• How Tarot Cards Work: The Fool’s Journey & Story of the Major Arcana

    Tarot reading is an ancient divination practice imbued with arcane wisdom and astrological significance.

    Only when you start reading the Tarot, do you realise the power of its messages to strike at the right time. Having done thousands of card readings over the last 14 years, I know that the cards have a voice and each one has a personality; its own vibration and story to tell.

    The role of storytelling in Tarot is as important as the route on a map, it gets you from A to B: from question to answer for the person you’re reading for.

    The most important story that you’ll need to learn if you want to read Tarot is The Fool’s Journey. This cyclical tale of expansion and contraction is what allows us to understand the point we’re at on our own journey, or where we’ll be arriving in the near future.

    The Fool’s Journey is the chronological structure which has been woven through the 22 Major Arcana cards to represent –

    • important stages of our life
    • lessons which have a profound impact on us
    • and junctures that have the potential to completely change our path

    By understanding the 22 steps of The Fool’s Journey, you can understand your own past, present and future through any Major Arcana cards which show up for you.

    It begins with The Fool (0) starting off on a new journey feeling excited, inspired and free. However, he has no experience yet, so he’s unaware of the fact that he could be about to walk off the edge of a cliff! He is naive when it comes to this new pursuit, but his energy is high and he’s full of good intentions.

    He feels like he has a new opportunity and he’s hopeful about his ability to create anything that he wants. He steps into a new mindset of being The Magician (1) of his own life, using everything that he has available to him (a cup, pentacle, sword, and wand) to create his dream reality. He believes in magic and knows that by co-creating with the Universe, anything is possible.  

    Through this exploration of his metaphysical ability, he meets The High Priestess (2) who shows up in our journey when we start to discover the physical and spiritual world on a deeper level. She is the gatekeeper of our intuition, and she welcomes The Fool into a world of esoteric knowledge and Divine wisdom. She teaches him that not everything which is real can be seen.

    As he starts to question his path, his mother shows up as The Empress (3). She represents our connection with Mother Earth and embodies everything to do with our own fertility, nurturing ability and abundance. His father then appears as The Emperor (4) who sets rules and regulations to ensure that his path is safe and stable. He reminds The Fool of the importance of traditions and structures which can stand the test of time and help to keep him grounded while he navigates this new level of spiritual awakening.

    The Fool looks for teachers who have gone before him to learn about spirituality in a more structured way, which is when he encounters The Hierophant (5). He starts being influenced by external cultures, societies and religions; and he is shaped by the teachers that he’s now learning from. After so long alone, he craves someone to go on this journey with and starts looking for a partnership. He discovers all of the joy that can come from a union as The Lovers (6), which is where he learns how to cooperate and find balance between his own masculine and feminine energies. 

    With everything The Fool has learned so far, he now understands how to be successful using willpower and discipline. He rides The Chariot (7) towards his goals and knows that he can achieve anything he wants with enough ambition and drive. He now possesses inner Strength (8) through the courage that he has developed over time on his journey. Through this strength he learns to tame the unfettered ambition that he had on The Chariot, knowing that sometimes battles are long; he grows more mature and starts to value self-control. 

    Having learned so much already, The Fool seeks solitude in order to go within and reflect on everything he has seen so far. He becomes The Hermit (9) and retreats to try and understand the meaning of why the world works this way. From his time away in isolation as The Hermit, he sees that everything connects and is divinely planned by the Universe. 

    He realises that the Wheel of Fortune (10) means things will happen exactly when they’re meant to and that we’re all subject to fate. This can be good or bad depending on which way the Wheel turns. However, he also knows that the Universe will bring balance to every action and that there will always be Justice (11). He learns to act with integrity because his actions will always have consequences. Justice brings balance into situations and resolution to legal matters; there is always the divine retribution of karma.

