• What does Divine Timing mean for you?

    Time can be a tricky thing and sometimes the waiting game can play on for far longer than we’d like it to.

    But if we’re feeling so desperate for something that we find ourselves hurrying it along, then we’re certainly NOT living in the embodiment of already having it. I realise that this is a lot easier said than done though, because I’m always contending with my own neuroses and frustration when things aren’t finalised within 5 minutes. As you have chosen to read this, I’ll assume that there is an impatient part of you which resonates with this.

    At the end of the day, the ultimate choice that we have to make is haste or having faith. Why? Because everything that we need and want – or something better – will always arrive in perfect divine timing…

    ⋆☽ What is Divine timing? ☾⋆

    The timing that is out of our hands. The time that it takes for invisible Universal cogs to turn and manufacture necessary events and circumstances. Above all, it is our own acknowledgement that everything is always working in our favour.

    ⋆☽ Why do we need it? ☾⋆

    We may all be creators, but if individual humans were to run the show entirely then there would be no cohesion between all of our different wants and needs, and plans, and timelines. Divine timing weaves all of these things into the grand tapestry of life for us, so that we can all get what we want when we need it most.

    ⋆☽ How do I deal with wanting something but not having it? ☾⋆

    Faith and patience seem to be two key themes that I always talk about on this blog, and it’s because they’re the most important ingredients for manifesting. When we lose faith, we give up on what we want and our energy drops. We are no longer a vibrational match for the thing we want to attract. When we lose patience, the same thing happens. We give up, or move onto something else that we believe we can have more quickly. But keeping faith that what we want is coming – or something better – and staying patient in the knowledge that everything always works in our highest good, is what will cultivate inner peace during the manifestation process.

    We all experience things working out so much better than we could have ever hoped or planned them to, and when divine timing illuminates itself in these glorious moments, it’s hard to believe in coincidences.

    AFFIRMATION: Everything is always perfect and working in my favour

    I am hoping that these words speak to the person who needs to hear them the most.

    I have faith in you, and all of your desires are valid! Whatever is best for you will always reveal itself, and you are being divinely loved and guided at all times. Any events which you perceive as negative are always serving a purpose and one day the why will become clear. In the meantime, it’s our job to consider what the why may be and be grateful for all of the learning opportunities which present themselves. By always being grateful, we will create even more abundance for ourselves and change our whole interpretation of the life that we travel through each day.

    You and time are both divine. Life is a creation process, and you can never do it wrong because everything will always turn out for the best – when the moment is right.



  • Thank You For The Struggle

    The best of us comes out in the worst of times.

    When times are hard, they force us to work harder, think smarter and find alien new levels of resilience. When times are tough, we have the chance to get even tougher.

    Very often it’s easy to look back on something that felt “bad” and later appreciate that it was in our highest interest for leading us onto x, y and z. But before the gift of hindsight we can feel crushed, lost and bewildered when a crisis strikes (imagine The Tower tarot card!) Even if it’s not a sudden crisis – testing relationships or jobs can drag out a struggle period and make it feel more and more intense over time.

    To solve this, I’m trying to maximise the utility of what I call the best outcome time lag. It means searching for the positives when only the negatives are obvious, and trusting with complete faith that everything will always work out in our highest good. As I’ve said before – without faith, we don’t move mountains and it is always too easy to give up. (read Keep The Faith here)

    But Liz, this struggle doesn’t feel so good…

    Struggles can be beautiful if we let them, because there are lessons interwoven between the fabric of our existence. When they are pulled apart and stretched – the lessons can finally be released and rise to the surface. This is why all trials and tribulations are really a wonderful thing. We move forward, we grow and we learn. If we can be thankful for the outcomes in the midst of the struggle period, then we are truly living in a state of gratitude and honouring our full vibrational frequency. If we can live from a high vibrational frequency as much as possible, then we are easing into beautiful new realities all the time and attracting more of the goodness that we find it easier to love.

    One of the best concepts that I’ve learnt this year is Caroline Dweck’s distinction between a “growth” or a “fixed” mindset. Super achievers like Arnold Schwartzenegger and Mohammed Ali have a growth mindset because they are always looking for the next struggle in order to grow and elevate to their next level. People with a fixed mindset will never reach the same heights of greatness because they may be doing well, but they find too much comfort in the tried and tested route that they already know. In other words, they are trying to sidestep the struggle.

    In order to truly grow, we have to flow with the struggle. Embrace it and sometimes even look for it when the next level is calling us. Breaking boundaries is not comfortable, and clearing relationships and clutter to make way for a life upgrade is definitely not comfortable either. But what is on the other side of the struggle is great, and so we should be great-full for the struggle as the vessel which takes us there.

    Whether we like it or not, the struggle is our shuttle bus between realties and our teacher of wisdom. When we thank the teacher, we respect the lessons and acknowledge their value to us.

    Saying thank you for the struggle may not always be easy, but it will always be worth it once we receive its parting gifts on the other side.



  • Are there Angels on Earth?

    Every morning when I am grateful, I give thanks for my angels on Earth.

    You know the ones… they are your closest companions who you have a deep soul bond with, and you feel like you have already danced your way through many lifetimes together.

    I have been trying to strengthen my bond with the angels by reading about them in books and using a pack of Doreen Virtue’s Angel Cards lent to me by a new dear friend from a Hay House event. For a while now, I have been talking to the angels in my meditation and following the signs & symbols they lay down as guidance; more recently, I have also been feeling tingles run through my body whenever I think of them.

    To be specific, these are the Archangels that I am talking about – Gabriel, Muriel, Raphael, Jophiel etc – and even writing Raphael just then a flood of tingles filled my body! They are always guiding us and working for our highest good. But there are angels manifesting on this plane too.

    I’ve always felt that my best friend / Maid of Honour-to-be / worldwide travelling companion has also been my fellow lifetime-traveller. As I appreciate her unwavering support in this life since I was 6 years old, I have started to feel that she really is an angel here on Earth. Only the other day did it occur to me that I could be right – her middle name is Gabriel!

    Our angels support us, cherish us, teach us, and show us the love of the Divine through the love in their eyes. They bring heaven down to Earth by showing us what’s possible in our own life and demonstrating the qualities that we want to embrace.  They give us guidance through their advice and can embody the lessons that we need to learn.

    The angels can manifest themselves in all forms so sometimes we will see them appear in those closest to us. When we need them, they are there. When we call them, they will answer. When we thank them, they give us blessings.

    If there is something that you need help with, then try asking those that you feel closest to because sometimes an angel will answer through their soul. The message that you need will always find a way to reach you regardless of the form.

    Just ask, and it will be given.