• What Type Of Starseed Are You? | Starseed Quiz

    After last week’s blog hopefully got you thinking about if you are a Starseed, I wanted to show you all of the different types that you could be.

    Finally realising what kind of Starseed you are can bring a sense of inner peace and belonging, or at least an “aha” moment where things start to make a little bit more sense.

    As there are so many different constellations in the Universe, there’s probably an unlimited number of Starseed varieties. Today, I’m only going to talk about a few of the main ones that I come across most often…

    There are many other known types of Starseed which I’m not going to mention here that might still apply to you, including Draconian, Venusian, Martian, Andromedan, Polarian, Hadarian and Agarthan to name a few (phew)!

    I’ve also made a fun quiz to see what type of Starseed you might be, but the most important thing of all is that you use your intuition and feel for the galactic family that you feel most drawn to. If you can’t choose between more than one type, it can mean that you’re a hybrid! For example, I’m a hybrid of Pleiadian and Syrian.

    So, are you ready? Take the quiz and read about the 5 most common types of Starseed – Pleiadian, Orion, Arcturian, Sirian and Lyran – below! 👽

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    The Pleiades is a constellation also known as the Seven Sisters. Like all Starseeds, there are certain physical characteristics associated with them, and this type is known for often being tall and slim with long limbs. They might also have blonde hair and blue eyes, with a heart-shaped face and a small nose.

    These people are pure humanitarians who are filled with love and understanding. Earth seems overly harsh to them because their nature is to be gentle, peaceful and loving. From being in this Earth environment where society is much tougher than where they originated from in the Pleiades, they may become people pleasers who feel overwhelmed by their sensitivity.

    They have come here with a mission to teach about love and light, and by doing so, they will assist with the healing and ascension of this planet. That is what they feel a deep calling to do. They generally exude a feminine energy with the natural gift of intuition that most Starseeds benefit from.

    Pleiadians live on a higher frequency of love and creativity, and are accustomed to a matriarchal society where women are highly honoured. While being similar to humans in many ways, they are more evolved physically and spiritually. These sensitive lightworkers bring beauty, peace and enlightenment to Earth once they can peel away their human conditioning to expose their true selves.

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    Arcturians are from the star Arcturus, which is a red giant in the Bootes constellation. Some people believe that when we die, we pass through the Arcturian realm as we return to the spirit world; and similarly as we return back to life during the reincarnation process. The Egyptian god of wisdom, Thoth, is also said to have a home in Arcturus.

    You might recognise these Starseeds embodied as humans by their darker skin, low body temperature and low blood pressure for no apparent reason. They are great public speakers, and so, often find themselves in leadership positions at work. They recognise technology as something important which can help them with their mission here on Earth, which is to create a new society where technology and spirituality work together to reach as many souls as possible and help them to advance.

    These naturally highly intelligent souls often have a knack for mathematics – particularly sacred geometry – and any similar fields like technology, architecture, science, statistics or medicine. They love to plan and are compassionate on the inside, but dealing with emotions is not their strong suit.

    They can be guarded, turn to anger quickly as their first response, and may seem arrogant or egoic. They are often viewed by others as confident people who are highly driven for success and unafraid of death. Arcturus is known for being the most advanced nation in our galaxy.

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    These Starseeds come from the Orion constellation. Many will have migrated there from other star systems, so it’s quite common to be an Orion hybrid who was previously from another constellation before arriving on Orion. There are multiple different planets in the Orion constellation that you may have incarnated on, including Mintaka, which was covered in sparkling waters filled with whales and dolphins. However, this planet is no longer in existence.

    People who are Orion Starseeds are often born under the sign of Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, with bright blue or green eyes which draw people in. They are intelligent with a good sense of humour, so they can become popular for this reason. Although, when it comes to their emotional expression they struggle and can come off as cold because they’re very self-controlled and reserved.

