Your soul wants so much for you.

It came here with a quiet calling and innate desires which are like your own internal navigation system, pointing you towards your most fulfilling route through life.

If you feel that you’re here with a spiritual mission, it will most likely fall into one of these 4 categories. Take this Soul Personality Test to see which one is most like you, and then read more about your type below ↓↓↓

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You know that you have wisdom to share, and that people would be better off if only they were to know it too. People with a Teacher spirit also love to learn, which is how they accumulate so much knowledge in the topics they’re most interested in. This means that you don’t have to have been an A* student in school to have the Soul Personality type of a Teacher.

You will probably find the most fulfilment when you’re enriching the lives of others through writing, teaching and speaking. Your soul wants everyone else to grow and know the lessons you’ve learned, so that you can give them a shortcut and help them to progress at a faster rate. By expanding people’s awareness of themselves and the world around them, your soul most wants to contribute by raising people’s energetic frequency through growth and understanding.

Share the lessons that were most beneficial to you in order to feel aligned with your Spiritual Life Purpose.

Roles you might enjoy: School Teacher | University Lecturer | Preacher | Camp Leader | Corporate Trainer | Coach | Online Course Creator

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You want to help others, and you’ll go to great lengths to do so – maybe more than the average person. You seem to attract people with issues, and may even repeatedly find yourself in romantic relationships with people who have psychological, physical or emotional issues. This is because you’re a born caregiver, and your Spiritual Life Purpose will lead you towards the people who you can help heal.

People might say they feel calmer when they’re around you, and that they feel safe to tell you their problems. You’re probably an amazing listener, which at times can turn you into being an agony aunt or uncle for your friends and family. People lean on you for support because they can intuitively sense your Soul Personality type (even if they don’t define themselves as spiritual) and it’s likely that you have a green aura and/or life path number 2.

Continue to be a source of spiritual support for the people and animals who need you, but remember to always keep strong boundaries and energetic protection in place. To heal others with maximum impact, you need to take care of yourself as the first priority.

Roles you might enjoy: Reiki Healer | Acupuncturist | Therapist | Masseuse | Energy Healer | Medical or Veterinary Nurse | Medical or Veterinary Doctor | Paramedic

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Can you see things that other people can’t? Maybe you’ve always had a natural inclination towards all things spooky and spiritual – like pendulums, crystals, runes and Tarot/Angel/Oracle cards, to name a few. As a young child, I used to spend my pocket money in town at the weekend buying the right coloured candles for spells that I’d cut out and keep in my spell folder. I had no doubt that my spells would work, and from a very young age was inexplicably interested in all things mystical, even though no-one else around me was. If you’re psychic, you’ll probably have a strong interest in tools of divination as they allow you to see with your 6th sense into the past, present and future.

Your Spiritual Life Purpose is to help people see things differently; more clearly and from an alternative point of view. Often when people are struggling to access their own intuition, they’ll need the help of someone with the Soul Personality type of a Psychic. Not only can you feel and sense what is right for you, but you can feel and sense what might be best for other people too. You’ll find a huge amount of satisfaction in spiritual work, especially if it involves guiding people and helping them to understand their own intuition better.

You don’t need to work as a professional Psychic to fulfil your Spiritual Life Purpose, as long as you’re guiding people and helping them to see things from a different point of view.

Roles you might enjoy: Clairvoyant | Rune Reader | Tarot Reader | Psychic Artist | Psychic Mentor

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Connecting with the dead isn’t for everyone, but if you have the Soul Personality of a Medium then it’s something that will come naturally to you. When I meet people with this gift, they’ve usually encountered spirits at some point in their life – such as seeing a ghost, either when they were younger or as an adult.

However, the Spiritual Life Purpose of a Medium is actually just to pass on messages. These can come through as thoughts and ideas (especially if you’re Clairaudient), signs and symbols, and, yes – sometimes as actually seeing a spirit talking to you. The messages that people with this Soul Personality type are able to deliver can bring enormous relief to those struggling with grief and confusion. People are usually thrilled to have guidance from their loved ones on the other side, who will often become their spirit guides. For example, mine are my mum’s parents!

If you feel called to deliver messages to people, you’ll probably find the most satisfaction in any kind of work that involves connecting with the spirit world and channelling. Whether that means writing channelled books or providing people with comfort from their loved ones who are no longer here, your purpose can bring people life-changing breakthroughs and clarity.

Roles you might enjoy: Stage or 1:1 Medium | Rune Reader | Tarot Reader | Author of Channelled Books

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It’s really important to remember that these are describing your soul’s spiritual mission on Earth, and don’t necessarily have to tie in with the career that you do to earn money. Of course, you’re most likely to find fulfilment if you can align the two – but many people continue with a job that earns them money (and benefits such as medical insurance, pension etc) while fulfilling their soul’s purpose in other ways.

For example, you can fulfil your Spiritual Life Purpose in the relationships that you have around you. Often, we’re sent to be Teachers/Healers/Psychics/Mediums for our family, friends and partners. Don’t take this as a sign that you need to have a career change right now. You can fulfil your purpose by living as the truest version of you in the life that you already have.

I suspect that you might also see parts of yourself within the different categories. This is because we have a divine combination of qualities that can help us to be the best version of ourselves – think of them more as scales rather than distinct boxes. For example, I’m strongest as a Teacher, followed by a Psychic, Medium and Healer. But I’ve been told by many different psychics that I have “healing hands” and green healing energy in my aura, so it isn’t that I’m not a Healer – it just isn’t the role my soul feels called to most.

You are multifaceted and you will change and grow as you pass through this unique journey called life. What you enjoy and how you think you’re able to benefit others is the most important thing for aligning with your Spiritual Life Purpose.

Resistance can get in the way and our brain can tell us to go against it because of fears around judgement, failure or scarcity;

but the best thing that you can be is yourself…

Trust your own desires and instincts as they can guide you better than anyone else can.