    With this support system around him, he feels like he can surrender and pause. As The Hanged Man (12), he is safe to explore the world from different points of view because he knows that the Universe is always there to catch him. At this important stage, he experiences an ego Death (13) where the person that he thought he was falls away. His slate is wiped clean and he enters a whole new phase of his existence where new, more aligned opportunities have space to enter. After everything has been washed away, there is silence and peace. With Temperance (14), he learns to be patient and to find balance without constantly needing to pursue new things. There is not always a need for immediate action.

    Following this pause, he tries to start moving forward again only to realise that he’s still shackled to his past – emotionally, physically or financially. This is limiting his expansion, so The Devil (15) forces him to look at where he is holding himself back and resisting letting go of what no longer serves him. The Tower (16) assists The Fool by shaking him loose from these attachments, using external forces out of his control. This feels terrifying – like the rug is being pulled out from under him – but it’s in his best interest! It’s a favour from the Universe to help set him free.

    The light that illuminates this for him is The Star (17) which provides hope and a sense of renewal; this is the light at the end of the tunnel. The Fool feels inspired to start shining as his true self. However, its opposite – The Moon (18) – represents any fears and subconscious programming that may prevent him from enjoying this new state of bliss. Light casts a shadow and the shadow, in this case, is the old anxiety and fears which may rise to the surface when attempting to shine brightly as The Star.

    Once he has worked through this old fear energy, his light expands and he becomes The Sun (19). He is completely renewed and in touch with his original soul’s purpose. He has nothing to hide from the world and he is not hiding anything from himself. He is in total alignment and illuminating the path forward for others as a result. As his old ego self is now completely shed, he can see his purpose clearly and knows what he is meant to be doing on Earth. Like a final Judgement (20), there’s no room for illusions or false identities. At last, he is rising up and answering his soul’s calling.

    This is the end of the road for The Fool. He has mastered The World (21) and completed his journey. So many lessons have been learned and this chapter is closing once and for all. This is an amazing chance to celebrate all of his victories and everything that he’s accomplished, but like any cycle which closes fully – a whole new one begins and a new journey starts!

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    I hope this helps you to understand the role of the Major Arcana and how they can mirror back to us these lessons in our own life story!

    This is just a snippet of what we teach in our Tarot Masterclass so if you want to learn more about reading Tarot, buy the 2-hour training & additional resources here! 🔮


  • Spiritual Burnout: What Is It And What Does It Look Like?

    Lightwork doesn’t always feel light. In fact, it can feel heavy and draining AF…

    There are 2 main ways that spiritual burnout can happen to you:

    1. Taking too much in
    2. Giving too much out

    I’ll talk about each of these in more detail so that you can become aware of them setting in (and spot if they already have 🥴)

    Spiritual burnout is the feeling of being totally spiritually spent.

    Like you’re scraping around at the bottom of your sacred inner well trying to find the water that used to be there. The thought of learning anything else or giving any more readings/healing sessions repels you. It’s like your soul is saying a flat… out… NO.

    In the words of Cheryl Cole, “too much of anything will make you sick” and that is also true of spiritual work.

    If you have been doing all of the courses and reading all of the books, you might get to a point where the idea of signing up to one more person’s free online challenge feels like literal hell on Earth.

    There’s a key message when this happens: it’s time to listen to your intuition and implement what you’ve already learned instead.

    Information overload can lead to intuition underheard.

    If this type of spiritual burnout is happening to you right now, you can expect feelings of:

    • Your head wanting to explode
    • An urge to scream at the next ad you see for an online course
    • Wanting to swap your bedtime read for mindless TV instead

    Of course it’s important to feed your brain and learn about different opinions, but the most important thing of all is YOUR brain and YOUR opinion. Investing too much of yourself in learning from other people can dilute your own inner voice and stop you from trusting yourself.

    The truth is, you don’t need any validation from anyone else if you know what feels right for you.

    Shut the book, click out of the online course, and see what YOU have to say instead when you’re feeling this type of spiritual burnout.

    The other type of spiritual burnout creeps in while you are busy doing your spiritual work.