    Their main challenge as humans is to feel their emotions more and open up to others, which will help them to avoid energetic blockages. A key characteristic of these Starseeds is that they are obsessed with learning and knowledge. They are often entrepreneurs who want to lead and inspire others in their own unique way, and they are vehement in their pursuit of attaining knowledge and wisdom.

    The pursuit of knowledge is often their greatest passion in life. This can mean that they’re known for jumping from one thing to another because once they have learned everything that they possibly can in a certain job or career, they want to move on to the next one to understand something new.

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    Sirius is the brightest star in the night sky, sometimes known as Alpha Canis Majoris, aka, the Dog Star Sirius. This means that you can probably spot a Sirian Starseed by their love for canines, such as dogs and wolves. These spiritual people are down to Earth, level-headed and very hard to make angry.

    Like Orion’s, they don’t express their emotions well and can find it difficult to communicate in their relationships. They can be seen as closed off daydreamers. They are likely to have always had an interest in magic, witchcraft, the occult and different healing modalities.

    They are very creative, so they love the arts and writing, and may feel a particularly strong mission to save the planet and fight for animal rights. Their creativity may also mean that they have a penchant for tattoos and piercings because they love any way that they can express themselves creatively as individuals through their clothing and accessories.

    Similarly to Orion Starseeds, they are task-oriented with a good sense of humour, and they may feel a deep connection to water, including whales, dolphins and mermaids.

    They may also have Lyran Starseed traits, such as the cat or lion-like features.

    They’re more connected with their internal world than the external world, and are very peaceful and intuitive. These mystical, magical people are often seen as gothic and hippy types.

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    Lyran Starseeds come from the Lyra constellation which is said to be where the first humans came from. The strongest identifier of a Lyran Starseed is their cat-like features, for example, having upturned almond eyes, and they might also be keen on cats as animals.

    They often incarnate as fire signs, Leo, Sagittarius and Aries, and are fiercely independent. They’re hard workers who are very connected with their bodies so they enjoy being physical; they adore great food and embrace their sexuality. They are athletic and typically love exercise.

    They need more sleep than most people and while they are social, they are not necessarily the life of the party. They are known to be risk takers, while still staying grounded the rest of the time.

    Lyran Starseeds have an innate desire to travel and explore – think of it like a cat-like curiosity! They are said to be the oldest souls in our galaxy who played an important role in humanity by bringing fire to the Earth and sending the first souls to Atlantis.

    They embody their Divine Masculine energy which makes them spontaneous, driven and persistent with generally high energy. They are natural leaders and “people watching loners.” They are here to express their independence and pursue their dreams fearlessly.

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    I hope this makes it clearer to you which Starseed heritage you might have, and as I said at the start – it’s possible for you to be a hybrid!

    You can also read Are You A Starseed? What It Means & Why You Might Be One here…

    Let me know what type you are in the comments below or over on Instagram! 👽✌🏽



  • 6 Signs That You Have Empathic Overload

    [This article was published in the May 2020 issue of Soul & Spirit magazine]

    Liz Roberta, a Spiritual Coach who writes the Millennial Manifestor blog, helps you protect & connect with your intuition by avoiding overwhelm…

    If you’re an empath, you have been given a gift. Your sensitivity can be a wonderful tool for connecting people with the light, but it can be hard to spot when you’re gradually becoming burdened with other people’s emotions.

    To know if this is happening to you, check to see if you’re feeling any of these 6 symptoms…

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    Have you been struggling to connect with your intuition and psychic abilities recently?

    If so, it could be a sign that other people’s emotional energy is clouding your spiritual sight. Staying in a high energetic vibration is so important for maintaining a clear psychic connection; carrying other people’s dark energy in your aura acts like a thick fog on your intuitive highway to the Divine.

    Keep your spiritual gifts active and finely tuned by having strong energetic boundaries, because often people struggling for Divine connection will unknowingly attach to your energy and use it as a conduit.

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    Want to hide away and spend more time by yourself than usual?

