Isn’t it annoying when our friends and family won’t awaken with us?

From conversations with my clients and spiritual friends, this is the worst part about going through an awakening: the loneliness.

Feeling like you’re weird and strange.

Not being able to connect with people in your life in the same way that you did before.

This is only going to make us wish they could come along for the ride with us, especially as we unwrap our gifts, connect with the Universe, and realise the full power we have to create our own reality.

“Why can’t they see this too?”

Well, maybe they’re not meant to right now…

We all have different times for our awakening to start unfolding, and they’re all as Divine as each other. I believe that there are reasons why some people won’t spiritually awaken in this lifetime, and I’m going to share these with you.

Hopefully, they’ll help you to see that it’s perfect; it’s Divine; it’s necessary for some people not to awaken. The only thing we can do in this situation is not to control them – but to work on our own acceptance of the new situation we find ourselves in.

It’s not our job to try and “fix” someone who we hope will awaken. It’s not for us to decide when their time is. They have to find the light when they’re ready to turn it on.

Here’s why it might not happen in this lifetime.

⋆☽ They don’t want to… ☾⋆

A lot of people might have the potential to awaken, but they have so much resistance.

Often this is an energetic issue where their crown chakra is closed, or so blocked by judgement that they lack a tangible connection to the Divine. When they lack that connection, they don’t feel as though they have any physical proof that anything else exists apart from our 1) physical bodies, 2) life and 3) death.

These people need evidence, and as spiritual people we already get a lot of that through signs, synchronicities, manifestations, card readings, etc.

But for someone who has never experienced any of that – or has never noticed any of that – it could be very hard to believe that there’s some truth in spirituality.

They also might not want to awaken because of past life trauma…

Who else here feels like they were a witch in a past life?


I strongly feel this way, and I actually believe that me, my mother and my sister were all witches together in lifetimes before. With these “witch wounds” comes a huge amount of fear about sharing our psychic gifts and being open about our spirituality.

We have so much fear of being persecuted because we literally were! And even today, we probably still will be by a lot of people.

These past life traumas were so intense that they still threaten our sense of security today. For some people, it’ll be so bad that they won’t risk awakening in this lifetime.

If they don’t feel safe and the fears are too strong, they won’t be in a state of allowing and believing in the magic of the Universe.

⋆☽ They’re not ready… ☾⋆

Other people will awaken in this lifetime, but just… not yet.

It’s for no-one to say when they’ll awaken, as that’s up to their soul and the big-U for when their awakening is due. It’s written into their life plan somewhere, but we just can’t see when it will be.

Some people awaken from a sudden, tragic life event. Some people awaken through the people they meet and the places they end up. Some people awaken through a magical metaphysical experience.

You just have to be patient with these people.

You may not even still know them when they awaken, but if you do, you’ll be the first person they come to for advice. You can be their support because you know what it’s like to awaken and feel alone.

Awakenings can’t be forced and it’s not for us to decide when someone else’s is going to happen.

⋆☽ Their path is to help others awaken… ☾⋆

… without awakening themselves.

This is the heaviest one because, as I said before, some people awaken through tragic and sudden life events. For me, I don’t think I’d be in spirituality if I hadn’t moved in with my alcoholic stepfather at age 13.

However, if his soul hadn’t made that sacrifice then I probably wouldn’t be here now making it my life’s work to teach about spirituality and help many others through their awakening (and then helping them to set up spiritual businesses which will help many others through their spiritual awakenings).

I also think this about psychopathic killers and people we see as “evil” who have a huge impact on the world. We only see and talk about the negative impact, but the positive impact which comes afterwards isn’t publicised.

Through every tragic event there are people who find each other, set up new charities and businesses, and make it their life’s mission to stop the same thing happening again. Some souls make sacrifices to help get others on their right path.

There is good in every situation and it’s these souls who help us to see it through the contrast they provide.

It’s like a soul sacrifice that they made when they came here to Earth, and even if they don’t awaken – and seem like they’re so far from ever awakening and having empathy – their soul still contributes to the network of awakened souls that is illuminating the globe.

☽ ☆ ☾

Our job isn’t to make unwilling people awaken – it’s to help the ones who are.

In the spiritual community, we can reach out and help others rise up who are discovering the secrets of the Universe for the first time and feeling isolated by their new gifts and realisations.

It is not our job to force anyone to do anything they don’t want to do. That would only push people further away and would be coming from a place of our own scarcity.

By shining brightly and being our best spiritual selves, we will gradually inspire others to do the same.

When someone won’t awaken, the best thing we can do is to live our lives as an example.

Their time will come when they are ready.