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  • How To Talk About Spirituality With Cynical People

    In case you hadn’t noticed already, not everyone is at the same level of awakening.

    I talk this through SO much with my coaching clients who all experience the same issue as everyone else when they’re going through their spiritual awakening: not feeling understood by their closest friends and family members anymore.

    It can be so isolating and that’s why having a spiritual community around you is so important. Finding other spiritual people online has been an absolute gamechanger for me and not only has it given me a sense of belonging again, but it’s also helped me to grow even further as I get introduced to new ideas, tools and concepts.

    But you still don’t want to get rid of your old friends, right? And even if you did, you can’t get rid of your family!

    So, today I want to give you some tips for talking about spirituality with cynical people…

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    If we want to “be the change that we want to see in the world”, then we need to listen to other people’s opinions like we want them to listen to ours. They have had a totally different experience and that’s why they see things the way they do.

    The likelihood is that you were also at a similar level of awakening to them once, and maybe you used to have a similar point of view to them.

    Meet them at their level. Respect what they have to say. And see what has made them arrive at that opinion or world view.

    That is a great starting point for then being able to present your ideas in a way that will resonate with them more closely.

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    If you’re going to approach the topic of spirituality with someone who you know is cynical, it probably isn’t a good idea to begin talking to them about Arcturian Starseeds and quantum leaping. No, no.


    My spiritual awakening started with The Secret, and I know the same is true for so many other people. When I secretly want someone to spiritually awaken, I give them the gift of this book.

    Why The Secret?

    Because it is entry-level spirituality. It’s not complicated and it appeals to their human senses, which I will talk more about in the next tip.

    If you’re going to start talking about spirituality, start small and start basic with things that they’re more likely to get on board with. Think of things that they’ll understand according to their current perception of reality.

    From there, you can build on that – but you can’t expect them to jump on board with both feet if you’re way out on the water.

    As an example, my husband is a scientific, cynical kinda guy, so it has been a long 9 year process trying to get him around to spirituality. He still isn’t, but he’s more open than he was, and I’ve done that by presenting him with the topics which will appeal to where he’s at right now and aren’t too “out there”.

    I got him a birth chart reading because he’s an engineer and the format of a very technical-looking diagram with numbers is exactly his forte so he could get on board with that!

    What parts of spirituality would the person you’re talking to be able to get on board with, before you go into the deeper stuff?

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    Most people want to manifest something, even if they wouldn’t call it that…

    The best way to get someone on board with spirituality is to tempt them with how it can work for them. How could they personally benefit from something that you’ve learned?

    If you’re just telling them about x, y and z then it’s easier for them to tune out – but if you tell them how and why it could get them closer to their desires, they’re more likely to listen.

    • What lesson are they needing?
    • What would be useful to them?
    • And how can spirituality get them closer to what they want?

    Package your message so that they are tempted to learn more because there’s an obvious payoff that they’ll love.

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    Experience is the key to understanding for most people, so if you can show rather than tell them about spirituality – it’ll be an easier sell.

    Most people struggle to grasp and believe in spiritual concepts because they don’t have physical proof or scientific support for it. You can solve this by helping them to experience it for themselves.

    If they can start with a small energy experiment of their own, like manifesting something they want, and it works – the Universe has already done most of the legwork for you.

    Maybe they will also start noticing the signs if you tell them what to look out for, like Angel numbers, feathers and butterflies. Ask the Universe to send them one, or – if they’re willing – you can see if they’ll ask for their own sign.

    Once they receive that sign, it might be their first step on a new spiritual path. You could be a key catalyst in this person’s awakening, but pushing too hard on a message that they’re not ready for yet could cause them to shut down even more.

    When they start to experience it for themselves, they are dialing in to their own unique conversation with the Universe. If you can just bargain with them to ask for a sign, try a new manifestation, or notice the synchronicities – they might get the evidence that they need to believe.

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    It can be really frustrating trying to share the most exciting and fulfilling part of your life with people who don’t understand it yet, but the most important thing for you to remember is that it’s your journey – and not theirs! And vice versa…

    Focus on what lights you up and intend to find new people who understand the intuitive side of you. In the meantime, I hope that these tips will help to make communication easier with your cynical loved ones – while the Universe plans their awakening in perfect Divine timing ✨






  • Who Is Your Gatekeeper Spirit Guide?

    This one is for all of the psychics, mediums and Tarot readers… 🔮

    If you haven’t heard of a Gatekeeper Spirit Guide before, prepare to meet your new mystic mentor!

    Gatekeeper Blog-3

    Your Gatekeeper is your Spirit Guide who holds the keys to the spirit world 🔑

    For some people, the gate will stay firmly locked in this lifetime and they’ll never have any kind of psychic experience; this will happen if their soul isn’t ready for it yet and/or it’s not essential for fulfilling their purpose.

    They help you with your psychic work…

    The reason that I addressed this article to the psychics, mediums and Tarot readers is because you’re probably already popping between the two worlds quite often while you’re working. Whether it’s spotting s1111gns, getting messages through Tarot/Angel/Oracle cards, seeing ghosts/spirits or receiving intuition through your psychic senses (clairvoyance/clairaudience/clairsentience etc), your Gatekeeper Spirit Guide can assist you.

