• Weird & Woo Marketing Tips That Will Help Your Business

    I’m all about the woo and I’m guessing that you are too…

    I know without a doubt that there’s no activity or outcome which can’t be enhanced with a little dose of energy magic, so I’m 100% for it in every area of my life – including my daily business and marketing activities!

    If you know that you can change the world around you with your energy, thoughts and actions, then why would you not implement that in everything you do?

    Especially when it comes to the vehicle that’s going to allow you to create the most impact in the world, while also steering you closer to all of your own dreams. If it’s well aligned, you can live out all of your values through your business; like for me, mine are 1) freedom and 2) impact.

    I try to load all of my business and marketing activities with maximum positive impact.

    I also believe in karma! So, if you believe in karma too, you should try out some of these weird and woo marketing tips that will keep your clients coming back to you again and again…


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    Every time I hit “send” on an email – whether it’s an Angel Card reading, a Tarot reading, or to an editor of a magazine – I send it with love! Literally.

    I’ll think in my head: “I love you” or “God bless you“, as I hit send. I don’t say it out loud (so no-one would ever know 🤫) but sending that love and positivity to people adds an extra energetic dimension to what you’re delivering.

    When you’re sending high vibrations out to people, on some level they’ll receive them – and they’ll feel them. To be honest, I don’t do this with Instagram DM’s because I power through them quickly, but with something that I spend more time and attention on (like emails) I’ll always send with love.

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    I do the exact same thing when I send things out in the post (aka the ol’ snail mail…)

    For example, with every single gratitude stone that I put in the letterbox, I think the intention: “May this bring them more than they invested.” I’m posting it with the intention that the customer will get more from it than they’ve spent, to increase the benefit that they’ll receive.

    I definitely recommend that you do this if you send postal orders as part of your business, because it also gives you that moment to appreciate each and every item that you’re sending out – and each and every customer that you have. It’s a moment of gratitude for you too. Embrace and enjoy it!

    I also do this if I’m sending a birthday card to friends and family; I’ll always post it with love and a positive intention, expecting the person to secretly receive it when they open that card 💌

    PS – As I wrote out this heading, I realised that it could be interpreted as posting on Instagram with love, which… surprise, surprise… I do that too.

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    If you’re thinking “hmm what?“, let me explain…

    I want you to step INTO the person that you hope to become, before you step OUT into the world.

    This means taking a brief moment before filming anything – like an IG story, IGTV, TIK TOK or YouTube video – to assume the identity of the you who already has everything you want.

    This is a pro manifesting tip, because it allows you to easily align with the life you’re creating. If you want to be a leader in your field, then step into the role of already being that person before you share your message.

    This will make people see you as such, and respond to you as such, and trust in you as such, and therefore – buy from you as such.

    It will also help you to become more comfortable in that identity! Therefore, making it easier for the Universe to match you with the results you really want.

    Practice becoming the person that you want to be every time you show yourself to the world.

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    This is probably the least weird of the woo tips, but I’m going to mention it anyway just in case.

    I definitely recommend having a notepad which is just for catching all of that wonderful Divine inspiration which flows through you. If you’re a writer, I pretty much demand it!

    If you don’t grab inspiration when it comes through, it’s easily forgotten. That’s the difference between inspiration and a thought – when it’s not made by your own brain, it’s harder to retrace. It flows through and out in a second; so it’s important to catch it, use it, and share it with the world.

    I have a lot of notepads, but there’s one without an organised structure because it’s solely for my inspiration. I’ll group a few pages for a course that I’m working on and a few pages for a book, just so that the inspiration is together by project. But, I can then just write random inspo anywhere in that section.

    When the day comes to put the course or book together, I can then sort all of those random sparks into sections that make sense.

    An inspiration notepad will allow you to get the best out of your work and will make it so much easier for you to put something together, because you’ll have plenty of juicy details from the ideas that you caught weeks or months beforehand.

    Make sure it’s a notepad that you love with a lush design (most of mine have inspirational quotes on, obvs…) and keep it close by at all times. You’ll need it.

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    Not getting the type of customers that you want? It’s time to set a new energetic boundary!

