• 5 Minutes To Set A Clear Intention

    Now that the issue has been off the shelves for a few weeks, I can share the piece that I wrote for Spirit & Destiny magazine with you!

    This is a guide to how you can manifest quickly and easily by getting clear on what you want…

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    “Did you know? Intentions are your direct line with the Universe…”

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    When setting your intentions, it’s important to remember that anything is possible.

    Don’t shy away from asking for what you want and love yourself enough to know that there’s no shame in wanting to improve your life. Find 5 minutes alone where you can focus and tune in to your intuition.

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    The most successful manifestations are born from the heart.

    Once you’re sat quietly in meditation, start to think about what would truly make you happy. What would light you up inside if it appeared in your life?

    Try not to get distracted by what you ‘should’ want or what other people would want for you, as it may be different from what your soul truly desires.

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    Writing is the easiest way to get clear on what you want as you can physically see your thoughts on a page.

    In your journal or on a piece of paper, write: “Dear Universe, I want…” and then end your request by expressing gratitude in advance.

    For example, “I gratefully receive everything on this page” or “Thank you Universe, with these words I create my desires”.

    You can also address this letter to your angels, spirit guides or any other being who will help you to bring this intention to life.

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    And that’s it!

    Super short, simple and easy – perfect when you only have a few minutes to begin a new manifestation, or reset one which just hasn’t been happening for you so far.

    Remember: Get clear so the Universe can hear…



  • The Secret Sauce For Manifesting

    If you’re not letting go, then you’re saying no to your manifestation.

    Dreaming big? Done…

    Visualising? Easy…

    Being grateful? No problem.

    But being too scared to let go can be the fatal blow to that thing you’re manifesting.

    As a controlling Connie myself, I’ve had to learn this lesson the hard way. Sometimes I would get so frustrated that what I was focusing on hadn’t manifested, even though I’d worked and tried so hard.

    I’d get discouraged and angry to the point where I’d throw in the towel and give up, which is when something miraculous would finally start to happen. Once I had given up on the thing and forgotten about the thing, it would finally appear in my life when I’d least expect it.

    This is when I discovered the secret sauce for manifesting a tasty dish with the Universe:

    You must let go to let it in.

    I also learn a lot from all of the Angel and Tarot card readings that I do for people, and having sent out over 1000 free Angel Card readings I know the messages that most people need to hear, as well as the ones which are more obscure.

    The message that I get 10x more than some of the others is


    Because we hold on too tightly; because we are afraid; and because there’s an obsessive part of our human mind. The secret sauce for manifesting is to love it and let it go.


    It’s not that we don’t trust the Universe, it’s that we don’t trust ourselves to be able to manifest great things. We don’t think that it’s possible or we’re good enough or that we can make it happen – especially if it hasn’t before (probably because we were holding on too tight!)

    Release the burden on your shoulders and let go to let it in…

    If you were drawn to read this article, it’s probably because this message was something that you needed to hear right now. What are you trying to create? What are you struggling to manifest? And what are you afraid won’t happen?

    Our fear of a manifestation not happening makes it not happen. We don’t check on a pizza delivery every 2 seconds, pacing the floor and biting our nails wondering if it will ever turn up. We let it go and leave it to the pro’s.

    When you have done your bit for your manifestation – dreamed it, believed it, visualised it, been thankful and taken lots of aligned action – it’s time to seal it with the secret sauce…

    You must let go to let it in.



  • How To Attract Love With The Law of Attraction

    Looking for love can feel like a losing game. If you’re not using the Law of Attraction, that is…

    From all that I’ve read/watched/seen/witnessed/told someone from their Tarot cards – we can be really awesome at manifesting in one area of our life, and then absolutely pants at it in others. Even though the energetic principles are the same, our beliefs can tie us down in one area of our life more than another.

