A wanderer never gets married…

In a place they don’t love!

If you’re a holiday-holic like me, the idea of getting married in your home town or country probably won’t set your soul on fire.

After a dreamy wedding in Italy last week, I felt inspired to share all I’ve learnt about destination weddings while I’m still fresh in the feeling of newlywed bliss. There are different things to think about if you want to get married abroad, and by considering these points, you’ll know if a destination wedding is meant for you!

How many guests do you want?

My new husband and I had a good chuckle at old emails with our wedding planner where we thought 70 guests would turn up… on the day we had 111! Having 59% more people to feed than we initially thought had big implications for our budget, so don’t be tricked by the lie that less people will come if you get married abroad. Many will jump at the chance of having a holiday with all of their family and friends, and guests are much less likely to drop out if they’ve already booked flights and hotels. This means that your final number will be more accurate – but not necessarily smaller. If you want fewer people to come, then make sure you invite fewer people!

Hiring a Wedding Planner

When you’re getting married in a different country, it suddenly becomes a lot more complicated to source the suppliers that you need; especially if there’s a language barrier. Investing in a wedding planner who specialises in your country of choice will not only save you time and stress, but you’ll make some of your investment back in the saved trips abroad and international phone bills. My wedding planner was able to offer me options for music, flowers, and other wedding day essentials that she had carefully selected herself. This meant less uncertainty for me and only one trip to Sorrento to select a wedding venue.

The Travelling

My first dream destination was Santorini, Greece but after a quick search on Skyscanner, I realised that it was impossible. It would be a two-part journey for most of our guests, with a flight and boat trip to the island totalling 9 hours travel time from a UK airport. It was important to us that our guests (mostly English) would only have to take a single short flight and could fly out for the weekend if necessary. This narrowed our destination down to just a small group of European countries. Then it was simply a matter of taste and aesthetics!

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Time of Year

We chose to get married during the school holidays so that my nieces and nephews could attend (all of whom were flower girls and page boys), as well as our friends working as teachers (including one bridesmaid and one best man). Getting married during term time would obviously make costs cheaper, but it was more important for us to have everyone we loved there on our special day.

Also, remember to check the weather! Google the average monthly rainfall and temperature in your desired location before you set a date. No one can predict the weather, but at least you will have statistics on your side!

Where do you want to make your memories?

As with all decisions, following your heart is the most important thing. Do you love sunshine or long for a Winter wedding surrounded by snow-topped trees? Is there somewhere that you return to every year or a particular culture you feel attached to? Where you choose to get married will not only stay with you forever in the memories you make, but it will create the backdrop for your wedding photos too. Make sure that the scenery, temperature and weather match your vision for one of the most memorable days of your life!

☽ ☆ ☾

Consider the places you’ve already travelled to as potential destinations and use your wedding planning as a reason to explore new ones. Somewhere out there is the perfect place for the wedding of your dreams!