    Like everything else in life, we attract the least that we’ll accept. So, if you find yourself serving people who aren’t appreciating your work, with offers that you don’t enjoy doing, it’s time to raise your energetic boundary.

    Refuse from this point on to accept money coming in from any way that you don’t absolutely love.

    Attract customers who love what you do and respect your time, while also making it a non-negotiable that you won’t devote any of yourself to doing things that you feel trapped by.

    It’s your business – you are not trapped.

    No-one owns it apart from you, so you get to decide what you do. Don’t forget that!

    If something is making you really unhappy over the long-term, then it’s an energetic boundary issue. Refuse to accept less than what you really want, and the good stuff will start showing up.

    You can attract the customers and results that you desire if you’re sharing offers which you truly believe in and enjoy doing.

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    Intuitive business done my way is what I live by, and what I encourage everyone else to do too…

    I really don’t care what other people think I “should” be doing, because I can feel my own solutions and I can see the answers. Whenever I get really stuck, I literally close my eyes and try to see the answer. I’ll even do this if I’m looking for things at home, and I might see a moment of me walking into the kitchen – so I’ll know that my phone is in there somewhere 🤪

    I feel what I should be offering and when; I feel when the time is right to do so; and I see the words on a page when I just can’t think what I should write next. If you’re intuitive, it’s your greatest ally!

    There are millions of entrepreneurs in the world who don’t utilise this tool enough, and you don’t have to be one of them.

    Feel your solutions, see your answers, and trust your intuition. It will give you an extra edge when it comes to marketing your business. Your gifts aren’t separate from your offerings in business, so combine them all together for maximum impact…

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    I hope you enjoyed these and that they weren’t too “woo” for you. They’re normal to me, but I just realised this week that maybe they’re not normal for everyone, so I thought it would be fun to share them.

    I also shared them with you because I know that they work, and that your energy amplifies the results of everything you do!

    For amazing results with all of your business and marketing: just add a little woo ✨





  • 5 Ways You Know The Law Of Attraction Is Working

    Waiting for what you want isn’t the funnest part of manifesting.

    As I always say about Divine timing, our manifestation will arrive at the best time for everyone involved and once we’re truly ready for it. Of course, it’s easy to see this moment with the gift of 20/20 hindsight – but sometimes it can feel disheartening when the wait is so long.

    Thankfully, the Universe will send us pointers to say: “Hi… I see you, and I’m cooking up your manifestation. Yes, it will be with you soon. Don’t panic or give up just yet!”

    These are 5 of the ways that you can know if the Law of Attraction is really working…

    ⋆☽ You’re beginning to feel angry and frustrated ☾⋆

    I define anger as an emotion of change.

    When we’re finally fed up of something – a situation we’re in or the behaviour of another person – we get so frustrated that we start to make changes. These changes can create just the perfect entry point that our manifestation needed.

    Feeling our own anger and frustration shows that we’re no longer agreeing to our current situation and are ready to move on to the next level. As we’ll only ever get what we’re ready for, this sensation is a positive symptom that you’re ready for the Law of Attraction to work its magic.

    ⋆☽ You don’t need your manifestation ☾⋆

    Need is an emotion of lack.

    When our hope for the future is fuelled by faith rather than desperation, we are able to surrender and let miracles happen – instead of clinging tightly on to an outcome because we’re unhappy with our current life.

    This is why gratitude is so important for the Law of Attraction…

    Being grateful for what we already have will erase our need to grasp the future because we’re not coming from a place of lack. Quite the opposite! When you are contented and grateful, you are creating your future moments from a place of abundance.

    Once you are happy enough without your manifestation, something magical happens where it appears in your life at the moment when you wanted it the least.

    ⋆☽ You can feel a new vibration ☾⋆

    As you let go of old energy which was once blocking your manifestation, you will feel like a lighter and happier version of you. Things won’t bother you as much as they used to, and you’ll react to things with more compassion instead of leaping into judgement and criticism. When this starts happening, it’s a great sign that you’re vibrating from a higher energetic frequency.

