There is a reason why Bill Gates reads a book each week – and that CEO’s on average read 50-60 books a year – and it’s because they yearn for the constant acquisition of knowledge. They know that it’s the best way to keep them growing, thriving, and ahead of others who aren’t spending as much time between the pages as they are.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I post the books I’m reading on Instagram stories; and while some of them will retire on my bookshelf, there are others so impactful that I rant and rave about them for years to come. The greatest seller of books is word of mouth, and unsurprisingly, every single one of these 5 books was recommended to me – just as I’m now recommending them to you.

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This book literally changed my life and was singlehandedly the reason that I left my corporate career. The concepts in it are simple and will awaken you to a new way of thinking: the way of society’s “Rich Dads”.

If like most people, you have grown up working-to-middle class, then you will have likely been brought up to think as a “Poor Dad”. This does not mean that you’re poor financially, but these are the labels that Kiyosaki uses to categorise patterns of thinking.

If you want to think about work and money in a new way while distinguishing your assets from your liabilities, then give this book a try and see if he can illuminate you to a more abundant way of thinking which will boost your bank balance as a result.

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If it’s recommended by Oprah then it’s bound to be good, right?! Well, I can vouch for the fact that this book is indeed a masterpiece by the founder of, Michael A. Singer. After taking Oprah’s recommendation, I have now passed my own copy onto my best friend to read. His aim here is for the reader to separate their higher soul self from their busy mind so that we can live a more fulfilling life and follow our own internal guidance without inhibitions.

I love this book because it has the power to awaken people to the existence of their own soul, even if they’re not yet a spiritual person and have spent their life focused on the physical plane. Michael Singer has managed to create a timeless guide to the soul that I found to be well-written and satisfyingly executed.

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This book is a classic and, with 30 million copies sold, it has already awakened millions to their own power of creation. The Secret has popularised the Law of Attraction and this short book includes anecdotes and pearls of wisdom from the many teachers, speakers and authors that it features.

It’s a very simple and fast read, which means that the core message stays clear throughout and it is able to touch a wide and varied audience. This book is a bookshelf staple for anyone hoping to take control of their life by first taking control of their thoughts.

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Published in 1936, the key messages in this book are still as relevant today as they were then. Throughout How To Win Friends & Influence People, Carnegie is communicating an appreciation for simple courtesies and the hidden power that they contain for getting things done how you would like.

Covering topics such as making people like you and delivering bad feedback without harming future relationships, Carnegie teaches the fundamentals of personal relationships destined to prosper. The only downside of this book is a few sexist references symptomatic of the era it was written in. Aside from these, it proves that while societal norms change – our emotional needs as a social species do not.

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This really is a book that found me, rather than me finding it. As I sat in a meditation class, at my local Buddhism centre, the teacher recommended this book and I immediately added it to my Amazon Wishlist like the good student that I am. When I next visited my parent’s house, I sifted through my old books and found this very one untouched with different cover art. To continue the serendipity, I found a love note lodged between the pages which was written and hidden by my now-fiancé when we’d just started dating!

Feeling fully inspired, I read this book and understood why it found me. It’s an in-depth dive into spirituality and the soul, and while it describes some specific Buddhist beliefs that I don’t identify with, Gyatso translates the beauty of our soul and our purpose on this planet with such raw passion and grace. If you already identify as a lightworker and are keen to cultivate peace in a troubled world, then you could undoubtedly find helpful wisdom in this book.

“Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary…” – Jim Rohn

I really hope that you enjoy these recommendations and would love to know if they helped you in any way… and if you have any book recommendations for me!

I always have a high “to-read” pile next to my bed, so please reach me in the comments or on Instagram with your own favourite must reads.