I feel like sometimes we don’t know if we’re coming or going these days, between all of the talk around surrendering and hustling. Are we pushing too hard, or relaxing too much?

It’s hard to tell.

You could be forgiven for one minute thinking that you should be by a pool in Bali with your MacBook, but then feeling anxious if you’re not working at 3am like Elon Musk the next.

The real answer is – whatever feels right for you, you must do. Otherwise, you will end up feeling unfulfilled, annoyed, and at some point wondering where you lost yourself.

But the truth that most of us would rather avoid is that our dreams don’t work unless we do! More than just a cliché saying, it really is true for us and our lives; and for our manifestations.

In action, we open ourselves up for opportunity.

In inaction, we become inert.

Our forward motion through action is what pushes our energy towards that which we want. When we lose momentum, we lose manifestations too.

It might be easier for us to avoid the pain that comes from working and asserting ourselves, in ways that might make our brain scream at us to find safety for survival. Yet our soul is also screaming at us for growth and expansion, and it’s a much quieter scream – but one that we can physically feel in our gut. Stomach trouble? Look into your soul and see what it wants to say to you.

To manifest and attract through the Law does not mean that what you want will suddenly appear to you out of an ethereal mist. It can just mean that you pay for something from Amazon and the doorbell rings with your parcel the next day. You wanted it and now you have it, boom – manifestation complete!

Your desire, energy and action created an outcome.

Other times, of course, miracles do happen and I have experienced these myself within beautiful moments of serendipity. It is magical; but not always required.

The magic can always be found in creating things that our soul desires, and seeing evidence of our own bravery in the actions we’re willing to take.

Take massive action to get massive results. Little action does not give enough momentum to the energy of change.

Be the most powerful force in your own life, and be a force for good in the world.

Open yourself up to new opportunities and find stability in your belief.

Express yourself fully through your actions and realise your full potential.

You definitely have what it takes to get what you want.