    If you’ve been giving readings left, right and centre or had an influx of people who need your healing help, you have probably experienced this. It feels like:

    • You’ve lost the joy in doing your spiritual work
    • You’re longing for a break, and starting to actually wish for fewer bookings
    • Your intuitive messages are getting foggy, and your body feels like it needs to rest before healing anyone else

    This one is tricky to tackle when you need to run your own business, so it’s all down to strategic planning to avoid it happening in the first place. This could mean only doing readings on certain days of the week or being ready to switch to a waitlist system as soon as you hit a certain number of client orders.

    Raising your prices will also mean that you can enjoy serving fewer clients well, rather than trying to serve everyone while you run your own energy into the ground.

    Especially as an empath, Projector, introvert or anything else which might predispose you to energy drain – planning how to avoid spiritual burnout is going to keep you doing your spiritual work for much longer and with far greater success.

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    Have you experienced spiritual burnout before?

    This is something that I shine a light on and help my spiritual coaching clients to avoid, so if you want to work with me 1:1 then apply for my Spiritual Success Coaching Program before it closes on 15th September! ✨


  • The 8 Clair Senses: Which Psychic Ability Do You Have?

    How would you feel if I told you that you’re a little bit psychic?

    The truth is that everyone has some psychic ability, but it might just be trapped under some heavy expectations about what you think a psychic ability should look or feel like. Most people think that having psychic ability is actually bigger than it is, and that’s their downfall.

    Everyone has natural intuitive ability, so it’s not a question of whether you have it or not – it’s a question of how open you are to using it.

    As I described it to one of my spiritual coaching clients the other day, imagine each of the 8 Clair senses on a sliding scale. Some of ours will be turned up really high, whereas others will be so low that it feels like they’re completely off.

    But they’re all still there! We lose touch with our psychic senses when we discredit them for so long or feel shame around them. Religious beliefs and past life trauma (such as being witch hunted) are often the main culprits, as well as any other energy blockages around the third eye and crown chakras. Clearing out and healing these energy centres quickly has a powerful effect on psychic ability – it was after a 3 hour meditation with binaural beats to clear my third eye that I had my first clairvoyant vision.


    If you have even the slightest sense that you might be psychic, then you are. 🔮

    So, it’s just a question of which of your psychic abilities is the strongest…

    There are 8 different Clair senses which are described below in detail. Which resonate with you? Which feel familiar? And which of these experiences have you had before?


    Gatekeeper Blog copy

    Clairvoyance is a clear sense of vision, ie, psychic sight.

    Let’s start with the most famous one, which is actually one of the least common!

    There are even lots of professional psychics who don’t use this sense because they’re stronger in their other Clair senses, despite people often assuming that all psychics are clairvoyants. Those who are clairvoyant will usually advertise themselves as such, or as a “seer” or “remote viewer”.

    If you’re clairvoyant, you may have had vivid psychic dreams where you saw premonitions (scenes from the future that came true) or dead relatives who came to visit you. Clairvoyance often manifests like a projector screen that gets pulled down in front of you and plays a movie of the past or future, either out of the blue when you’re fully awake or during meditation.

    You can see things with clairvoyance either externally or internally. Sometimes what you’re seeing may appear as though it’s in front of you, outside your body. Whereas, other times it could be something you see in your mind which makes it easier to pass off as your imagination, until you find out later that it was a psychic vision of what was going to happen.

    Some people even classify your eye being drawn to visual signs such as Angel numbers and white feathers as a type of clairvoyance.


    Gatekeeper Blog copy (1)

    Clairgustance is a clear sense of taste, ie, being able to orally detect psychic information.

    After talking about the most well-known psychic sense, I thought I’d move on to the least!

    Yes, it really is possible for people to have a psychic sense of taste.

    People with this ability might say that they can taste blood when they’re doing a reading for someone whose relative died in a tragic accident, or you might taste garlic when you think of your grandma and the things she used to cook for you.