    It’s not reasonable to expect a new life as the same person that you were, so you’ll need to let go of emotional baggage and BE the person who belongs with your manifestation. As the Law of Attraction says, we need to resonate with the vibration of what we want to attract…

    When you feel that you’re transforming into a new person, this is a great sign that you’re getting closer to your new manifestation.

    ⋆☽ You disassociate with the life around you ☾⋆

    This is the most unnerving side effect of the Law of Attraction!

    Our own life won’t seem to fit us anymore when we’re energetically ready for a new one.

    Activities we used to enjoy no longer feel fulfilling because we’re standing at a crossroads between our old life and our new one. Some people call this phase a “test” but I prefer to think of it as a transition period.

    Matter moves slowly so there will be some temporal delay as our manifestation travels across the physical plane.

    ⋆☽ Visible signs from the Universe ☾⋆

    When a big change is coming, you will start to get indicators from the Universe.

    If you are seeing Angel numbers or noticing synchronicities, like strange coincidences that seem too good to be true, then it’s likely that your manifestation is almost complete.

    Pay attention to what happens when you’re thinking about your manifestation – whether a feather falls at your feet or a white butterfly lands on your arm – because these precious moments of serendipity are designed to give you comfort…

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    The Law of Attraction is always working for you – but it is our job to steer it in the direction that we want it to go in. If we can stay faithful, be grateful and remove the energies which drive us to seek more out of need, then we can become a powerful magnet for all of the good things that we desire.

    Be grateful for all of the signs that the Law of Attraction is working for you and know that the Universe infinitely supports you and your heartfelt desires.



  • How To Overcome Writer’s Block To Share Your Message

    The struggle is real.

    Anyone who has ever written anything wordy – like an essay, dissertation or book – will know the frustration of writer’s block. It’s something that we will all face during our writing career, no matter how brief it may be!

    In the last year that I’ve been writing full-time, I’ve faced this debilitating demon on many occasions. Like most people I respond with procrastination, ie, checking Instagram and chatting away on WhatsApp; but this only leads to even more frustration that I’ve whittled away precious time without getting any closer to my word count goal…

    So, how do we overcome it?

    ✎ Start with a strong morning routine

    Y’all know I love my mornings. But there’s a reason that I get up at 5am every day, and it’s because I have a solid morning ritual which I know for a fact makes me more productive. My highlights include: meditation, writing a gratitude list, journalling, exercise, and planning the day ahead.

    Obviously you don’t need to get up that early if you don’t want to, but starting your day with intention and prioritising your mindset will set a strong tone for the day ahead – before everyone else tries to set the tone for you. Taking control of your day from the very beginning creates a pattern of being proactive rather than reactive, and ensures that you’re starting off on the right foot before your pen touches paper.

    If you would like to get up earlier, then you need to watch my Mornings For Winners video and download the printable guide underneath ↠ watch the video | free download

    ✎  Eat consciously

    Often the most obvious ones are the easiest to miss – but there’s a reason why they’ve made a name for themselves. Sugar highs and caffeine crashes can plunge us into an energy sinkhole if we aren’t careful with what we put into our mouth on writing days.

    Personally, I try and save “treat” foods for the weekends because I know that if I have a bag of sweets (my fave!) during the week then I’m writing off the rest of the day in a creative sense. It’s very hard to bounce back from a sugar crash, and it’s easier to avoid one altogether.

    Find a workday diet which works for you and fuel a productive mind with foods which will release energy slowly throughout the day.

    ✎  Give yourself less time

    If we have the luxury of extra time then we’ll use it to daydream and find other things that we’d rather be doing.

    Yet, when there’s something that we have to get done by a certain time then we can magically squeeze it into whatever time pocket is available. This is Parkinson’s Law.

    We will always utilise the full time that we have available for a task, so even if you didn’t have much time or much to write, then you would probably still manage to finish the job and meet your deadline.

    Having too much time can indulge the writers block. Whereas having less time forces you to overcome it; and if you don’t like what comes out of you the first time, then you can always reword it later – but at least you’ll have something on the page!

