• Use These 6 Manifesting Rituals To Supercharge Your Intention Setting

    The Law of Attraction is just one law of the Universe that people have become extra obsessed with because it promises to bring you exactly what you want.

    There are so many dimensions to this and there’s many different things that we need to take into account when we truly want to create something new: our subconscious beliefs, our actions, and the identity we’re embodying; as well as the thoughts and intentions that we’re putting out.

    One of the big beliefs which can hold us back when we want to manifest something with the LOA is the belief that what we want isn’t really possible for us. That’s why I think it can be helpful to do some of these intention setting rituals to solidify your intention with something practical using one of the manifesting techniques I’ve listed below.

    You’ll especially enjoy these if you’re into spells or anything witchy like that (as I always have been) and I like to call these… my witchuals.

    Water is highly conductive to energy, more so than solid matter.

    This means that you can supercharge water with intentions quite easily, and there are multiple ways that you can go about this.

    When I was at a crystal healing workshop in Glastonbury a few years ago, we charged a clear quartz tumblestone with intention and then left it in a bottle of water for the duration of the class. When we drank it 2 hours later, I could feel a tingling in my throat and it had a different sensation to just drinking plain old water.

    This is how the 2 cup method works. To do it, take 2 cups and put a post-it note on each one. On one cup, write your current situation, and on the other cup, write the thing that you want to manifest.

    Fill your current situation cup up with water and then pour all of its contents into the 2nd cup with your future manifestation written on. Then, drink the entire contents of that cup.

    While you’re doing this, the intention is the most important piece; and as you drink the water in the cup with your future manifestation written on, feel that the water representing that future reality is integrating with your entire being (because your body is 60%+ water!)

    When you put that empty cup back down, know that it’s done and then forget about it until it manifests.

    Again, this is a great one if you’re into witchy things, candles or fire.

    Write your intention on a piece of paper and then place it under a brand new candle that you’re happy to burn all the way through. This means that I use different candles to my day-to-day ones for this because you’re not lighting it to enjoy the warm ambience and candlelight – you’re lighting it because you know that once the candle finally burns out, your intention has been released as a prayer to the Universe.

    Therefore, you’ll need to put the candle on top of your intention somewhere that you don’t mind it being left day and night until it naturally fizzles out. If you’re worried about this, you could put them in an empty bath or put the candle in a small bowl of water with your note of intention underneath.

    The most important thing is that you don’t blow out the candle before it’s naturally burned out. When you find that the candle has finished, then again – forget about it, surrender, and know that your intention has been taken care of.

    Feeling into our desires is what gets us ready for them, and when our subconscious isn’t ready for something, it will automatically repel and avoid the actions which could get us closer to making our manifestation happen.

    One of the ways that we can reprogram our subconscious mind is with visualisation.

    The mind works well with images, especially if you’re a visual learner (like me). So, if the first thing you do when you wake up and the last thing you do at night before you go to sleep is visualise, your brain can embed those images into your subconscious.

    At these times, your brain is going from an Alpha/Beta state, to a Theta state, to a Delta state when it’s asleep. As it moves through these brainwaves, the subconscious mind (or ego) is quietened, making your mind more suggestible.

    Visualising the life you want – with all of the colour, sounds, smells and feelings associated with it – upon waking and drifting off to sleep will program your mind to welcome your manifestation.

    I’m sure that most of you reading this already do journaling in some form or another, but if you don’t, it’s time to start!

    Writing, for me, is the most powerful way to set an intention and the things that I wrote 2/3 years ago are now in the reality that I’m living today. When we write something repeatedly day after day, again we’re imprinting it into our subconscious mind.

    Therefore, I made this FREE 11.11 MANIFEST REQUEST for you to download and print for your intention setting practice. This is the type of journaling that will attract your desires to you – simply write your intentions and then put them in a drawer for you to find years later once you’re living the life you’ve scripted here.

    Download your 11.11 MANIFEST REQUEST here 👇🏾

    For the last 4 years, I’ve made a paper vision board at the start of every year. However, 2021 was different…

    I moved my vision board onto Pinterest, which actually works even better for me.

    First of all, it’s entirely free, which means that you don’t have to worry about paper, ink or going to WHSmiths to buy an A2 piece of card – and you can change it throughout the year. You can easily add or remove pins as your vision changes.

    For extra manifesting oomph, set a picture of this Pinterest vision board as your desktop background, phone screensaver, and look at the images during your morning and nighttime visualisations.

    Your breath is your life force, so by breathing in your manifestation with intention, you are giving it life.

