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  • Why I’m No Longer Using The Word “Woo”

    Woo is a word that I will no longer be using…

    I used to use it until I realised what I was trying to say: that even though I believed in what I was saying, I felt like I needed to tone it down to make it acceptable to other people.

    When we say “OK, this is a bit woo, but hear me out…”, what we’re really saying is “I know you think it’s silly so I’m going to pretend that I don’t believe in it as much as I actually do…”

    What I’ve found is that as I’ve moved further and further along my spiritual journey, I care less about what other people think because I’m more sure of what I consider to be truth. As I experience more and tune in more to the spiritual world, it leaves less room for avoiding or denying certain things – even if other people can’t see them yet.

    Whether it’s psychic senses, energy, law of attraction, or astrology, if that’s really what you believe then you don’t need to water it down with woo. It’s OK for you to believe what you want to believe if you think that it’s true.

    Next time you feel yourself hesitantly putting forward an opinion and watering it down with the word woo, tune in to why you feel this is. From my own times using the woo word, it was because a witch wound was being triggered so I was scared to put forward a spiritual point of view.

    The witch wound is something that affects us all and I’m going to do a whole separate blog about it after I read the book Witch by Lisa Lister. Once it’s ready it will be linked here!

    But it’s this witch wound from our past lifetimes where we were persecuted for our beliefs (which was probably everyone reading this blog) that compels us to label our beliefs more safely as weird and woo instead of true.

    How would it feel to remove the woo and just say what you really want to say?

    How would it feel to give your advice, knowing that it’s what someone needs, without feeling like you need to say it’s a bit silly?

    How else could you share your spiritual opinion while honouring the power that you know it has?

    If we leave no room for the word woo, then we’re taking up all of the space available with our truth of what we believe to be right; and not only what we believe to be right, but what we believe to be helpful. That’s why we’re putting it forward in the first place.

    So, this is just something to think about – and again, no judgement for using the word woo because I did too! Hence why I’m writing this, because I had the realisation of why I was actually doing it and why I have since stopped…

    I believe that the spiritual point of view is becoming more and more normal, and soon there’ll be no need for the word woo because we won’t have to water down our ideas and opinions because more people will see how they’re valuable.

    If you think that something is going to heal and enlighten people, then just share it with the world without feeling like you need to acknowledge that other people think it’s silly.

    If you don’t think it’s silly then say it because you think it’s true – without the word woo.


  • How To Sell Using Your Own Personal Story

    I love telling my clients that their story is their own brand of secret sauce – because I know without exception that everybody has one.

    If you’re reading this, then you have benefitted from things; learned things; and had failures which have turned into important lessons. When you’re willing to share these, they can be hugely valuable for someone else, and then you have given value through your business without any extra work.

    You have already been busy living your story, so it’s nothing that you need to create.

    You simply have to share it.

    By using this free and extremely powerful tool, you can touch people’s lives, sell your services with ease, and be 100% energetically behind your marketing because you’ve actually experienced the positive impact of what you’re selling.

    These tips will help you to sell more using your own personal story ↓

    Isn’t this what you’re really selling, anyway?

    People are buying the “after” version of themselves and how they’re going to feel, look, and think as a result of their investment. It’s your own transformation from using what you’re selling which will inspire them and create a compelling image that’s going to speak to their mind and soul.

    The more colourful and detailed that you can make this image, the stronger its effect.

    How you have changed yourself shows that it’s possible for others too. So, ask yourself: what has what I’m selling done for me?

    Your results are already woven within your own story, and by sharing it you are crafting a personal advert through your own results. If you’re not the same person that you used to be, tell your audience why and what that process was for you.

    The benefits that you’ve had and how you’ve changed might just be exactly what they’re looking for right now.

    Your life is probably much easier now that you’ve implemented the transformation you’re selling… but did it used to be?

    What was life like before? Because there’s a good chance it would resonate with where your ideal customer is right now.

    Show that you understand how they’re feeling. Tell them when you’ve been there. Explain how it looked as part of your experience.

    It’s your struggle that provides the proof in the pudding that your product or service actually works.

    If your own story of struggle is over, this could be the exact solution that your clients need to get out of their own struggle.

    In everyone’s story there is a defining moment: a turning point where a particular struggle finally becomes a thing of the past.

    That deciding factor is usually a shift in mindset, an investment, or a new way of doing things; and it is always the result of a decision.

    What was the deciding factor in going from your old life to your new one?

    What moment became monumental in your personal tale of transformation? This split second could be the clincher that the person viewing your sales pitch is about to experience for themselves.

    If we don’t decide to make a change then we’ll always stay the same – and if someone is thinking about investing in you, they’re teetering on the edge of that all-important decision.

    Assure them that it’s the right one for them by telling them what it’s like to take the leap.

    Aside from the big benefits of your story, there were probably lots of other tiny triumphs too. I call these the side wins.