    As you can probably tell from these examples, this sense is most commonly used in mediumship to connect with spirits – rather than in fortune telling.


    Gatekeeper Blog copy (2)

    Clairsalience is a clear sense of smell, ie, being able to nasally detect psychic information.

    This psychic sense is very similar to the one above, which is why I’ve listed them next to each other.

    Maybe you’ve caught a whiff of your grandmother’s perfume while you were sat on the sofa, or the smell of cooking when no-one was. People report smelling tobacco smoke or cologne, when there’s no-one else around them and no logical explanation for where it’s coming from.

    The smells don’t usually linger – they’re there just long enough for you to notice them before they’re gone. It’s also widely known that Angels can leave a floral scent when they visit so that you know when they’re near you.

    Similarly to clairgustance, this sense is most often used in mediumship rather than in fortune telling, as it can be an effective way for someone to recognise which soul is visiting them.


    Gatekeeper Blog copy (3)

    Clairaudience is a clear sense of hearing, ie, being able to detect psychic information through the ears.

    Clairaudience is quite a well-known psychic sense, but it also comes with a lot of common misconceptions about what it’s like to experience it.

    Often people will assume that clairaudience always means hearing voices, and yes – a lot of clairaudient psychics and mediums will be able to deliver messages from spirits this way because they can hear words being spoken to them…

    But again, this is not very common! A lot of people experience clairaudience in different ways, and you have probably experienced it too. Have you ever felt your ear/s get hot for no apparent reason? Have you ever noticed words in a song that seemed to be timed perfectly for what you were thinking in that moment? Or thought of a relative and a song that you associate with them started playing on the radio?

    When I started to realise that I had some psychic ability, it was through clairaudience. I noticed bangs on the wall that would happen in perfect time with a thought or question I was asking in my head. It seemed too crazy to believe, but it became so obvious that deep down I knew I wasn’t going mad. I went to a psychic day with Katie Helliwell and she said in front of the whole room that I was clairaudient! It was confirmed.

    Since then, my clairaudience has developed into the sound of a bell ringing in my ear, like someone has struck a triangle just inside it. I have no control of it, but it will happen in Tarot readings or when I’m thinking about something – like my hopes and plans for the future – as a big YES from the spirit world.

    I call it an ‘Angel ring’ when it happens, and, in psychic development groups that I’ve been in, many other people there experienced this sound of ringing or pressure in their ears too. Clairaudience can come in many different forms, but if you’ve ever had a strange coincidence happen related to your ears – it was probably a sign of your clairaudience.


    Gatekeeper Blog copy (4)

    Claircognizance is a clear sense of knowing, ie, psychic insight.

    Have you ever just known that something was going to happen, without knowing why?

    You were probably experiencing claircognizance. The name of this psychic sense isn’t widely publicised, even though it’s accepted under other guises – such as ‘mother’s intuition’, for example.

    Even people who aren’t spiritual can usually accept the fact that sometimes you just know, and you don’t have any outside proof or evidence yet; but you don’t need to, because you’re so sure.

    This is a subtle symptom of claircognizance. I’ll often have this sense about past lives, as though I just know where or who I used to be before. This psychic sense can be tricky to distinguish, especially if your others are turned up high, but it’s an amazing one for confirming what the other signs might be telling you.


    Gatekeeper Blog copy (5) Clairsentience is a clear sense of feeling, ie, being able to detect psychic information through your body.

    This psychic sense is very common in everyday life, and with people who would never self-identify as spiritual – but can still recognise when they’re having a ‘gut feeling’ about something.

    Investors use this. Doctors use this. And mothers definitely use this, because their energy is tied so closely to their children.

    I always say that our body is an antennae, and for people who are very clairsentient, their antennae is finely tuned to pick up on a lot of vibrational energy. There are two ways that clairsentience can manifest: internally and externally.