    They can help you to refine your gifts and will pass you direct messages once you start collaborating with them.

    They can also help you to live a normal life…

    A common theme with my Spiritual Coaching clients is that they feel overwhelmed with their natural gifts. They’re confused by the weird things that are happening to them and don’t know how to control it. They get spirits bothering them at any time of day, which can be scary and annoying – especially as spirits seem to be most active at night!

    Your Gatekeeper Spirit Guide can regulate this for you, so that the gate connecting you to the spirit world opens and closes when you want it to.

    They give you safe access to the spirit world… 

    Another purpose of your Gatekeeper Spirit Guide is to give you psychic protection.

    As your personal portal manager, they will act as your bouncer and bodyguard, allowing in only the spirits and messages which will benefit you and the people you’re serving. They will guard you as you do your psychic work and keep your connection clear, safe and high vibe. Sounds good, right?!

    Gatekeeper Blog-2

    Meeting your Gatekeeper is a similar process to meeting your regular Spirit Guides. It will probably require several attempts and will definitely require being open-minded…

    You can use the below free meditation to help you meet your Gatekeeper ↓

    The general steps for meeting your Gatekeeper go like this:

    • Take time to relax into a deep meditation – sit or lie comfortably while using scented candles/incense/meditation music and any of your favourite methods to help you relax. Let go of keeping your awareness in the physical world, and allow yourself to drift deeper.
    • Walk in to an enchanted forest – Imagine yourself walking through a beautiful, calm forest which feels mystical and magical. Walk deeper into the forest feeling the warm, light rays of the sun softly touching your face as they reach through the tall trees. Walk until you see a large old tree, wider than the rest, with a beautiful amethyst cave in its trunk. You can walk into this amethyst cave and it is the doorway for you to access the spirit world.
    • Wait for your Gatekeeper – As you walk through the portal, you will still walk out into a forest of trees but on this side you are in the spirit world. Ask your Gatekeeper to show themselves to you and come and meet you in this enchanted forest. Try not to be afraid and know that this is a benevolent spirit who has been with you since birth, protecting you and keeping you safe.
    • Interact with your Gatekeeper – Hopefully you will eventually see a figure coming towards you when you’re asking your Gatekeeper to show themselves. Ask them what their name is, if there’s anything that they would like you to know – and feel free to have a discussion about how you would like to work with them going forward.

    Gatekeeper Blog

    One final important note about meeting your Gatekeeper…

    They are famous for being quirky!

    I’ve heard people say that theirs looked like Merlin, a leprechaun with no legs, and a back-to-front centaur with a horse’s head and neck. Mine looked like a man-sized black crow wearing a cape, with human legs.

    Expect the unexpected.

    The way mine appeared actually did make a lot of sense to me because I’ve always been drawn to crows and magpies, so much so that I have a large magpie tattooed on each foot. I believe (inherited from my mother) that when I see two of them together it’s a sign of good luck. Therefore, I think my Gatekeeper presented itself to me in that way because the symbolism had personal spiritual relevance to me.

    Entities in the spirit world don’t have a physical form so they can choose to present themselves to you however they wish, which is why different people will see Archangels differently and associate them with different colours. And the same is true for spirits in general. Because they are not fixed by heavy, dense physical matter, they can choose and change how they show themselves to you.

    My psychic mentor said that Gatekeepers have a sense of humour – so don’t be surprised if yours looks like a weird and wacky creature that you’ve never seen before… they’re easier to remember that way!

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    Your Gatekeeper is your guide who can give you access to the spirit world and protect you from psychic experiences when you just want to go about your daily life in the human world.

    It will take time to establish clear communication with your Gatekeeper Spirit Guide, but it begins by making the effort to meet them.

    Keep an open mind, keep trying, and hopefully you will start to enjoy the benefits of working with them very soon!

    Have you met your Gatekeeper either before or after reading this article? Let me know what your personal experience was in the comments or on Instagram!



  • The Word That Stops You From Manifesting 

    Ahhh obligation. Who doesn’t love it?

    Well… to be honest, most of us – including me!

    The things that we feel obligated to do have been decided for us by someone else, rather than our own internal guidance system. It can be all to easy for us to fall into the trap of filling our time with SHOULD‘s and there are ways to know when this is happening:

    • What do you do to please or appease someone else?
    • What do you do that you could do without?
    • If you had your time again (hint: you still have the rest of your life), what would you do differently knowing who you are now?

    Our intuition is the way in-to our dreams, so when we ignore it we are promising ourselves to go with-out. Great manifesting is aligned with the desires of our heart because our desires are Divinely guided! When we line up our energy, intention and calling, we open up a pathway for our manifestations to come to us quicker than an excited child down a waterslide.

