Taking a leap of faith will look different depending on who’s taking the leap.

For me, it was moving to a new town that I’d never been to before based on nothing but intuition and a good feeling in my belly. Fortunately – I was not disappointed!

Amazing things can happen when you follow your internal guidance system instead of drifting along with the status quo. Following your heart to where it wants to go is the only sure way to get to a destination which fulfils you, instead of ending up in a life that doesn’t really feel like your own.

With that in mind – what can you expect if you’re considering a move to Glastonbury?

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And a lot of them! As soon as you arrive in Glastonbury and pick up a copy of the local Oracle guidebook, you’ll see that there are more spiritual events happening here than you can shake a smudge stick at…

It’s the perfect place to visit if you’re looking to expand your spiritual horizons and sample new practices like sound baths, group chanting, Goddess retreats, transformational workshops and Shamanic healing. Some events are very reasonably priced, like 2-hour Crystal Healing workshops at Goddess House for just £5 (run by Zena and Neil of Crystal Heaven) whereas longer 2/3 day courses will carry a higher price tag.

Whether you’re at the start of an awakening or experienced in all things esoteric, you’ll have many opportunities to try new ancient healing practices that you’d struggle to find practitioners of elsewhere.

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You may have heard Glastonbury being called “the heart chakra of the Earth” and it’s somewhere that definitely has a certain ‘vibe’. I’ve spoken to a few people who reported a phase of intense emotional release (ie, grief and crying) shortly after moving here as lower vibrations moved out of their energy field. They could then feel more in tune with the town’s high vibrational frequency, which legend says is due to Ley lines crossing to create an energetic hotspot. Reportedly, this is also why Stonehenge was built nearby.

The energy (with the culture) attracts many sensitive, empathic and intuitive people here each year to absorb the healing frequencies and worship at the sacred sites. If you feel sensitive to energy – you may experience headaches, intense emotion and a particularly strong connection to Mother Earth when you come and stay.

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The locals that you find here would not be found in other, more traditional, English towns. There are usually musicians playing in the streets and people walking barefoot is commonplace. Pop-up stalls are likely to feature fortune tellers, tarot card readers and jewellers, and you’ll often pass by people crouched on the pavement drawing in chalk.

Eccentricity is the norm here and it’s a place where you can let go, breathe, and appreciate one another for your uniquely expressed attributes. After all, if everyone were the same, the world would be a very boring place!

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If you’re vegetarian or vegan, you’ll feel blessed with the number of options here. From the organic supermarket to the delicious Rainbow’s End, you’ll definitely find healthy and delicious treats to eat. Just strolling down the high street you’ll cross multiple chalkboards inviting you in to try their fresh vegan bakes.

I’ve been to a few coffee shops here which served their own homemade oat, almond and hemp milk in their drinks, and many will also include rare and raw ingredients sourced from overseas. Of course, you can expect to pay a higher price for these but your gut will be grateful for the investment!

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Before I came here, a friend of mine said that it was “easier to get crystals than socks” and that summary still sticks with me – because he was exactly right! You won’t find an M&S here, or many chain shops at all for that matter… but you will see a ton of crystal shops. If you come to Glastonbury without a crystal collection then you’ll be tempted to leave with at least one.

In addition to the high street stores, there will often be crystal stalls lining the streets selling small tumblestones, large geodes and raw chunks of citrine, quartz and rose quartz. These sparkling displays will be sure to catch your eye as you walk past.

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The first time that I went to do my weekly food shop at Tesco, it felt like everyone in there was just popping in from a local festival. It felt like that; except that there was no festival on, and it was just my first glimpse of the hippy culture here…

You can expect to see long floaty dresses, colourful harem pants, and beaded dreadlocks in abundance as you walk around, and during solstice season the floral crowns come out too! My fiancé, Ally, said to me when I was trying to choose an outfit: “you could go out wearing a blanket here and no-one would blink an eyelid” and he was probably right…

The free and open culture of Glastonbury is undoubtedly one of the greatest things about it, and it’s what makes so many people feel instantly at home here.

The 1970’s hippy vibe that Glastonbury festival was born of is still prevalent here, and long may it continue to thrive and delight us – whether it’s a fallow year or not!