    When we massively uplevel in one part of our life, the energy overflows and affects other areas too. Energy is fluid like that – it can’t be contained once your overall vibration is swelling the tide.

    This means that even if your goal was to invest in a coach to take your business to the next level, the energetic impact of that decision may also lead to you feeling more confident, more motivated and more committed – not just in your business, but in all areas of life.

    These unexpected side wins can be equally as powerful as the main transformation, and they’re like a little Divine surprise to reward us for the effort that we’re putting in to improve ourselves.

    Remember to note the side wins when you’re telling your story, as when you share every area that you’ve found benefits in, you might tick more than just one box for your customer.

    Anything to do with marketing or selling your offering – spiritual or otherwise – becomes near impossible if you don’t believe in it.

    I know that you believe in what you’re selling and hope there is potential for everyone who buys it, so trust yourself and your own gifts. This is especially true if you’re offering services! You simply must believe in yourself for other people to believe in you.

    If that confidence doesn’t feel entirely accessible for you right now, then start practicing until it is. That energy of trust, faith and unshakeable belief will be magnetic to the souls who need it.

    Your conviction is convincing to the people on the brink of investing in themselves through you. Know that your work is so important and align your message accordingly.

    Your story has been set up for you to have the exact experiences that you need to do your soul-aligned work.

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    I hope this makes you see that sharing your story is a simple, free and magical way to connect with your future customers.

    You’ve had all of the experiences that you’re meant to have had by now, and they can all be useful in some way.

    Tell people why you know what you do, and let them choose you for being you.


  • 5 Signs That You’re Going Through A Spiritual Awakening

    When strangers slide into my DM’s, often it’s to talk about this – the weird and wonderful things which have started happening to them since they started becoming spiritually aware.

    They’ll be different for everyone, but you can pretty much guarantee that it’s not going to look like the dreamy path to enlightenment that you’d once imagined. Cue the wheels of your life falling off while you’re plunged into a whole new perception of reality, without anyone there to hold your hand…

    The good news is that you’re not the only one!

    Everyone who’s gone through a spiritual awakening will understand how you’re feeling, which is why it’s so important to have a spiritual community around you and a Spiritual Coach if you want to develop your gifts or make a career out of them.

    We never stop awakening, we just unlock new levels.

    You’ll get more used to the process each time and the symptoms will become more subtle – like being thirsty, having headaches, and crazy dreams where you feel like your frequency is shifting while you sleep.

    However, the initial stages of awakening usually feel the most profound and life-altering. If you’re going through any of these right now, know that you’re not alone and you’re not going crazy – you’re just going through your spiritual awakening!

    ⋆☽  You’re more sensitive to alcohol…  ☾⋆

    Or unhealthy food. Or drugs.

    Our body is an amazing intuitive tool, and when you open up spiritually you’ll find that you can gain accurate insights about people and situations based on what you feel.

    This sensitivity can be a wonderful thing to have as an extra spiritual sense, but it’ll make you hella sensitive to any intoxicants which aren’t good for your body.

    If you’ve been feeling more sensitive to certain foods and drinks, it could be a physical symptom that you’re going through a spiritual awakening.

    ⋆☽  You’re in a hermit phase…  ☾⋆

    Going through a spiritual awakening can be really overwhelming, especially if you aren’t aware that it’s happening. As your energy opens up and your intuitive antenna get more sensitive to your surroundings, you may feel an inexplicable urge to hide away for a while.

    Maybe you want to spend more time than usual alone because you’re finding that groups and crowds drain your energy.

    Your mind and body are trying to figure out how they’re going to navigate the world with your new found sensitivity, so going through a hermit phase is a key sign that you’re partway through an awakening.

    ⋆☽  Your favourite pastimes no longer appeal…  ☾⋆

    If activities that you used to love – like shopping, partying or gaming – don’t appeal to you as much as they used to, it might be because of your spiritual awakening!

    The intense shift that you’re experiencing can make other things seem dull and trivial in comparison.

    How you’re changing on the inside might change what you like on the outside, as well as how you choose to spend your time. You could even regret how much time you used to spend on pastimes which weren’t progressing you in any way, and may have even been holding you back.

    ⋆☽  You feel different from friends and family…  ☾⋆

    No matter how close you are with your friends and family, if you’re going through a spiritual awakening then it might be harder to connect with them.

    Aside from the fact that you might be in a hermit phase, it can feel like you’re a different person now while no-one else has changed.

    You might look around and notice that where you used to fit in perfectly, you’re now feeling like the odd one out. Yes, this can seem isolating, but you’re not alone and it’s a common symptom to have during a spiritual awakening.

    ⋆☽  You’re spiritually curious…  ☾⋆

    What have you been Googling lately?

    It’s common to want to learn more about spiritual topics such as being psychic, energy healing, near death experiences and the cosmos as you’re transitioning through an awakening.

