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If you believe that we live many times over – in different lifetimes with different bodies – then you probably feel like you’ve met people again in this life who you’ve known before.

Our soul holds energetic memories from different times and realities, but we experience amnesia when we’re born into a new body. In the same way that we can’t remember things from when we were young children, we also don’t remember things from our past lives. We’re blocked from those memories so that they don’t take our attention away from the path we need to walk and the lessons we need to learn in this lifetime.

However, many people have still accessed information from their past lives. For example, in my most recent life, I was a 17-year-old Vietnamese soldier in the Vietnam War. I abandoned my troop because they wouldn’t listen to my intuitive knowledge that our plan was going to fail; I ran away on my own, I was right, and they were all killed while I survived.

After telling this to my friend Rachel Alyce, she said that she’d also been in the Vietnam War in her last life too. Even if you don’t have this kind of evidence and you’ve never had a past life reading, there are multiple ways to know if you’ve had a past life connection with someone.

If there’s someone in mind that you’re wondering about, see if any of these resonate…

⋆☽  You’re instantly drawn to them  ☾⋆

Have you ever felt so strongly drawn to someone, but you can’t quite put your finger on why?

This is different from attraction in the usual sense because it’s not usually romantically motivated. There’s just something intriguing and captivating about them that pulls you in. It’s not what happens with every other person that you meet.

It’s a feeling of deep soul recognition that’s hard to put a name on because of the amnesia I talked about, but there’s a magnetism there; the recognition of this person meaning more to you than the stranger that they are when they first present themselves to you.

If you have gone through lifetimes with them before, it’s likely that they will have an important role when you meet them again. That’s why you’re drawn towards them – because you’re meant to meet them at this point on your journey.

⋆☽  You quickly get back into it  ☾⋆

Within hours or days, chatting with them just feels like catching up with an old friend. You can skip the niceties and fully show yourself to them far quicker than you would with anyone else.

The normal period of time that it might take for you to become acquainted with someone dramatically shortens, and you can hop into a closely-knit relationship far quicker than you do with most people you meet.

It’s almost like you’re stepping back into a relationship with them, rather than starting a new one.

⋆☽  There’s a strong sense of familiarity  ☾⋆

You already know things about them, and you can sense inherent parts of their personality.

There’s a knowingness between you and a distinct feeling of soul resonance.

The strongest way to know if you’ve had a past life connection with them is because you feel like you’ve known them before.

⋆☽  There may be anger & frustrations far beyond what can be explained in this lifetime  ☾⋆

As well as feeling like you’ve known them before, you may also feel like there’s an invisible hatchet that can’t be buried for some reason.

There’s something that either one or both of you won’t let go of, but it can’t necessarily be explained by what’s happened in this lifetime. Maybe your relationship in this life has been quite good but there’s a simmering layer of resentment there, like a grudge which one or both of you can’t let go of.

This could be caused by a trauma you had together in a past life which was far more dramatic than anything that’s happened this time around, like them stealing your lover or even murdering you!

When this is the case, you’ve been brought back together in this life to try to resolve that trauma and close the karmic pattern of anger by showing each other forgiveness.

⋆☽  Or maybe, you can see synastry in your birth charts  ☾⋆

If you want to look further into your past life connection with someone, a good astrologer might be able to do this for you.

It’s often the South Node in your chart/s which is the indicator of a past life connection, however, as with anything astrology related, there is so much more to it. As well as finding out if you’ve had a past life connection together, you might also be able to see what kind of connection it was, such as teacher-student, friendship, or parent-child.

If you’ve just met someone and immediately you want to see their birth chart for this reason, there’s no doubt about it: you have a past life connection!

☽ ☆ ☾

As with everything, the most important tool that you have for discerning whether someone featured in one of your old lives is your intuition. You can feel that sense of connection and how it surpasses all of the other people you meet on a daily basis.

If you want to look into this further, you can go for astrology synastry and past life readings, but these are obviously coming from other people – and YOU are the person who was in the relationship before.

So, ask yourself: how do they make you feel?

What seems different about the relationship you have?

And is there a deeper layer of connection there that can’t be explained in this lifetime?