When you struggle to change a pattern that keeps haunting you, it can be due to a soul contract – a spiritual commitment – that you made in a previous lifetime to protect you from harm in the future.

While soul contracts are made to protect us from pain, fear or shame, they often have very little use in today’s world. However, these strong energetic bonds can keep us stuck in the past, stopping us from moving into the future – in which case, it’s time to close them once and for all.

How do you know if you have a soul contract?

It can be really hard to know if you have soul contracts attached to you because they won’t be in your conscious awareness. You didn’t make them in this lifetime, so your mind has no recollection of you ever committing to one.

They’re stored in the non-physical, energetic part of you; your spiritual body that is multidimensional and connected to everything, including all points in time: past, present and future.

It’s our energy body attaching to certain moments in other times that stops us from having full freedom and flow in the present moment. It’s holding onto the past with one hand that stops us from reaching forward fully into our most abundant future.

Some signs that you’ve made a soul contract or poverty vow could be:

  • ★  Doing the mindset work around your money beliefs but still struggling to make the income you want
  • ★  Believing that it’s better to be humble than rich, even though being poor is a daily struggle
  • ★  Having a lot of fear around money that can’t be explained by your experiences in this life. Maybe you feel as though having a lot of money is a threat to your safety and security because you become a bigger target for bad things to happen.

If you have all the opportunities but have struggled to reach your full potential, despite your best efforts, there could definitely be this energetic component getting in the way for you.

Why do we make soul contracts? 

We make soul contracts to secure a better future for ourselves. The problem with this is that they may have no relevance at all to our current life and reality. When we vow never to do something again, it’s coming from a place of fear or frustration. We’re sealing the fate of our future by making a promise to ourselves that on some level we always refuse to break.

As much as part of you may be saying “yes” to what you want, another unseen part of you is rejecting it for fear of what might happen, as well as a desire to honour a commitment you’ve already made to yourself.

You may get notified about soul contracts during a reading or they may come into your awareness when you keep hitting the same frustrating blocks again and again. Perhaps this is why you’re here reading this article – if so, hi! This next part is for you…

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How do you close soul contracts and poverty vows?

The good news is that you have total control over your energy field, and so you can reverse any vows that you’ve made. You can choose to close the contracts and cut the cords to your past once and for all.

By releasing the fear you once had, your energy field will feel lighter and it can literally feel like a weight has been lifted – because in a way, it kind of has been.

Once you know how to reverse soul contracts and are used to the process, it’s actually pretty quick and easy. You don’t need to know exactly when it happened or where in the world you made this promise. The details aren’t important, it’s overriding your old commitment with a new intention to close it that takes precedence.

You’ll need to enter your Akashic Records, if you know how to do this – or simply go into a Theta brainwave state and tune in to your soul asking all soul contracts that are holding you back to be revealed. From here, you can set fire to them, close them, cut cords to them and release them. Ensure this is done once and for all, so they can’t get in your way ever again.

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Remember that you have total power over all of your timelines – past, present and future – and you have the chance to choose a better life if there’s something that doesn’t feel totally in tune with the one you currently have.

It’s time to let go of the past and say hello to your future! 🔑