I didn’t know this was coming when I had my Reiki attunement, so I want to let you know what to expect.

I’m 9 days in to my homework of self-clearing for 21 days after my Level 1 certification in March, but the first “official” attunement was administered on the day. Everyone who goes through their Reiki training will receive an attunement from their teacher.

Attunement is literally your energy body being fine-tuned so that it can become an appropriate channel for healing Reiki energy. It raises your vibration and, in the process, will shake any low vibrations loose if they’re lingering in your energy field.

All of the effects I’m about to talk about are a manifestation of this energy being awakened, moved, and shifting out of your etheric system.

My experience of Reiki training and attunement was a bit different because it was during COVID quarantine, so it happened over Zoom. Fortunately, energy doesn’t recognise time, space or any of our other human constructs – so it still worked. And I know that it definitely did work because it’s been confirmed by all of these physical symptoms I’ve had since.

That’s why my Reiki Master said that the Level 1 self-healing is so important to go through before becoming a certified Reiki Practitioner at Level 2. Without it, you might not truly understand or believe in the healing potential of Reiki energy.

The daily clearings continue to amplify my energy. 40 minutes a day is a big time commitment which frustrates me sometimes, but as she recommended – I do it every morning so that I can fly high for the rest of the day. I put my headphones on and listen to a meditation that guides me through a process of clearing each chakra and then filling up the empty spaces with white light.

Even though some people will only get the initial energy download from their Reiki Master, I count all of this as my ongoing Reiki attunement experience. Here are some of the weird and wonderful things that have happened since…

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Oh my, the headaches!

When I think about the side effects of Reiki attunement – this has been the biggest one for me. However, when I tried to Google for information about Reiki attunement headaches, I couldn’t find anything online. That’s when I knew I had to write about my experience so that other Reiki headache sufferers would know they’re not alone!

After the initial attunement, my Reiki Master asked us what we experienced. I said I had an intense headache at the centre of my forehead; around my third eye. As an amazing clairvoyant herself, she said it’s due to energy clearing from there which will soon make me more clairvoyant.

So, don’t be surprised if you get headaches. I also shared on my Instagram Stories that I had an enormous migraine on day 5 of the self-healing, and they aren’t something that I ever have normally – I knew it was from the Reiki.

To summarise the headaches, I’d say that while they’re very annoying, it’s also good to know that old trapped energy is working its way out of my third eye and soon I’ll be able to see better. If you’ve experienced headaches after Reiki too, let me know in the comments!

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Small things that I want will now instantly appear, as quickly as the same day. My friend told me that she had a free coaching session so I thought “that would be nice”, and within a few hours I had a random coach offering me a free session in my Instagram Message Requests.

I also settled on the style of artwork I want for making my own Oracle Card deck, and then a random artist on Instagram who a) doesn’t even follow me and b) I don’t follow her, tagged me in one of her posts. It was a piece of artwork that she’d painted of the moon, and after scrolling through her page, she was the perfect artist I’d imagined for my deck.

This is truly the most magical side effect.

When your energy is clear, you’ll remove any barriers which have been stopping you from receiving what you want.

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This has only happened during the actual clearing sessions, rather than afterwards like the others.

Cleared energy loves coming out in yawns. They’re not sleepy yawns though, it’s more like a lion’s breath in yoga. Feeling a compulsion to do this is a random but real sign that energy is moving out of you.


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Beliefs and experiences can live forever in your energy field. This means that when you’re having an energetic clear out, they may rise to the top of your awareness.

You might see flashbacks from previous years or even past lives. Trust that this is happening because the memories are being dislodged and your energy doesn’t need to hold on to them anymore. Most of the time, we don’t even realise that we’re holding on to them.

Anything which triggers a strong enough emotional response can leave an energetic scar. The Reiki attunement will heal that scar, and then you can choose to fill the spaces with white light instead.

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You can expect to generally feel very drained after your Reiki attunement.

Clearing out old energy is tiring work, and as I said earlier, this can include sifting through emotionally draining memories. Make sure that you give yourself a few days to restore your energy after this process.

It’s so normal to feel drained, tired, sleepy and lethargic after your Reiki attunement. Once your energy finishes upgrading, you’ll be a clear conduit, capable of reaching the highest vibration energies.

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Have you had a Reiki attunement experience, and was it similar to mine?

Let me know in the comments! 👇🏾