Do you keep noticing butterflies everywhere you go?

There may be a reason why, and it may not be what you think…

“We are all butterflies, Earth is our chrysalis…” – LeeAnn Taylor

Butterflies are considered to be spiritual messengers, so they can bring your attention to things that you need to be aware of.

A common idea which you may have heard is that butterflies symbolise the visitation of a loved one. In Japanese tradition, this is especially true for white butterflies which are said to embody the soul of someone who we’ve loved and lost.

When we experience the loss of something, it is always entwined with a new beginning; and therefore, a new opportunity for change and renewal. Through death, we know what life is; and through loss we know what it means to have something really special.

If you notice that a butterfly keeps visiting you (or landing on your windowsill, for example) then it could be a sign that a spirit is trying to get your attention and show that they are still with you.

🦋 A Powerful Symbol of Change

Butterflies can also be seen as a powerful symbol of resurrection and immortality – reminding you that you can weather any dramatic change and come out the other side of it as a better version of yourself. What challenge are you facing that’s forcing you to rise up to a new level? What beliefs do you need to leave behind in order to embrace this new opportunity?

Due to the process of change that they endure, we are reminded of our potential to change and transform into the most bold and colourful version of ourselves.

Resurrection, change and new hope are all possible for you if you keep noticing butterflies. If you make it through whatever you’re going through at the moment, then you’ll realise your potential to expand into new opportunities which could turn your life around.

Butterflies remind you to weather all change with grace and lightheartedness while demonstrating that it will always be in your best interest. It may not always seem like it in the moment, but anything which contributes to our growth is a blessing in disguise. Know that you are capable of withstanding any hand that you’re dealt in life, and that anything which makes you stronger and wiser is a gift. Sometimes it will just be wrapped in a way which makes it hard to receive at first.

🦋 In Your Dreams…

When we’re asleep, our subconscious mind is communicating with us using symbols that it knows we will understand. Butterflies in our dreams could have a different meaning depending on what stage of life we see the butterfly in – was it a caterpillar, cocoon or butterfly?

It could mean that you want to expand, be free and express yourself fully – or that you see yourself as (or long to be) a “social butterfly”. Knowing which aspects of the animal we might want to embody is key to understanding why we see certain animals in our dreams at night.

They may also be a visual manifestation of where you feel stuck in your life. If your soul is longing for transformation and change in your relationship – or career – then you may see butterflies in a related scene of your dream. Where do you want to feel lighter and more free? And where do you know that you’re not reaching your full potential?

Seeing a butterfly in your dreams could be a calling for you to find joy in life, find joy in change, and move forward into new challenges with the grace to know that we can always find what we need within.

Live like a butterfly, and remember to enjoy the process of life’s continual unfolding…