    If you’re doing a full breathwork session, you can set your intention beforehand and then know that it is done and released at the end. I always get a huge high at the end of breathwork sessions where I feel totally elated and it’s a great time to receive any breakthroughs about how you can take the next action steps for your manifestation.

    With breathwork, always make sure that you have a pen and journal next to you because it’s a great time to channel what you know you need to do next but maybe have been ignoring.

    Any type of breathwork will do or even just a few deep breaths in the morning with the intention that you’re breathing in your manifestation before you head off to work.

    As with all of these techniques, it’s all about the intention rather than the action itself!

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    These rituals are only as powerful as the person doing them. When you align your mind, actions and energy with the things you want, you can be sure that success is on its way, so use these rituals as a tool to help you with this alignment process and have fun while you’re doing them!

    Have you tried any of these rituals? If so, which is your favourite one?

    Let me know in the comments! 👇🏾


  • How To Truly Surrender

    This will be the last blog that I write for a while.

    Whenever you feel like you have too much on your plate – whether it’s been dished up by you or other people – the time and space that you need to make miracles happen isn’t there anymore.

    A crucial part of manifesting is making space, and that applies to your schedule too. It’s especially true if you’re a creative. If you’re trying to create something beautiful in the form of art or words, it soon becomes impossible when your head is swirling with to-do lists and appointments.

    Your channel gets so clogged up that there’s no room for new ideas to come through.

    It can also make you so fixed on a certain path that you can’t surrender to where the Universe wants to lead you next. By being open; being willing to change; being prepared to end things even when they’ve been working well for you – that’s when you are truly surrendering to the possibility of being on your highest path.

    Instead of surrendering to other people, surrender to what YOU really want instead.

    Allow the Universe to sweep through your life and make any changes it wants to make. It will show you these through feelings, signs, and things which aren’t working or don’t feel good anymore. Allow yourself to make these changes by trusting that there’s always more to be revealed in the next phase.

    Allow yourself to have space in your schedule for what you really want to do.

    I also encourage you to have your own keyword for 2021 and mine is “no”.

    When you love yourself enough, that’s when you learn the power of saying no and surrendering to what you truly want at the cost of all the things you don’t.

    That will probably mean not replying to every DM, especially when you can sense that they’re soliciting ones hoping to attach to your energy. It will mean turning down meetings and offers for collaboration, if the payoff doesn’t feel worth the time you’ll be investing. Undoubtedly, it will mean your own desires, wishes and energy becoming sovereign 👑

    Allow yourself to be led by your heart and your desires.

    Allow yourself space for inspiration and guidance by tuning out the noise.

    Allow the Universe to lead you, knowing that life is an ongoing path and that by standing still you will never know what’s next.



    Ask yourself these questions – they’re good ones to journal on next time you’re setting intentions:

    • What am I actually meant to be doing right now?
    • What has served its time in my life?
    • What is next for me?
    • What do I need to make space for?
    • What do I need to start saying “no” to?

    By knowing these answers, you can realign yourself with what you’re meant to be doing instead of just what you should be doing.

    No one else but you owns your life or knows what you want from your time on this Earth.

    Trust the magical possibility that everything you want can actually come true for you, as long as you’re willing to surrender and say “no” to everything which isn’t it… ✨


  • How To Ask The Universe For Something You Want

    You’re lost.

    You need help with something; some direction at least.

    You know that if the Universe would just give you a sign or some small hint that what you want is coming you’d find it so much easier to surrender and relax…

    I’ve been there! And the only way to move out of that place is to get so tight with the Universe that it knows what you’re thinking.

    This is possible when you get really, really good at asking the Universe for what you want.

    Here’s how I do it ↓

    Gatekeeper Blog copy

    Gratitude is a high vibe request for more of the same, and when you want something that you’re enjoying to multiply – make sure you let the Universe know about it!

    That’s why I use the phrase: “Thank you, more please.” 🙏🏿✨


    I first saw this technique in the Netflix series Styling Hollywood, because it’s exactly what the stars of the show (Jason Bolden and Adair Curtis) do!

    Let the Universe know what you love and what it should send you more of by being grateful and quickly thinking of this phrase. It takes no time to do, and when you’re already experiencing the vibration of the thing in that moment – you’re in the ideal state to receive.

    Gatekeeper Blog copy (1)

    Our power to visualise what we want can have a huge impact on our ability to bring it into reality!

    Creating a clear picture is like crafting your request. You can create a clear picture not only in your mind, but in the outside world too.

    Make a vision board, stick a magazine cutting on your fridge, or keep a picture of your next dream holiday destination on your desk. Does it get any easier to know what you want than actually being able to see it with your own eyes?

