After sending out over 4800 Angel Card readings, it’s become clear to me where people get the most stuck in their lives.

There are a few cards that I don’t get very often at all, and then there are some which are prolific and take up the bulk of my readings.

I also get messages from people wanting to manifest their exes or bring someone back to them, but – probably to their disappointment – I always tell them that what they should actually think about is cutting the cord…


I knew that I needed to help with this because when we don’t know how to move forward, we feel stuck. When we feel stuck, we can’t manifest; we can’t see the new opportunities which surround us; and we aren’t grateful for things because we’re thinking about what we have lost.

The problem with this feeling being caused by our energy is that most of us can’t see it!

The attachment is there, but we don’t know how to get rid of it. However, with this powerful technique, you can finally reclaim your energy and raise your own vibration by severing ties to the past.

In this free guided meditation, you will cut your cords to the things and people which no longer serve you.

As empaths and lightworkers, we can soak in other people’s energy and take on their problems, which means that we need to regularly cleanse ourselves of low vibration energy.

Like an energy detox, by releasing our attachments and cutting the ties to what has made us feel heavy, we can become weightless.

Our soul can feel free, and we can breathe again.

Too much attachment to the past makes it impossible for us to see the potential that still lies in our future.