    Experiencing clairsentience externally is when you feel something cold or goosebumps in one part of your body. This probably means that there’s a spirit nearby, and so, external clairsentience is often used by mediums. I’ve also had it where spirits have given me the feeling of how they died, like a heart attack or cancer in a certain part of the body, which is another example of clairsentience.

    Internal clairsentience is more common as it’s that ‘gut feeling’ or sense of dread about something that you can’t explain. It can also be a good feeling about something to come, which helps you to know that it’s going to be the right thing for you.


    Gatekeeper Blog copy (6)

    Clairempathy is a clear sense of emotional feeling, ie, being able to detect psychic information through your emotions.

    Clairempathy can be another subtle psychic sense that’s hard to detect. Partly because it’s so easy to confuse with being an empath.

    Empathy is a normal human emotion and being an ’empath’ – being able to actually feel the emotions of other people – affects about 20% of the population. From my experience of the spiritual community, the vast majority of people who would call themselves spiritual also identify as an empath.

    However, clairempathy is different. It means being able to feel emotions in advance, or being able to feel the emotions of others when they’re nowhere near you and you’re not communicating with them.

    Mediums might also use this sense to channel the emotions of lost loved ones, and professional psychics might tell you how you felt in your childhood or how you will feel about events in the future.

    It can also manifest as knowing that something is wrong with a loved one who’s on the other side of the world, because you can sense their sadness and grief. You can’t explain it, but your energy is so closely linked that you’re able to psychically feel their emotions.


    Gatekeeper Blog copy (7)

    Clairtangency is a clear sense of touch, ie, being able to detect psychic information through your hands.

    If you’ve ever held an antique and felt like it had a long story, you might have been experiencing clairtangency.

    Some psychics are able to hold an object and tell you how many hands it’s passed through, when and where it was made, and what the last owner was like!

    When you go to an in-person reading with a medium, they may ask you to bring an object related to the person that you want to connect with – like a belonging of theirs, a gift that they gave you, or even a photo of them. This is because they have such a sensitive sense of touch that they can pick up on the energy stored within an item using their hands.

    This is an impressive skill, and people with strong clairtangency will probably avoid having old things in their home because the energy is too much for them to be around all the time. Objects are constantly soaking in energy (and obviously they are energy too) so there is a lot of psychic information that can be gained from the homes and belongings that we keep around us!

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    I hope you can see that there are so many ways of accessing the information stored in the Universe, and we all have a unique set of skills to be able to do so.

    Our psychic abilities will start to open up when the time is right for them to, and we can learn how to harness them through books, psychic development workshops, and courses. Some people will have limited psychic experiences in this lifetime because it’s not necessary for the work that they’re meant to do and the role that they’re here to play in people’s lives. That’s OK too, and many people will live with psychic senses while never believing that they’re a real thing.

    But they’re a part of all of us – whether it’s as simple as a gut feeling and mother’s intuition, or being able to hear your dead Uncle talking to you! You have so many different abilities, and they will fall under these categories of extrasensory perception.

    Embrace them, and use them to bring more understanding and connection into this world that we live in…



  • Who Is Your Gatekeeper Spirit Guide?

    This one is for all of the psychics, mediums and Tarot readers… 🔮

    If you haven’t heard of a Gatekeeper Spirit Guide before, prepare to meet your new mystic mentor!

    Gatekeeper Blog-3

    Your Gatekeeper is your Spirit Guide who holds the keys to the spirit world 🔑

    For some people, the gate will stay firmly locked in this lifetime and they’ll never have any kind of psychic experience; this will happen if their soul isn’t ready for it yet and/or it’s not essential for fulfilling their purpose.

    They help you with your psychic work…

    The reason that I addressed this article to the psychics, mediums and Tarot readers is because you’re probably already popping between the two worlds quite often while you’re working. Whether it’s spotting s1111gns, getting messages through Tarot/Angel/Oracle cards, seeing ghosts/spirits or receiving intuition through your psychic senses (clairvoyance/clairaudience/clairsentience etc), your Gatekeeper Spirit Guide can assist you.