    Let the Universe know what you want by painting the scene in your mind or on paper.

    Gatekeeper Blog copy (2)

    You can ask the Universe for the things you want every morning in your journal or whenever you think of them by simply grabbing a pen and paper.

    It’s as easy as writing, “Please can you help me with…” or “I would love to have…”, and addressing it as a letter to the Universe.

    You never have to show anyone else, and you may rediscover what you’ve written years later only to see that it’s manifested around you! It’s such a special moment when that happens.

    Say what you want with words on paper, and watch them come to life.

    Gatekeeper Blog copy (3)

    This is the level of connection that you want to get to with the Universe: where you have a direct line to deliver your intentions.

    By being completely clear about your desires and not having any cross purposes where what you DO want is energetically clashing with something else that you DON’T want, you can unlock this line. For example, if you wanted to find love but you weren’t willing to give up any of your time or space anywhere else in your life for a relationship, your desire to keep life exactly as it is will counteract your desire for change.

    It’s having unmistakeable clarity and total trust in the Universe to bring you everything you truly want which is your free ticket for a speedy delivery service.

    When you get to a space where you’re vibrating at a high level energetically and clear of cross purposes like self-love issues and limiting beliefs, your intentions can quickly turn to gold.

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    Remember that you were made from the Universe and you are still part of it.

    By tapping back in to your connection, you can have an open energy discussion about what you want to create. You have that right and that ability.

    Your intentions have the potential to create magic in your life, and if you need help more help with this, keep an eye out for my upcoming online courses or ask me about my 1:1 Spiritual Coaching 🚀






  • Why You Should Celebrate All The Small Wins

    Coronavirus quarantine has shaken up the whole world, and so many people’s individual worlds.

    It’s taken away a sense of certainty, which isn’t always a bad thing – and here’s why…

    As an entrepreneur (note: if you’re making money outside of a “normal” job then you are one!) you don’t always have stability, especially at the beginning.

    You never know when your next win’s going to come in, or your next cause for celebration.

    I’ve been incredibly lucky to have had my best month in business so far in April, along with getting my Soul & Spirit article published, and an exciting award nomination which I’ll be announcing in the next 2 weeks 🏆✨

    I have a lucky 3’s rule and it’s definitely true this month! As I’m seeing these things coming off my vision board, I’ve been having mini celebrations; but it’s got me thinking – when is the big celebration?

    One of my favourite documentaries of all time is The Defiant Ones. I’ve watched the whole series 3x through in the last 2 years, and I find it so inspirational because it shows the real rise to success of people like Jimmy Iovine, Dr Dre, Eminem, and lots more of my success heroes.

    Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails says in it that his success was built brick-by-brick, so there was no ‘one day’ where he suddenly had success… and that’s literally how it goes!

    It can be too easy as inspired people to just want to race towards the next thing, and hit the next milestone. Maybe you’re trying to get that new business off the ground. Maybe you’re trying to create a new income so that you can escape from a job you hate.

    But the small wins are the only wins.

    There’s no ‘one day’ where you’ll get everything at once. Have a mini success party for every single amazing thing that happens. This is a way of being super grateful; by having a private energetic party for yourself and raising your vibration.

    This is also an amazing thing to do if you’re in a low mood. You can still celebrate doing the food shop, you can still celebrate cooking a meal, and you can still celebrate getting yourself up, ready and dressed.

    There is so much to celebrate in everyday life.

    So, please don’t forget it – regardless of what the news and media tell you!

    It’s not all doom and gloom. There are wins in everyday life. There are wins happening in your business. Wins happening in the ideas that you’re getting now which will turn into something that will create abundance, prosperity and fulfilment for you in the future.

    Winning is not a single event, winning is done through small individual things coming into fruition. You won’t just look back once and think: “Wow, I’ve done it all!

    You’ll look back many different times and think: “How did I get from there to here? Life is so much better now.

    No-one else might be able to see the small wins or they might not think that your small wins are big enough to celebrate.

    But YOU know the work you’ve put in and YOU know what it took. YOU know what you’ve overcome, so it’s YOUR responsibility to celebrate your small wins – even if no-one else will celebrate them with you.

    The small wins are the only wins there are. They will get bigger and bigger and bigger, but they are all individual in nature. Don’t expect your vision board to turn into 3D all at once. Things will come off one by one when the time is right for them to manifest.

    Count your small wins everyday as things to be grateful for. Everyone’s wins will look different but they are all just as important as each other to the person who has won them.

    Through Coronavirus – every day/every week/every month (and then after quarantine carry on as a habit) – remind yourself…

    What do you have to celebrate today?