    Retreating into hermit mode can feel tempting when your soul is tired from carrying the extra weight of other people’s emotions, so watch out for withdrawal as a sign that you need to check in with your boundaries.

    By noticing what friendships and relationships are weighing you down, you can start to limit the time that you spend with these people. At any moment, you can say to the Angels in your mind: “Wrap your loving wings around me and help me to feel my own emotions.”

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    Are you prone to aches, pains and irritating illnesses?

    If you’re someone who always has a cough or cold, for example, then it could be a warning sign that you’re letting in too much energy which isn’t your own. Over time, this low vibration energy can build up until it manifests as a blockage in one of your chakras and causes you to become ill.

    The most commonly affected chakra is the throat, when empaths don’t say what needs to be said for fear of hurting someone’s feelings or harming a relationship. Your body will lovingly give you warnings to tell you that you’re energetically overloaded.

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    Have you been taking longer than usual to decide because you’re struggling to pick a direction?


    Confusion is to be expected when you have empathic overload! Picking up on everyone else’s energies can be bewildering for your intuition and mean that you’re prioritising other people’s emotions ahead of your own.

    Doing what’s right for you can be hard as an empath if it means giving someone else less than the best, but you need to be the master of your own fate. With better boundaries in place, the cloudy path to what you really want will become clearer.

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    Have you been feeling low, worried and anxious?

    When the emotions we’ve collected don’t know which way to go, they can manifest in a way that will force us to stop and name them. It’s normal to experience more negative emotions than usual when you have empathic overload, but, while feeling other people’s stress is a sign of your compassion – it isn’t particularly productive.

    Ground your energy and refocus any thoughts which are making you feel unstable or unsupported.

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    With these feelings of confusion and anxiety, it’s harder to maintain the high energetic vibration that you need for easy manifesting!

    If you’re finding it more difficult than usual to attract what you want, or you’re attracting results which are slightly “off” from what you’ve been asking for, the Law of Attraction could be telling you something.

    Keeping your energy light and free from other people’s burdens will ensure that you’re a magnet for abundance!

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    So, do these signs sound true for you?

    If you’re experiencing 3 or more of them at the same time, then it’s likely that you’re becoming overwhelmed by your Divine gift of sensitivity.

    Remember to cleanse your energy body regularly and keep your boundaries strong; your energy is your best tool for making an impact!

    Make Your Energy Your Own Again!

    When you don’t know how to let go of what’s not yours, ask the Angelic realm for assistance. They can see what you are carrying and will lighten the load.

    Ask Archangel Michael to set you free with this simple request, repeated out loud or in your mind as you sit quietly in meditation: “Archangel Michael, please cut the cords connecting me to any energy which doesn’t serve me. Lift the load so that I can raise my vibration and shine brightly again.”



  • How You Can Avoid Burnout As A Caring Coach

    Seeing the transformation you can create as a coach is extremely rewarding, but in any kind of mentor/counsellor/coach type role you have extra pressures placed on you.

    I find that a lot of INFJ’s and ENFJ’s are drawn to coaching in the spiritual and personal development space (hello, INFJ over here 🙋🏼‍♀️) and it’s because we’re service based and genuinely want to make a difference in the world. As a group, us empaths, sensitives and intuitives can really take on too much of a burden in our effort to do our best.

    So, what could you do to try and avoid overwhelm, while still being the best coach that you can possibly be…?

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    This can be tricky to do when you have clients across different timezones and clients that work 9-5 during the week who would rather have calls at the weekend.

    It doesn’t matter what your rules are – but try to set some for yourself. Whether it’s that you don’t go on Instagram after 8pm and you have the last few hours of the evening to yourself, or that you have one day a week completely “off” where you don’t do any calls/emails/messages at all to make that day 100% yours.

    This is a boundary that you can create with your clients; and with any professional boundaries in a coaching space, it’s always important to lay them down at the start so that clear expectations are set at the beginning of the relationship. For example, if you decide to start an 8pm phones-down-no-Instagram rule, then tell them about it!

