• Are You An Earth Angel? Here’s 6 Signs That You Might Be…

    They walk among us.

    The gentle souls who are here to make the world a better place…

    Your local source of hope, healing and guidance towards the light, and you may find that you have a chance encounter with one exactly when you need them the most.

    You might be using the term lightworker, healer or starseed interchangeably to describe their nature, or you may see them as a separate being altogether – but how on earth do you spot an Earth Angel, and is there a chance that you could be one?

    earth angel angels spiritual light worker empath indigo soul spiritual.png

    If you’re an Earth Angel, you may find that people describe you as a wise old soul with a worldly (or otherworldly) presence. Earth Angels incarnate with a huge amount of wisdom so that they can contribute to the spiritual evolution of humanity.

    Earth Angels are acutely aware of how the Universe works and are likely to have a keen interest in philosophy, spirituality and metaphysical matters. They have a thirst for understanding the human mind and feel compelled to learn as much as possible during their time here, while sharing what they already know.

    earth angel angels spiritual light worker empath indigo soul spiritual.png

    We all come to Earth for a reason, but Earth Angels are likely to remember theirs earlier than most. If you’ve always felt a strong sense of purpose and a deep burning need to find meaning in your life, then you may well be an Earth Angel on a mission to elevate the world to new heights.

    Even if you don’t know exactly what your calling is yet, if you’re an Earth Angel then you’ll know that you’re here with a very important job to do. Your soul has been sent here with one big mission, and it’s now your task to figure out what that is…

    Are You An Earth Angel? Here's 6 Signs That You Might Be

    Whether you already identify as an empath, indigo or intuitive – if you’re an Earth Angel then you will have finely attuned sensitivity. You need these skills to accurately assess what you have to fix in the world and you may also discover that you have gifts such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and/or claircognizance (a psychic sense of knowing).

    This extreme sensitivity could mean that you always feel different to other people, and it may seem like it’s harder for you to ‘fit in’ and integrate your spiritual and physical life. You’re not alone in this and it’s a common predicament that Earth Angels feel. You are not meant to fit in, as you are meant to be different – if you were the same as everyone else then it would be a waste of your special gifts.

    Are You An Earth Angel? Here's 6 Signs That You Might Be.png

    To understand pain means to go through it yourself, and Earth Angels can’t get to work healing others unless they know what they’re dealing with. If you have endured a troubled past with lots of ups and downs then it’s likely that you have graduated from Earth Angel school without realising.

    Try to stop seeing your pain as a curse and start to see how it could be helping others. Everything happens for a reason, so if you’re able to sense what other people are feeling then it’s probably because you’ve felt the full spectrum of human emotions. This makes you a beautifully empathetic healer, so use your experiences for the benefit of others and find the purpose hiding within your past pain.


    An Earth Angel’s own journey through pain means that they are fully equipped to help others. What are you now an expert in healing, because you have managed to heal yourself first? If you’re an Earth Angel then you will naturally look for ways to help others in either a physical sense (eg, medically) or a spiritual sense.

    As you will feel the pain of others so acutely, you will also have an intense desire to make suffering go away. You will want your life to mean something and you will have a heartfelt desire to bring about positive change in the world. The question that all Earth Angels need to ask themselves is: how am I uniquely qualified to heal others?


    Despite everything that they’ve gone through – from a troubled past to never fully fitting in – Earth Angels will have an endless supply of faith in humanity. Mainly because they know what humans are truly capable of! The Universal wisdom that they have access to will enable them to see the beauty that everyone possesses at a soul level.

    If you are someone who finds it easy to love and forgive people no matter what they’ve done – then you are likely to be an Earth Angel. This loving faith that can’t be broken is what will inspire you to heal everyone and anyone while treating them all with the same amount of care and respect.

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    So, do these 6 signs resonate with you? Do you think you might be an Earth Angel?

    Whether you are or not, we are all here with a unique purpose and a calling that we have to answer to. Your skills and experiences have been preparing you for the fulfilment of your mission on Earth, and when you align with what your soul is here to do then you’ll manifest more quickly and easily than you ever have before!

    If you can spot an Earth Angel who doesn’t know it yet, share this article with them!


  • How To Calm Your Anxiety With Box Breathing… (like a US Navy SEAL)

    What do you do when you feel anxious?

    If you’re a US Navy SEAL, then you will probably turn to this method first as a way of regaining your concentration in stressful situations.

    Yet, for those of us who aren’t one (and I’m guessing that, like me – you probably aren’t…) we can still learn how to do the same thing and get the same benefits from it! This simple technique can be used by anyone and requires minimal training while providing maximum results.

    What are the Benefits?

    There’s a lot of medical evidence to show that this kind of intentional deep breathing can calm the autonomic nervous system (ANS), which regulates our temperature and blood pressure. As you’ll know from the times when you’ve felt super stressed out, these are the first things that shoot up when we sense that we’re under pressure.

    On account of the evidence that it alleviates stress and lifts your mood, box breathing is even recommended for a range of anxiety disorders such as generalised, panic, post-traumatic stress and to alleviate depressive symptoms.

    If you have trouble sleeping at night, then you can also try this technique to get your mind and body into a more relaxed state. Getting trapped within a cycle of insomnia only exacerbates anxious feelings, so by getting a good night’s sleep it will help you to regain your inner calm as you go through the next day.

    So, what is Box Breathing?

    Quite simply, it gets it’s name from the cyclical 4-step pattern that we need to follow – which can literally be imagined in the shape of a box…

    Screenshot 2020-04-20 at 19.09.03

    Begin by sitting up straight with your hands facing upright on your knees and your eyes closed, just like you would for a normal meditation.

    ☞ Slowly and evenly exhale through your mouth for 4 seconds, emptying your lungs completely of air. As you do this, make sure that you’re focusing on the intention of regaining your physical calm.

