Every morning when I am grateful, I give thanks for my angels on Earth.

You know the ones… they are your closest companions who you have a deep soul bond with, and you feel like you have already danced your way through many lifetimes together.

I have been trying to strengthen my bond with the angels by reading about them in books and using a pack of Doreen Virtue’s Angel Cards lent to me by a new dear friend from a Hay House event. For a while now, I have been talking to the angels in my meditation and following the signs & symbols they lay down as guidance; more recently, I have also been feeling tingles run through my body whenever I think of them.

To be specific, these are the Archangels that I am talking about – Gabriel, Muriel, Raphael, Jophiel etc – and even writing Raphael just then a flood of tingles filled my body! They are always guiding us and working for our highest good. But there are angels manifesting on this plane too.

I’ve always felt that my best friend / Maid of Honour-to-be / worldwide travelling companion has also been my fellow lifetime-traveller. As I appreciate her unwavering support in this life since I was 6 years old, I have started to feel that she really is an angel here on Earth. Only the other day did it occur to me that I could be right – her middle name is Gabriel!

Our angels support us, cherish us, teach us, and show us the love of the Divine through the love in their eyes. They bring heaven down to Earth by showing us what’s possible in our own life and demonstrating the qualities that we want to embrace.  They give us guidance through their advice and can embody the lessons that we need to learn.

The angels can manifest themselves in all forms so sometimes we will see them appear in those closest to us. When we need them, they are there. When we call them, they will answer. When we thank them, they give us blessings.

If there is something that you need help with, then try asking those that you feel closest to because sometimes an angel will answer through their soul. The message that you need will always find a way to reach you regardless of the form.

Just ask, and it will be given.