Seeing the transformation you can create as a coach is extremely rewarding, but in any kind of mentor/counsellor/coach type role you have extra pressures placed on you.

I find that a lot of INFJ’s and ENFJ’s are drawn to coaching in the spiritual and personal development space because we’re service based and genuinely want to make a difference in the world. As a group, us empaths, sensitives and intuitives can really take on too much of a burden in our effort to do our best.

So, what could you do to try and avoid overwhelm, while still being the best coach that you can possibly be?

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This can be tricky to do when you have clients across different time zones and clients that work 9-5 during the week who would rather have calls at the weekend.

It doesn’t matter what your rules are – but try to set some for yourself. Whether it’s that you don’t go on Instagram after 8pm and you have the last few hours of the evening to yourself, or that you have one day a week completely “off” where you don’t do any calls/emails/messages at all to make that day 100% yours.

This is a boundary that you can create with your clients; and with any professional boundaries in a coaching space, it’s always important to lay them down at the start so that clear expectations are set at the beginning of the relationship. For example, if you decide to start an 8pm phones-down-no-Instagram rule, then tell them about it!

Side note: I talk about how I batch Instagram DM’s a lot and once your platform grows to a certain size you could literally spend all day going back-and-forth with messages. By setting time limits and rules about when you reply to DMs, you’ll be able to serve your clients properly and create amazing free content that will attract more clients to you in the future.

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This is good advice for life, coaches, and everyone in any industry! But it’s especially true for coaches who need to work extra hard to keep their energy separate from their clients’.

Once a week, I do a 40-minute Reiki clearing meditation on myself and I feel 10x better afterwards. I have Epsom Salt baths. I go for a walk in nature. And I do journalling every single morning.

These activities keep me sane, centred and grounded, and help me to remember who I am so that I can give my best to other people. If I had a work day that didn’t start like this, I would feel scattered, frustrated, annoyed, and like I was losing myself – this is obviously not ok.

Starting your day with meditation and journalling will put YOU at the top of your priority list, which gives you the best shot at getting amazing results for your clients because you can intuitively access your best advice.

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Do the maths…


At a low price you need more clients to meet your monthly goals, whereas at a higher price you can serve fewer clients + have more time to yourself + give those clients better service while still meeting your monthly money goals.

We all have sooo many layers to our wealth mindset, and its foundation is self love and self acceptance. Our self worth defines what we price our worthiness at for other people.

It will ultimately become a self-fulfilling prophecy when you run yourself into the ground because you haven’t charged enough, meaning that you wouldn’t be giving them great service (which part of you deep down was expecting all along…)

It’s worth overcoming the mental mindset hurdles to be able to maximise your results and income potential, while minimising your risk of burnout as a coach.

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The truth of the matter is: even coaches need coaches.

We all need someone to bounce ideas off and get guidance from when we’re busy building our big dreams for the future. We need someone to remind us that we’re doing an amazing job and to sound the alarm when it looks like we’re on the road to overwhelm. We need someone to spot the holes in our mindset that we can’t see, so that we can get out of our own goddamn way

It’s always helpful to have someone who’s already been where we are because it’s so much quicker and cheaper to be shown the shortcuts to success rather than spending years figuring them out on our own.

This is also true for figuring out how to avoid burnout and be most effective as a coach.

A coach who’s further along the same journey as you can give you expert advice about how to create a huge impact while doing what you love.

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