    ☞ Hold your breath for 4 seconds with empty lungs.

    ☞ Breathe in deeply for 4 seconds through your nose, filling your lungs as much as possible and making your abdomen rise up.

    ☞ Hold your breath for 4 seconds with full lungs.

    and repeat…

    That’s all there is to it!

    Next time that you feel nervous, rushed or frantic – give this simple technique a try to see if it helps you. This method takes very little time to do, but can easily and effectively bring your body back into balance.

    Sometimes the simplest ways really are the best aren’t they?



  • The Word That Stops You From Manifesting 

    Ahhh obligation. Who doesn’t love it?

    Well… to be honest, most of us – including me!

    The things that we feel obligated to do have been decided for us by someone else, rather than our own internal guidance system. It can be all to easy for us to fall into the trap of filling our time with SHOULD‘s and there are ways to know when this is happening:

    • What do you do to please or appease someone else?
    • What do you do that you could do without?
    • If you had your time again (hint: you still have the rest of your life), what would you do differently knowing who you are now?

    Our intuition is the way in-to our dreams, so when we ignore it we are promising ourselves to go with-out. Great manifesting is aligned with the desires of our heart because our desires are Divinely guided! When we line up our energy, intention and calling, we open up a pathway for our manifestations to come to us quicker than an excited child down a waterslide.

    When we line up our energy, intention and calling, we open up a pathway for our manifestations to come to us…

    Removing the should‘s is a bold act of self-love. A statement to the Universe that you accept nothing less than the best, and are not open to receiving anything apart from what you desire. If you aren’t free to go where other people want you to, then you have more space to find your own way towards what you want. Again, provided that your desires are aligned and guided from your genuine heart and soul – then you will find more joy here; and as your vibration increases, your ability to attract via the Law will increase too…

    Finding joy is such a key part of manifesting. Often it sounds like manifesting is about looking forward and creating something new, but the magic of manifesting happens when we are able to find the beauty in what we have. My best manifestations came when I had the realisation that I was totally happy with where I was. I often get private messages from people asking for help to manifest different things – and my response is always the same: be totally and completely happy without the thing.

    Maybe we are trying to manifest something that we’re desiring because we feel like we should. Remove those from your life now.

    Maybe we are directing our energy away from our manifestations because we’re busy focusing on what other people say we need to be happy. Bring your attention back to your heart.

    Maybe the life of your dreams is waiting for you if you are brave enough to release the obligation and accept your full power of manifestation. The only thing that you should do is make decisions that are true to you. Period.

    You are a creator and you have been trusted with an amazing gift. Use it to create the things that will fill you with joy, and in turn you will transfer joy to the people around you. Who will transfer joy to the people around them.

    Say no, choose where to go – and honey, just let it flow!



  • Why Getting Married Abroad Is A Good Idea

    A wanderer never gets married…

    In a place they don’t love!

    If you are a holiday-holic like me then the idea of getting married in your home town or country probably won’t set your soul on fire.

    After a dreamy wedding in Italy last week, I felt inspired to share all I’ve learnt about destination weddings while I’m still fresh in the feeling of newlywed bliss. There are different things to think about if you want to get married abroad, and by considering these points you will know if a destination wedding is meant for you!

    How many guests do you want?

    My new husband and I had a good chuckle at old emails with our wedding planner where we thought 70 guests would turn up… on the day we had 111! Having 59% more people to feed than we initially thought had big implications for our budget, so don’t be tricked by the lie that less people will come if you get married abroad. Many will jump at the chance of having a holiday with all of their family and friends, and guests are much less likely to drop out if they’ve already booked flights and hotels. This means that your final number will be more accurate – but not necessarily smaller. If you want fewer people to come, then make sure you invite fewer people!

    Hiring a Wedding Planner

    When you’re getting married in a different country, it suddenly becomes a lot more complicated to source the suppliers that you need; especially if there’s a language barrier. Investing in a wedding planner who specialises in your country of choice will not only save you time and stress, but you’ll make some of your investment back in the saved trips abroad and international phone bills. My wedding planner was able to offer me options for music, flowers, and other wedding day essentials that she had carefully selected herself. This meant less uncertainty for me and only one trip to Sorrento to select a wedding venue.

    The Travelling

    My first dream destination was Santorini, Greece but after a quick search on Skyscanner I realised that it was impossible. It would be a two-part journey for most of our guests, with a flight and boat trip to the island totalling 9 hours travel time from a UK airport. It was important to us that our guests (mostly English) would only have to take a single short flight and could fly out for the weekend if necessary. This narrowed our destination down to just a small group of European countries. Then it was simply a matter of taste and aesthetics!

    Screenshot 2020-04-20 at 18.40.59

    Time of Year

    We chose to get married during the school holidays so that my nieces and nephews could attend (all of whom were flower girls and page boys), as well as our friends working as teachers (including one bridesmaid and one best man). Getting married during term time would obviously make costs cheaper, but it was more important for us to have everyone we loved there on our special day.

    Also, remember to check the weather! Google the average monthly rainfall and temperature in your desired location before you set a date. No-one can predict the weather, but at least you will have statistics on your side!

    Where do you want to make your memories?

    As with all decisions, following your heart is the most important thing. Do you love sunshine or long for a Winter wedding surrounded by snow-topped trees? Is there somewhere that you return to every year or a particular culture that you feel attached to? Where you choose to get married will not only stay with you forever in the memories that you make, but it will create the backdrop for your wedding photos too. Make sure that the scenery, temperature and weather match your vision for one of the most memorable days of your life!

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    Consider the places that you’ve already travelled to as potential destinations and use your wedding planning as a reason to explore new ones. Somewhere out there is the perfect place for the wedding of your dreams!