    When we line up our energy, intention and calling, we open up a pathway for our manifestations to come to us…

    Removing the should‘s is a bold act of self-love. A statement to the Universe that you accept nothing less than the best, and are not open to receiving anything apart from what you desire. If you aren’t free to go where other people want you to, then you have more space to find your own way towards what you want. Again, provided that your desires are aligned and guided from your genuine heart and soul – then you will find more joy here; and as your vibration increases, your ability to attract via the Law will increase too…

    Finding joy is such a key part of manifesting. Often it sounds like manifesting is about looking forward and creating something new, but the magic of manifesting happens when we are able to find the beauty in what we have. My best manifestations came when I had the realisation that I was totally happy with where I was. I often get private messages from people asking for help to manifest different things – and my response is always the same: be totally and completely happy without the thing.

    Maybe we are trying to manifest something that we’re desiring because we feel like we should. Remove those from your life now.

    Maybe we are directing our energy away from our manifestations because we’re busy focusing on what other people say we need to be happy. Bring your attention back to your heart.

    Maybe the life of your dreams is waiting for you if you are brave enough to release the obligation and accept your full power of manifestation. The only thing that you should do is make decisions that are true to you. Period.

    You are a creator and you have been trusted with an amazing gift. Use it to create the things that will fill you with joy, and in turn you will transfer joy to the people around you. Who will transfer joy to the people around them.

    Say no, choose where to go – and honey, just let it flow!



  • How To Find Your Calling

    When you are being called to something, you can’t escape it.

    You will see the signs everywhere and words will stand out as though they are being spoken directly to you. Nothing else will fulfil you as much as your calling, and your soul knows this deep within so it will do everything in its power to guide you towards it.

    If you’re anything like me, then you will have spent the early years of your life going along with what you thought you “should” do or what you felt was a “good idea” at the time. We often make decisions hoping for safety rather than satisfaction but in our safety zone we get bored, regretful and unfulfilled. Living in your calling will feel safe in a different way – as though it is the right home for your soul.

    When you are finally ready to be called to something, you are likely to experience these 5 things…


    You’ve tried other things and nothing seems to be working out


    Maybe your one true calling is the only thing left – the one thing that you’ve been afraid to try because deep down you know it could be the last time that you try something for the first time. When things don’t work out the way we thought they would, it’s because the Universe is guiding us onto a different path. We can’t always see how this could be good for us at the time, but at some point the reason that we took the journey we took will all become clear.

    If nothing is working out the way that you thought it would, then it’s time to create a fresh start for yourself by trying something new. Only by trying something that you’ve never tried before can you find what you have always been looking for.


    Returning to your childhood passions


    As a child, we are free from a lot of the conditioning and limiting beliefs that we adopt while we’re growing up. We haven’t been told that we can’t yet, so we’re inclined to believe that we can. The things that we are naturally drawn to in childhood – often without explanation – are very likely to be related to our soul’s calling.

    For example, I used to spend my Saturday’s shopping for incense, the right coloured candles to cast spells with, and filling the local neighbourhood with animal rights posters. None of my family or friends were interested in any of these things, so I always look back with curiosity wondering why an 8-year-old felt inspired to burn incense alone in her room. Spirituality always called me, and after a few detours, I inevitably came back around to it in later life.


    You could see yourself doing it forever, without wanting to change again


    There is a tiny voice at the back of your head which says: “if I did that, then I would never need to do anything else again”. We often know what we would find the most fulfilling, but we decide to do other things first because of money, fun, travel or the effort involved in changing across.

    Our calling is the final stop of our soul’s journey in this lifetime, so when you know that there’s something which you could do forever then that’s an important indication of your calling. Of course, your calling will be challenging at times just like all things in life – but you will find reserves of resilience and gumption that can only be redeemed in service of your true purpose.


    Retirement no longer appeals


    Shocker! Many people spend their lives counting down to retirement, but there really are some people who don’t. After 43 years on the BBC, presenter Terry Wogan said that he’d “never worked a day in his life” because he spent the whole time doing what he loved – and it showed! The audience loved him and he loved what he was able to give to the audience, so it’s no wonder that he was still presenting until the day he died aged 77.

    Let’s not be deluded in thinking that hard work, early mornings and compromises won’t be involved – but when your calling is more rewarding than anything else, stopping it forever won’t seem so appealing anymore. When we are desperate to quit or leave something for a long period of time, then it’s because we have already learnt everything that we needed to and it’s time to move on to the next chapter.


    A WHY bigger than all the rest


    Our soul’s calling is our big why. The why we’re here. The why we’re drawn to what we enjoy doing, and it’s the why we can’t ignore anymore. In whatever way you want to make a difference, you must endeavour to make the biggest difference that you can in your own unique way. It’s why you’re here after all!

    Whatever you personally think the biggest problem in the world today is will probably be the problem that you’re here to solve. Our desires are divinely guided, so our instincts are what lead us to the calling of our intuition. Whether you are driven by innovating, making people laugh, taking care of sick animals or fighting for people who don’t have a voice – your why is what will keep your vision sustainable and fulfil you more than anything that you do to answer someone else’s why.

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    Your feelings will guide you to what is right for you, so invest time in considering what brings you the most joy.

    Don’t be afraid to try new things and trust that each experience is an integral part of your journey towards your calling. Everything happens for a reason. Keep the faith and steer your life towards the tasks which make you feel most alive.

    Your calling will always find you, just as soon as the time is right.