    ✎  Set a daily word count (a realistic one)

    As with everything in life, if you don’t know where you’re going then it’s very difficult to get there…

    In the same vein as the tip above, if you have a tight deadline then there’s less room for writers block because you literally have to get something written in order to finish the work on time. Writers block can just mean thinking that we haven’t got anything “good enough” to write down, but actually if we were forced then we could string a few sentences together.

    Setting a daily word count ensures that you have to continue writing in order to meet your target, and with only a certain number of hours to do it in – you won’t have the chance to succumb to writers block.

    The best way is to write down what you can come up with in that moment, and then iterate, iterate, iterate later through your edits. By then, you might have the inspiration flowing to swap it for a better sounding sentence instead.

    ✎  Change your scenery

    A change of scenery can move enough energy to shift your writer’s block.

    We will all get bored if we’re in the same spot for too long, so writer’s block can be a symptom of too much time spent in one place. When I’m feeling fed up or stifled, I will move into another room or even snuggle up in bed with my laptop if I’m feeling cold, ill or sleepy. If you are creative too, then it’s likely that your surroundings affect you so make sure that you’re somewhere which makes you feel open and inspired.

    Going out to a coffee shop or library is my favourite way to break up a day, especially if I get sick of seeing housework to-do’s out of the corner of my eye. Co-working spaces are great too and have the added bonus of meeting likeminded freelancers and entrepreneurs. Change your scenery to change your flow.

    ✎  Leave your phone in another room

    This tip is the golden egg…

    I don’t know about you, but my phone is my biggest distraction. By far!

    The only way that I can be sure not to reach for IG or FB when my writing flow pauses for a hot-second is to keep it in a different room. Preferably on a different floor. It’s the only way to stay distraction free!

    Laptops connected to the internet come with their own distractions too, of course, but there are so many useful tools available now. You can limit what you see on social media to add your own content without getting tempted into clickbait news articles. Some of my favourites are the “Remove recommended YouTube videos” Chrome extension and the “Kill News Feed” Chrome extension for Facebook.

    Et voila! 

    Hopefully by implementing some of these tips you can feel distraction free, creatively inspired and full of beans in an environment that you love.

    Writer’s block can be hard, but we all have our own important message for the world – and if your purpose is greater than your predicament then you’ll always find the tools that you need within. When you’re feeling blocked, just try to get something down and then come back to it later to edit and re-edit if you need to.

    There really is no limit! Other than the ones that we put on ourselves.

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    These are the tips that I use every day to overcome my writer’s block. Do you have any of your own which haven’t been mentioned?
    If so, let me know in the comments – you never know who it might help!



  • 10 Easy Ways To Improve Your Motivation

    We all know the feeling when you’re in a slump and everything feels like you’re running uphill in sand, but the good news is that research shows you can influence your own motivation and self-control.

    I’ve gathered 10 ways to help you tap into your greatness and boost your motivation. You always have the greatness in you, sometimes it just needs activating!

    Gatekeeper Blog copy-16

    This is a proven method for staying on track with exercise goals in particular, as you are no longer tackling them your own. Even when you’re struggling to find your own motivation, you have someone else there to hold you accountable for your own inaction.

    During the toughest of times, it also means that you have someone on side to cheer you on, offer kind words of advice, and help pick you back up after a defeat.

    Gatekeeper Blog copy-17

    Desmond Tutu said “there is only one way to eat an elephant: one bite at a time”. This is so intuitive, but the mentality often alludes us when we’re faced with a huge task that seems overwhelming. Anything can be accomplished, though, when we break it down and take on one bitesized chunk at a time…

    When embarking on something major, even getting started can feel challenging due to an immobilising fear of the task’s magnitude. Divide it up into baby steps which are manageable and know that no one expects you to achieve everything in one go, so don’t expect it of yourself.

    Gatekeeper Blog copy-18

    Goal setting is key for motivation. When we have vague goals, we don’t get much traction because without a clear vision of where to go – it’s hard to commit. 

    Psychotherapist Denise Fournier (Ph.D) says that “setting goals is important for creating a meaningful, satisfying, successful life”. To tap into our limitless potential as human beings, we have to know exactly what it is that we want to accomplish.

