When you feel an inexplicable pull towards a place, even though you’ve never been there before, it could be because of memories you’ve had there in other lifetimes.

Just like our soul recognises people from other incarnations, it also remembers what lands we’ve walked on before. This means that we might instinctively dislike some places or we might feel a sense of longing to go back somewhere.

For example, if you experienced a huge trauma or lived a very restricted life where you weren’t able to fully express yourself due to the class you were in, your gender or simply the time period, you may feel some hesitation around revisiting that place.

If there’s a relationship to be healed with a certain location, unfortunately, the likelihood is that you’ll incarnate there so you can close that karmic cycle by releasing whatever wounds you collected in that life. Once you close that karmic cycle, you’ll be free to leave!

I’ve experienced this myself. I was born in England and have always felt like I was in the wrong place. I didn’t want to be there, even though it’s a great country on paper and it didn’t make logical sense for me to want to leave so much.

During a past life regression, I saw that in Victorian times I’d been very restricted due to being a female and so I wasn’t able to pursue my life purpose of writing and publishing books. On 11th January 2022, my first book was officially published by Hay House, and I left England to travel the world full-time just 20 days afterwards.

When I returned a few months later for a wedding, I drove across the country and had a deep knowing that my time in England was over and I no longer lived there. If I do choose to move there again, it will be exactly that – a choice – rather than my soul being stuck there because I have unfinished business with the land.

You will also know that you have a karmic connection with a country by how good it makes you feel. You may find that you keep relics of a certain culture around your house and that you adore the artwork, music and maybe even language. Perhaps you haven’t been there in this life, but it speaks to you on a soul level. That’s because the joy you once had there has been imprinted in your energy field.

Those good vibrations that you felt and the alignment that you experienced once might be something you’re wishing you had more of right now. Therefore, your soul is pointing you towards that location again because you might have a better chance of Living In Tune there.

Returning to the land you feel called to may feel nourishing and fulfilling for you, opening up a doorway to receive new intuitive insights and plenty of inspiration that makes you feel lit up and electrically charged.

One tool to understand what different places will light up in you is astrocartography. You can use the Astrodienst website to see a map of the world and how it may affect you based on your birth date and location. I never advise planning your life around anything other than your own intuition, but once my intuition has called me to a place, I always find it interesting to look up what the astrocartography of it means for me.

Your past lives may also explain why you prefer beaches, forests, lakes, rivers or mountains. Maybe you always have your desktop background as a certain type of scenery or choose holidays that take you to a certain type of landscape. Again, that’s your soul speaking to you – calling you towards the type of land that will resonate with you most in this lifetime – because part of you already knows what works best for you from living in many different places.

The Earth has an electromagnetic field, and the charge of our own unique light body will resonate differently with coordinates on Earth’s electrical grid. Did you know that birds navigate around the world this way? Tracing the frequencies of Earth’s magnetic field? We and the Earth are electricity. Energy. ⚡

Some places will light you up and some places will drag you down. Some places will make you more inspired and some places will completely close your intuitive channel. Some places will bring you an abundance of new connections and some places will make you feel lonely and isolated.

The places we’ve had past lives always hold a piece of us there that we reconnect with when our body aligns with the land again. It’s familiar, overwhelming, sometimes happy, sometimes sad – sometimes too much.

These places are different for everyone. It’s up to you, your intuition and your soul to decide where is best for you right now. Trust your internal sense of knowing where you have been before.

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