    Side note: I talk about how I batch Instagram DM’s a lot and once your platform grows to a certain size you could literally spend all day going back-and-forth with messages. By setting time limits and rules about when you reply to DMs, you’ll be able to serve your clients properly and create amazing free content that will attract more clients to you in the future.

    Gatekeeper Blog copy-5

    This is good advice for life, coaches, and everyone in any industry! But it’s especially true for coaches who need to work extra hard to keep their energy separate from their clients’…

    Once a week, I do a 40-minute Reiki clearing meditation on myself and I feel 10x better afterwards. I have Epsom Salt baths. I go for a walk in nature. And I do journalling every single morning.

    These activities keep me sane, centred and grounded, and help me to remember who I am so that I can give my best to other people. If I had a work day which didn’t start like this, I would feel scattered, frustrated, annoyed, and like I was losing myself – this is obviously not ok.

    Starting your day with meditation and journalling will put YOU at the top of your priority list, which gives you the best shot at getting amazing results for your clients because you can intuitively access your best advice.

    Gatekeeper Blog copy-6

    Do the maths…


    At a low price you need more clients to meet your monthly goals, whereas at a higher price you can serve fewer clients + have more time to yourself + give those clients better service while still meeting your monthly money goals.

    We all have sooo many layers to our wealth mindset, and its foundation is self love and self acceptance. Our self worth defines what we price our worthiness at for other people.

    It will ultimately become a self-fulfilling prophecy when you run yourself into the ground because you haven’t charged enough, meaning that you wouldn’t be giving them great service (which part of you deep down was expecting all along…)

    It’s worth overcoming the mental mindset hurdles to be able to maximise your results and income potential, while minimising your risk of burnout as a coach.

    Gatekeeper Blog copy-7

    The truth of the matter is: even coaches need coaches!

    We all need someone to bounce ideas off and get guidance from when we’re busy building our big dreams for the future. We need someone to remind us that we’re doing an amazing job and to sound the alarm when it looks like we’re on the road to overwhelm. We need someone to spot the holes in our mindset that we can’t see, so that we can get out of our own goddamn way

    It’s always helpful to have someone who’s already been where we are, because it’s so much quicker and cheaper to be shown the shortcuts to success rather than spending years figuring them out on our own.

    This is also true for figuring out how to avoid burnout and be most effective as a coach.

    A coach who’s further along the same journey as you can give you expert advice about how to create a huge impact while doing what you love.

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    If you feel like you need a coach and you have a spiritual business of any kind, I have great news for you!

    My 3 Month Spiritual Success Coaching Program is now open for enrolment… 🚀

    Screenshot 2020-06-07 at 08.13.22

    I’d love to help you break through your own barriers so that you can get paid well for doing what you love. I specialise in working with spiritual entrepreneurs who want to attract clients online using social media and online marketing tools, like blogs and podcasts.

    If you want to start, grow and/or scale your spiritual work so that more people can find you, trust you, and buy what they need from you – click on the image above to learn more and let’s begin with a FREE 15 minute discovery call ✨

    Speak soon! 🚀



  • What Is Your Saturn Return And How Will It Affect You?

    I felt I had to write this today, which is weird because mine happens in Aquarius and doesn’t start until 2022! But for the last week, my intuition has been SCREAMING at me to pick this particular blog out of my drafts.

    Most people have heard of the phrase “Saturn Return” because it’s well-known in pop culture for being a time of big (sometimes unwelcome) transformation. 30 is a point in our timeline that’s laden with expectation, whether it’s to be a millionaire by then; to be married by then; to have a house by then; or to be in your final career by then…


    This point on our timeline is widely thought of as pivotal for some reason – and I believe that it’s partly due to the unspoken influence of our Saturn Return happening at the same time.

    If you’ve heard of the phrase and you’re curious to know more about it, this one is for you!