    The fact that you’ve read all the way to the end of this article is also a pretty big clue! People who haven’t experienced a spiritual awakening yet are very unlikely to be interested in learning about what it’s like to go through a spiritual awakening.

    If you’re spiritually curious right now, your Google search history might be the final confirmation that you ARE in fact going through a spiritual awakening…

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    It’s normal to feel afraid, confused and alone during your spiritual awakening but you will eventually adjust to life with your new heightened senses.

    There are millions of other people out there going through the exact same thing, so your only job now is to find them!

    I offer support and advice for people going through their awakening with my community and coaching services, so reach out if you’d like to work together and join my communities on Instagram & Facebook! ✨


  • How To Know If You Have A Past Life Connection With Someone

    If you believe that we live many times over – in different lifetimes with different bodies – then you probably feel like you’ve met people again in this life who you’ve known before.

    Our soul holds energetic memories from different times and realities, but we experience amnesia when we are born into a new body. In the same way that we can’t remember things from when we were young children, we also don’t remember things from our past lives. We’re blocked from those memories so that they don’t take our attention away from the path that we need to walk and the lessons that we need to learn in this lifetime.



    However, many people have still accessed information from their past lives. For example, in my most recent life, I was a 17-year-old Vietnamese boy soldier in the Vietnam War. I abandoned my troop because they wouldn’t listen to my intuitive knowledge that our plan was going to fail; I ran away on my own, I was right, and they were all killed while I survived.

    After telling this to my friend Rachel Alyce, she said that she’d also been in the Vietnam War in her last life too. Even if you don’t have this kind of evidence and you’ve never had a past life reading, there are multiple ways to know if you’ve had a past life connection with someone.

    If there’s someone in mind that you’re wondering about, do any of these resonate?

    ⋆☽  You’re instantly, inexplicably drawn to them…  ☾⋆

    Have you ever felt so strongly drawn to someone, but you can’t quite put your finger on why?

    This is different from attraction in the usual sense, because it’s usually not romantically motivated. There is just something intriguing and captivating about them that pulls you in. It’s not what happens with every other person that you meet…

    It’s a feeling of deep soul recognition that’s hard to put a name on because of that amnesia I talked about, but there’s a magnetism there; the recognition of this person meaning more to you than the stranger that they are when they first present themselves to you.

    If you have gone through lifetimes with them before, then it’s likely that they will have an important role when you meet them again. That’s why you’re drawn towards them – because you’re meant to meet them at this point on your journey!

    ⋆☽  You quickly get back into it…  ☾⋆

    Within hours or days, chatting with them just feels like catching up with an old friend. You can skip the niceties and show yourself to them fully far quicker than you would with anyone else.

    The normal period of time that it might take for you to become acquainted with someone dramatically shortens, and you can hop into a closely knit relationship far quicker than you do with most people that you meet.

    It’s almost like you’re stepping back into a relationship with them, rather than starting a new one.

    ⋆☽  There’s a strong sense of familiarity…  ☾⋆

    You already know things about them, and you can sense inherent parts of their personality.

    There’s a level of knowingness between you and a distinct feeling of soul resonance.

    The strongest way to know if you have had a past life connection with them is because you feel like you have known them before.

    ⋆☽  There may be anger & frustrations far beyond what can be explained in this lifetime…  ☾⋆

    As well as feeling like you have known them before, you may also feel like there’s an invisible hatchet that can’t be buried for some reason.

    There’s something that either one or both of you will not let go of, but it can’t necessarily be explained by what’s happened in this lifetime. Maybe your relationship in this life has been quite good but there’s a simmering layer of resentment there, like a grudge which one or both of you can’t let go of.

    This could be caused by a trauma that you had together in a past life which was far more dramatic than anything which has happened this time around, like them stealing your lover or even murdering you!

    When this is the case, you have been brought back together in this lifetime to try to resolve that trauma and close the karmic pattern of anger by showing each other forgiveness.

    ⋆☽  Or maybe, you can see synastry in your birth charts…  ☾⋆

    If you want to look further into your past life connection with someone, a good astrologer might be able to do this for you.

    It’s often the South Node in your chart/s which is the indicator of a past life connection, however, as with anything astrology related, there is so much more to it. As well as finding out if you’ve had a past life connection together, you might also be able to see what kind of connection it was, such as teacher-student, friendship, or parent-child.

    If you’ve just met someone and immediately you want to see their birth chart for this reason, then there’s no doubt about it: you have a past life connection!

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    As with everything, the most important tool that you have for discerning whether someone featured in one of your old lives is your intuition! You can feel that sense of connection and how it surpasses all of the other people that you meet on a daily basis.

    If you want to look into this further, then you can go for astrology synastry and past life readings, but these are obviously coming from other people – and YOU are the person who was in the relationship before…

    So, ask yourself: how do they make you feel?

    What seems different about the relationship that you have?

    And is there a deeper layer of connection there which can’t be explained in this lifetime?