You’ve probably spotted it on your microwave timer, on your car dashboard, and then on a license plate in front as you’re driving. Whenever you seem to look up at your clock, it says 11.11… again!

I used to feel like I was haunted by this number, but in a good way. If you’re lucky enough to see 11.11 everywhere you go, take it as a blessing. It can mean many wonderful things! ⇣

⋆☽  You are on the right path  ☾⋆

In numerology, the 1’s signify that you’re at the beginning of a great journey. When I started to get more and more into spirituality and was thinking about creating the Millennial Manifestor blog, I saw variations of “1” sequences ever-y-where!

It’s really common to see a lot of 1’s when you’re going through a spiritual awakening. They are trying to tell you that this idea you have or journey that you’re about to embark upon is the best thing for you, especially if it’s going to connect you to your soul more deeply.

When you see 11.11, it’s a comforting sign that you’re being guided along by the Universe and supported. If you’re still unsure and need some clear confirmation – ask the Universe for more signs!

⋆☽  An energetic portal is open for you  ☾⋆

11.11 can also appear to show you that the Universal energies are aligned in your favour right now. You are manifesting at super speed, so stay focused on what you do want rather than what you don’t.

Often we can accidentally manifest our fears, so 11.11 could be a warning to remind you that your thoughts are powerful. Look at the direction your energy is going in – is it serving you? Is it getting you the results you want? Results are within reach for you when this energetic portal is open.

⋆☽  Any recent disappointments were fate  ☾⋆

Everything will become clearer soon. Any rejections that you’ve had recently were simply a sign that it wasn’t right for you, and seeing 11.11 is confirming that the setback was actually in your best interest.

We like to think that we always know what’s best for us, but in our human-ness we can’t always see the different doors which could open were we to choose a different route. The support and guidance that is surrounding you when you keep seeing this number will protect you from any wrong turns.

You are now on the right path.

☽ ☆ ☾

Where have you been seeing 11.11 and what do you think it means in your life? Let me know in the comments below!