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  • I’m Spiritual, Not Stupid

    Have you ever had someone think you were crazy?

    It’s a risk that all of us spiritual people run simply by being ourselves. Being OK being unusual and never wanting (or needing) to follow the crowd isn’t exactly a formula for being understood. But in my eyes, and I’m guessing for you reading this too: that’s really not what we’re trying to achieve.

    If you’ve gone through a spiritual awakening or been spiritual since childhood, you’ve probably been seen as strange by others at some point. Or worse – stupid…

    I’ve noticed a trend on Instagram recently where people send me messages trying to use spirituality as a weapon. One man had created an Instagram account and reposted a ton of spiritual memes all at once to make his page look legitimate, and then asked me (out of the blue) to send him $1000. With his full bank account details and everything!

    I also get loads of messages from network marketers, some of whom try to claim that it was “fate” that they found my page while in keen pursuit of their own agenda. From my eyes – it’s definitely not fate if I don’t want it, haven’t asked for it, and it’s not in service of my life purpose as a spiritual messenger.

    This week has really made me wonder, don’t they know?

    I’m spiritual, not stupid…

    I’m really interested to know if you’ve ever encountered this too.

    Perhaps someone at a dinner party thinking you’re naive because you truly believe that anything is possible. Or maybe someone looking at you like you’re deluded because you talk in terms of energy. It seems like while the East were busy laying down their rich spiritual traditions, we never got the memo in the West.

    However, I do believe that change is possible and that the world is progressing. As the internet connects us and wakes more people up, we can stand together in an ever stronger and ever larger spiritual community. A community where you don’t need to fit in and where you can come exactly as your soul shines.

    If you ever feel alone, ridiculed or taken advantage of for being spiritual, remember that you are different because you’re meant to move the world forward in your own unique way. You are here for a purpose and a reason – your spiritual awakening has happened to prepare you for that.

    It’s time to take pride in your sensitive spiritual nature as a point of difference rather than a symptom of delusion.

    If people try to take advantage of you for it, then that’s on them and never on you. When they aren’t ready for something, they’ll never know what to do with it. Stand firm in your spirituality and always use it for the greater good it’s intended for.

    You are spiritual – and never stupid ❤️



  • What does Divine Timing mean for you?

    Time can be a tricky thing and sometimes the waiting game can play on for far longer than we’d like it to.

    But if we’re feeling so desperate for something that we find ourselves hurrying it along, then we’re certainly NOT living in the embodiment of already having it. I realise that this is a lot easier said than done though, because I’m always contending with my own neuroses and frustration when things aren’t finalised within 5 minutes. As you have chosen to read this, I’ll assume that there is an impatient part of you which resonates with this.

    At the end of the day, the ultimate choice that we have to make is haste or having faith. Why? Because everything that we need and want – or something better – will always arrive in perfect divine timing…

    ⋆☽ What is Divine timing? ☾⋆

    The timing that is out of our hands. The time that it takes for invisible Universal cogs to turn and manufacture necessary events and circumstances. Above all, it is our own acknowledgement that everything is always working in our favour.

    ⋆☽ Why do we need it? ☾⋆

    We may all be creators, but if individual humans were to run the show entirely then there would be no cohesion between all of our different wants and needs, and plans, and timelines. Divine timing weaves all of these things into the grand tapestry of life for us, so that we can all get what we want when we need it most.

    ⋆☽ How do I deal with wanting something but not having it? ☾⋆

    Faith and patience seem to be two key themes that I always talk about on this blog, and it’s because they’re the most important ingredients for manifesting. When we lose faith, we give up on what we want and our energy drops. We are no longer a vibrational match for the thing we want to attract. When we lose patience, the same thing happens. We give up, or move onto something else that we believe we can have more quickly. But keeping faith that what we want is coming – or something better – and staying patient in the knowledge that everything always works in our highest good, is what will cultivate inner peace during the manifestation process.

    We all experience things working out so much better than we could have ever hoped or planned them to, and when divine timing illuminates itself in these glorious moments, it’s hard to believe in coincidences.

    AFFIRMATION: Everything is always perfect and working in my favour

    I am hoping that these words speak to the person who needs to hear them the most.

    I have faith in you, and all of your desires are valid! Whatever is best for you will always reveal itself, and you are being divinely loved and guided at all times. Any events which you perceive as negative are always serving a purpose and one day the why will become clear. In the meantime, it’s our job to consider what the why may be and be grateful for all of the learning opportunities which present themselves. By always being grateful, we will create even more abundance for ourselves and change our whole interpretation of the life that we travel through each day.

    You and time are both divine. Life is a creation process, and you can never do it wrong because everything will always turn out for the best – when the moment is right.