✨