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If you want to make money from something spiritual – or you already do as a spiritual entrepreneur – you might be wondering what your “thing” is going to be…

Do you want to be known as a manifestation queen? Will you be a meditation guru? Or are you going to sparkle as a witchy Wicca lady?

The answer is: you can be any of these, and more!

I’ve always had the same problem in that I’ve been an all-rounder since school. I say an “all-rounder” not to be annoying because I think people have a misconception that “oh, it would be great to be an all-rounder“, but it’s actually really confusing. When nothing really rises above anything else, it makes it hard – almost impossible – to know which way to go.

I thought I’d write this blog because I’ve recently made the decision to completely and entirely accept both sides of myself without resistance; the intuitive spiritual side + the organised business side.

And this is exactly what I want you to do.

I tell my coaching clients who are creating spiritual brands about the process of naturally niching.

“Naturally niching” means that you do whatever you desire to do and then, over time, you see what naturally falls away and what you get drawn to. Your niche will become clear once you try on all of your desires and 1) get better results in some things than others, while 2) you enjoy doing some things more than others.

So, my advice for picking a niche in your spiritual business is this ↓

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This isn’t what I’ve ever read in a marketing book or heard anyone else recommend – but here we go…

I entirely believe in doing this because I know it works and I trust in the Universe to guide you where you need to go. Your intuition will eventually make it clear what’s right or wrong.

When I moved to Glastonbury last year, I’d never been before in my whole life. I literally booked a viewing for a flat, came here, and then just had to feeeeel whether it was right or not. That’s literally how I make all of my decisions: I go to the thing, or start the thing, and then feel how I feel, and then I’ll know if it’s right – or not.

I strongly recommend that you try this too.

When we only think with our head and logic, that’s often how we end up completely unhappy and out of alignment. You can only feeeeel when you’re in alignment.

If you don’t know which way to go next with your spiritual business, try all of the things you really want to try – answer your desires – and then feel whatever is the best fit, while allowing everything else to fall away. This is naturally niching, and it will lead you to your most fulfilling outcome.

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I’m a visual learner so whenever I feel like there’s a million different things flying around in my head, I write them all down.

If you’re trying to choose between a few different niches, you can write them as a list or brainstorm them out on a piece of paper. You might then notice that you don’t actually have as many options to choose between as you thought. It may just feel like a lot because you’re holding them all in your head and struggling to know which one to move forward with.

By seeing them all sitting there on a piece of paper…

  1. ✦ You’ll feel less overwhelmed
  2. ✦ You won’t have to hold them all in your brain
  3. ✦ It might become obvious which one you’re most drawn to

By writing them all out and physically seeing them, you should be able to quickly eliminate some, leaving you with fewer niches to choose from.

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This relates back to the results you’re getting, which I talked about with naturally niching.

What do people come to you for?

You can investigate this by asking your friends, followers and customers what they think you’re best at and what expertise they come to you for. You might already be sitting in a niche that you don’t identify with yet!

If you offer multiple products and services, you could also look at your order history to see which have sold the most. You could even look at your Instagram, social media and blog posts to see which type of posts get the most eyeballs and traction.

Other people might already see you as being in a niche, even if you don’t see yourself in one yet.

☽ ☆ ☾

The most important thing is that you don’t force yourself into a niche.

If you feel pressured to do so before you’re ready, you could back your business into a corner that will be harder to get out of later. It will also be harder for you to discover which other niches might be a better fit for you.

That’s why I think it’s so important for you to try all of the different things that you want to try and test out your desired niches. Once you finally know how your different niche options feel and what you’re truly great at, you can set yourself up for spiritual success.

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