    Gatekeeper Blog copy

    Your Saturn Return is when Saturn goes back to the exact same point in the sky as when you were born. This usually happens between the ages of 28 and 30, but when you can calculate exactly when yours starts and finishes through an online calculator like this one 🪐

    As it takes roughly 29.5 years for Saturn to do a transit around our natal chart, we’ll actually have 2 or 3 Saturn returns over a full lifetime! We’ll experience another one around the age of 57, and then the same again around the age of 86.

    So, why does it have such a fearsome reputation…?

    Saturn is a planet of responsibility and restrictions. It governs our boundaries and fears, and it’s thought to teach us about these parts of ourselves via adversity.

    Meaning that when our Saturn Return takes place, it promises to clear away any illusions that we’ve been living under. Namely, any areas of our life which are out of alignment, but that we’re still comfortably uncomfortable in. I always say that rock bottom is a good place to be, because actually the worst thing we can be is comfortably uncomfortable.

    When something is just “OK” but not great, we could sit with it forever and waste years of our life. It’s better for something to be so uncomfortable that we feel like we need something better, instead of losing a lifetime to missed opportunities.

    That’s why it has a bad reputation: because of its ability to shake-up our life. But, actually (like the rest of the Universe) it’s always working in our favour!

    It puts a question mark over any relationships not working for us. It will bring our career crashing down if it’s something that we’re doing for the wrong reasons. Think of Saturn as “old Father Time. It will ring the bell when time is up on the things which aren’t serving you.

    We should actually all be grateful for our Saturn Return, because once it’s done we’re in a much better position! It reminds me of The Tower Tarot card which delivers the same message; that the structures of our life are going to come crashing down if they were built on a shaky foundation, such as fear and ego.

    That is exactly what our Saturn Return does for us. It wipes away any structures in our life which are there for the wrong reasons, if they’re going to stand in the way of our soul’s progression.

    This awakening primes us for the next 29 years of our life – to make them even more fulfilling, even more prosperous, and even more aligned with who we truly are! Yay!

    Gatekeeper Blog copy-3

    Your Saturn Return will affect you differently depending on what star sign your Saturn is in…

    If your Saturn is in a fixed sign such as Taurus or Scorpio, you may have a more challenging time compared to if it’s in a mutable sign such as Gemini or Pisces, because the mutable signs are said to be more adaptable and open to change. You might also feel the experience of your Saturn Return more intensely if it’s in an Earth sign rather than an Air sign, for the same reasons.

    The star sign that your Saturn is in will define:

    • what approach you have to facing your fears
    • how you’re inclined to set boundaries
    • what limits you might struggle against in your life

    It asks you to think about your approach to discipline – are you for or against it, and why? On whose terms? 🤔

    When you go through your Saturn Return, it will also affect you differently depending on the decisions that you’ve made over the last cycle. If you’re already on the right path, with the right partner, aligned with your life purpose – then it promises to be a fruitful time!

    This is the side of a Saturn Return that no-one talks about.

    It can be a time of confirmation and elevation, where the groundwork that you’ve been busy laying is solidified. If there’s no work for Saturn to do in changing your path, it can affirm your path instead – giving you signs of real growth and potential for the future.

    During a difficult Saturn Return, it may seem like Saturn wants to lead you away from your life – but actually it wants to lead you into it…

    Saturn has been associated with karma, and your Saturn Return can be a time to harvest the rewards of what you’ve done so far.

    You might feel like you’re supposed to be afraid of your Saturn Return, but you don’t have to be! As I said, it’s for your own good. It can just be a beautiful time of confirmation which will propel you further down your current path.

    Or – if you’ve been ignoring your intuition for years – you’ll finally be forced to open your eyes. What changes have you been avoiding making? Your Saturn Return aligns you by giving you the lessons that you need most. Use this time in your life for reflection on what’s worked and what hasn’t, so that you can take them with you and make better decisions in the future.

    Know that, once it’s over, the next 29 years or so of your life will be on an elevated level to your last.

    You’ll be more aligned with your truth, your purpose, and what you’re really here for!

    ☽ ☆ ☾

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