Saying what we want whenever we want would be the ideal scenario for our throat chakra, but it might not work wonders for our friendships and relationships! It’s a difficult chakra to keep clear for this reason, given that most of us are kind, empathetic individuals who make an effort to preserve other people’s feelings.

I’ve always had problems with my throat chakra as a result of not feeling like my voice was valuable during childhood, and so I always had issues expressing myself. During my teenage years, this manifested as a constant deep chesty cough. One of my friends from school said she had a book at home that listed the psychological reasons behind every type of physical illness, so one day she looked it up and reported back to me. What did she find on that page? That the cough was my way of trying to get attention because I didn’t feel like my voice was heard.

I also had a very imbalanced throat chakra during my office jobs where I usually felt frustrated and out of alignment with myself, and I’d think about this all day long without ever saying it. As a result, I had a constant drippy nose and colds every few weeks. I was known by my team for being the girl with a constant cold – it certainly kept my coworkers at a distance!

Some of the most common reasons for a blocked throat chakra are:

  • ✦ Not feeling safe to express your truth
  • ✦ Being a people pleaser
  • ✦ Growing up in a volatile situation where expressing your opinion would create more drama
  • ✦ Low self-esteem making you feel as though your opinion isn’t worthy of being shared
  • ✦ Feelings of guilt for complaining or asking for more
  • ✦ Speaking negatively of people, bitching and using your words to harm others

It’s easy for energy to collect around our throat chakra in day-to-day life, but thankfully – it’s also just as easy to clear it. You might suspect that you have a blocked throat chakra because:

  • ✦ You can feel tension in your throat or neck
  • ✦ You’re prone to sore throats, colds or tonsillitis
  • ✦ You have a constant cough and/or runny nose

If you want to restore some balance in this energy centre, here are some simple energy clearing techniques that can help you…

Throat ChakraThe throat chakra is associated with the colour blue, so keeping blue crystals like Lapis Lazuli, Labradorite, Blue Lace Agate or Blue Aventurine next to your bed will help to rebalance the energy in this chakra while you sleep. You can also lie down and place them on your throat while you meditate so that they can absorb any excess energy; make sure that you cleanse your crystals afterwards. Rotating a quartz point around this chakra is another way to use crystals for energy healing – rotate the point clockwise to channel more energy into the chakra, or anticlockwise to take energy out of the chakra.

Throat Chakra-2It might be scary to say what you think to other people, but when you’re on your own, you can say whatever you want! Louise Hay talks about how she used to scream into a pillow to let out her frustration at the years of sexual abuse she endured as a child. This is a powerful way to let out any of the thought-forms which might be trapped in your throat chakra, causing a blockage. Talk out loud to yourself, scream into a pillow, have imaginary conversations in your car – whatever you need to say that you haven’t yet can be expressed without any repercussions when you’re on your own.

Throat Chakra-3A professional energy healer or Reiki practitioner should be able to clear your throat chakra for you quite easily. It’s a problem that they’ll be used to seeing! It may take a few sessions and is the most expensive of the options listed here, but if you know a good healer, the treatment should be very effective for reducing your symptoms.

Throat Chakra-4This is a great tip to use at the same time as the blue crystals I mentioned earlier. Binaural beats are sound waves emitted at a certain frequency that can shift stagnant lower vibration energy. There are binaural beats meditation tracks specifically for clearing the throat chakra available on YouTube for free, and you can have them on while you fall asleep or meditate. For the best results, set the intention that you want to clear your throat chakra while the music is playing and envision it being cleansed and healed.

Throat Chakra-5One of my favourite things to do when I’m driving alone in my car is to sing my heart out. It feels so liberating – even if I sound terrible – and it doesn’t matter how good it sounds because no-one can hear. Singing loudly and openly with no fear of being judged is an amazing way to practice expressing yourself freely while moving energy through this chakra. Whether you prefer to sing in the shower, in your car, or in a choir with other people – singing and enjoying it will raise the vibration of your throat chakra.

Throat Chakra-6This is probably the hardest tip, but it’ll ensure that your throat chakra collects fewer future blockages. The only way to get good at saying what you think is to practice it. Start to notice when you have the urge to speak up but don’t. Begin by making your opinion known in your closest relationships first, before taking it into situations that feel more challenging. You are so worthy and your opinions are very valid – so make a conscious effort to remember this.

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If you suspect that you have a blockage in your throat chakra, these are simple things that you can do to get the energy flowing and find balance again. Subscribe to the blog at the bottom of the page and follow me on Instagram to know when the next energy centre of the Chakra Series comes out.

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