    Defined goals provide the foundation for great achievements, and motivational speaker Zig Ziglar reminds us that “a goal properly set is halfway reached”.

    Gatekeeper Blog copy-19

    Getting pleasure out of an activity, like a workout, increases our motivation. If the task is something that we don’t want to do, then behavioural research shows that even financial incentives aren’t enough to keep us on track.

    Self-Determination Theory (SDT) says that goals are either intrinsically or extrinsically controlled. When you reach your intrinsic goals, you enjoy the activity in itself, so you aren’t even aware of how much time has passed. Extrinsically controlled goals, on the other hand, exist when your focus isn’t on the actual activity – but how it can help you to reach a desired outcome.

    In life, there will be times for both types of goals, but you will feel far more motivated when the activity itself brings you pleasure instead of just the final outcome which can feel a million miles away. Psychologists Edwin Locke and Gary Latham claim that well-chosen goals are part of the “high-performance cycle” because the right goals generate excitement and a sense of self-efficacy. In other words, we are more likely to feel motivated if we think: “I AM capable of reaching these goals”.

    Gatekeeper Blog copy-20

    Motivating yourself to get started on a task can be hard. Yet most people will already be living according to a schedule of some sort, whether it’s a work calendar or personal diary, so if you add in allotted time for your goal then you will feel more compelled to stick to it like the rest of your obligations. 

    When we know that we’ll only have to do the task for 1 hour instead of giving ourselves a whole ‘day’ then it is much easier to use time to its maximum potential. Otherwise, we can easily find other ways to fill time if we give ourselves more than we need (cat videos anyone?) If you schedule time for your goal between other activities, then it also gives you the time pressure of needing to complete it before your next meeting.

    Take note of Parkinson’s Law here – the time that you assign to a task is the time that you will take to complete it.

    Gatekeeper Blog copy-21

    This goes nicely with breaking the activity into bitesized chunks. It is easier to stay motivated for an hour instead of ‘an afternoon’ and you’ll be even more motivated when there’s a reward for completing one of your scheduled time-slots. These treats can be anything from a tea/coffee, toilet break or 2 minutes of social media! Whatever keeps you motivated and isn’t unhealthy in excess.

    Think of it this way, more chunks that you divide your task into = more treats!

    Gatekeeper Blog copy-22

    Visual aids such as a mood board or imagery around your home provide inspiration and make your vision something that you can see with your own eyes. They give you something tangible to work towards, which in turn works wonders for keeping motivation high. The process of creating a moodboard is very personal and you can decide which elements of your vision you want to include, and which you don’t.

    You can read full instructions for how to create a powerful mood board here or watch the video here 🎨 

    Getting crystal clear on your end result and being reminded of it daily will raise your motivation to whole new levels!

    Gatekeeper Blog copy-23

    A change of scene refreshes our energy. Even for the most motivated individual, doing the same task for long periods of time can get very monotonous and entice us to create boredom-induced distractions.

    Make sure that you aren’t chained to the desk/treadmill for 3 hours at a time, as this will ultimately have an adverse effect on your motivation when you start to associate the task with struggle and monotony. Mix it up and move into a new space if you need to, and ensure that you’re keeping your brain engaged with regular breaks.

    Gatekeeper Blog copy-24

    Nothing is more inspirational than reading stories of those who have walked the path of success before you, especially when they came from humble beginnings or an old life which resonates with yours now. It’s important to consider which idols you can research and emulate in order to prove that your goal is achievable and worth pursuing.

    If they can do it, so can you! 

    Gatekeeper Blog copy-25

    Goals turn dissatisfaction with our situation into an intention to improve it. You should always be proud of yourself for making a decision to change your life for the better! If motivation is running low, try to remember the reasons why you started on this path in the first place…

    What benefits were you hoping to achieve? I bet if you really think about it – then you’ve come quite some way from when you first had the idea?

    Give yourself credit where credit is due, and never be too hard on yourself.

    Gatekeeper Blog copy-26

    Motivation is not in constant supply.

    But, while motivation comes and goes, if you can stick to your timetable and attack those bitesized chunks then you can steadily move towards your goals without relying on the appearance of a single emotion.