    They can help you to refine your gifts and will pass you direct messages once you start collaborating with them.

    They can also help you to live a normal life…

    A common theme with my Spiritual Coaching clients is that they feel overwhelmed with their natural gifts. They’re confused by the weird things that are happening to them and don’t know how to control it. They get spirits bothering them at any time of day, which can be scary and annoying – especially as spirits seem to be most active at night!

    Your Gatekeeper Spirit Guide can regulate this for you, so that the gate connecting you to the spirit world opens and closes when you want it to.

    They give you safe access to the spirit world… 

    Another purpose of your Gatekeeper Spirit Guide is to give you psychic protection.

    As your personal portal manager, they will act as your bouncer and bodyguard, allowing in only the spirits and messages which will benefit you and the people you’re serving. They will guard you as you do your psychic work and keep your connection clear, safe and high vibe. Sounds good, right?!

    Gatekeeper Blog-2

    Meeting your Gatekeeper is a similar process to meeting your regular Spirit Guides. It will probably require several attempts and will definitely require being open-minded…

    You can use the below free meditation to help you meet your Gatekeeper ↓

    The general steps for meeting your Gatekeeper go like this:

    • Take time to relax into a deep meditation – sit or lie comfortably while using scented candles/incense/meditation music and any of your favourite methods to help you relax. Let go of keeping your awareness in the physical world, and allow yourself to drift deeper.
    • Walk in to an enchanted forest – Imagine yourself walking through a beautiful, calm forest which feels mystical and magical. Walk deeper into the forest feeling the warm, light rays of the sun softly touching your face as they reach through the tall trees. Walk until you see a large old tree, wider than the rest, with a beautiful amethyst cave in its trunk. You can walk into this amethyst cave and it is the doorway for you to access the spirit world.
    • Wait for your Gatekeeper – As you walk through the portal, you will still walk out into a forest of trees but on this side you are in the spirit world. Ask your Gatekeeper to show themselves to you and come and meet you in this enchanted forest. Try not to be afraid and know that this is a benevolent spirit who has been with you since birth, protecting you and keeping you safe.
    • Interact with your Gatekeeper – Hopefully you will eventually see a figure coming towards you when you’re asking your Gatekeeper to show themselves. Ask them what their name is, if there’s anything that they would like you to know – and feel free to have a discussion about how you would like to work with them going forward.

    Gatekeeper Blog

    One final important note about meeting your Gatekeeper…

    They are famous for being quirky!

    I’ve heard people say that theirs looked like Merlin, a leprechaun with no legs, and a back-to-front centaur with a horse’s head and neck. Mine looked like a man-sized black crow wearing a cape, with human legs.

    Expect the unexpected.

    The way mine appeared actually did make a lot of sense to me because I’ve always been drawn to crows and magpies, so much so that I have a large magpie tattooed on each foot. I believe (inherited from my mother) that when I see two of them together it’s a sign of good luck. Therefore, I think my Gatekeeper presented itself to me in that way because the symbolism had personal spiritual relevance to me.

    Entities in the spirit world don’t have a physical form so they can choose to present themselves to you however they wish, which is why different people will see Archangels differently and associate them with different colours. And the same is true for spirits in general. Because they are not fixed by heavy, dense physical matter, they can choose and change how they show themselves to you.

    My psychic mentor said that Gatekeepers have a sense of humour – so don’t be surprised if yours looks like a weird and wacky creature that you’ve never seen before… they’re easier to remember that way!

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    Your Gatekeeper is your guide who can give you access to the spirit world and protect you from psychic experiences when you just want to go about your daily life in the human world.

    It will take time to establish clear communication with your Gatekeeper Spirit Guide, but it begins by making the effort to meet them.

    Keep an open mind, keep trying, and hopefully you will start to enjoy the benefits of working with them very soon!

    Have you met your Gatekeeper either before or after reading this article? Let me know what your personal experience was in the comments or on Instagram!