    For me, I have done a lot of hard belief and energy work around love and so my best manifestation to date is my wonderful husband. As I’m writing this to you, we’re in an idyllic cabin nestled between some mountains which encircle a Norwegian lake. A wood fire is cracking behind me and in front of me is a panoramic view of the jagged landscape and frost-tipped pine trees, which are slowly being covered a strong but silent downfall of snow. My love is sat on the opposite end of the big grey corner sofa that we’re on, and it’s moments like this which feel like a dream.

    I want to help as many other people as possible to live their dream…


    “We are all Divine love embodied in a human body, so it’s really a case of revealing our true selves and getting back to the most pure, authentic version of ourselves rather than trying to be anything that we’re not; rather than trying to become anything else… we want to be a perfect energetic match for love, and the way we do that is with total self love.” – Attract Love, Keeping Lasting Love (module 4, pt.1)

    The biggest mistake I see is people hoping that the love they will find from another person can replace the love they don’t have for themselves. A full cup is what will attract another cup; and a full one at that. I have attracted plenty of cups that were not full and, as a result, the relationships were… less than desirable. But it’s because I was not in a good place, so I didn’t attract people who were good for me. I had to do so much inner work to get treatment for my mental illnesses, come to terms with my body image and nip my needy habits in the bud.

    Just as money cannot be created and kept from scarcity, the same is true of love.

    “It’s not about giving loads out and thinking that it will come back to you that way, it’s actually about having it all for yourself already; and already being full. That is the energy of love.” – Attract Love, Even Energy Exchange (module 4, pt.3)

    I knew that I had to do something to help the people who were struggling to manifest love, even if they were super successful at manifesting in other areas of their life. I had finally cracked the elusive love code and found the energetic solution! It had to be shared and it had to create a positive change. All of the most powerful healing formulas are born out of someone’s genuine desire to help, and this definitely was.


    Pink and White Social Media Strategy Presentation

    If you’re looking to change your luck in love for the 2020’s, this first Valentine’s Day is the ideal chance to invest and transform.


    You can learn everything that you need to about love and the Law of Attraction in 4 weeks or if you’re like Rachel Green and just prefer to “power through”, then all of the lessons, meditations and workbooks are immediately available for you as soon as you log in.

    The price will never be this low again, and will continually increase – I’m only offering so much content for such an insanely affordable price so that as many (and any) people who need intuitive guidance around love right now can easily access it. Oh, and with continual price increases there will be new course content being added… which you will never have to pay another penny for because you’ll have lifetime access as an Attract Love member!

    Just some of the topics we’ll cover are:

    • Your Love Blueprint 
    • Your Ideal Partner 
    • Meeting Your Soulmate 
    • Creating Intimacy Faster
    • Clearing Your Stuck Energy 
    • Keeping Lasting Love
    • Feeling Safe In Love
    • Getting Used To An Even Energy Exchange 

    And you can see more details on the Attract Love course website!

    You are completely loveable and entirely perfect in every way. I want to help you see that so that everyone will notice it too. I hope you have an amazing Valentine’s Day on Friday, and –

    ❤️ I’ll see you inside the Attract Love course ❤️

    “It just is… it’s certain. It’s already happening. It already has happened somewhere in the Universe and you’re just travelling to that point in space and time.” – Attract Love, Completely In The Moment (module 4, pt.4)



  • The Word That Stops You From Manifesting 

    Ahhh obligation. Who doesn’t love it?

    Well… to be honest, most of us – including me!

    The things that we feel obligated to do have been decided for us by someone else, rather than our own internal guidance system. It can be all to easy for us to fall into the trap of filling our time with SHOULD‘s and there are ways to know when this is happening:

    • What do you do to please or appease someone else?
    • What do you do that you could do without?
    • If you had your time again (hint: you still have the rest of your life), what would you do differently knowing who you are now?

    Our intuition is the way in-to our dreams, so when we ignore it we are promising ourselves to go with-out. Great manifesting is aligned with the desires of our heart because our desires are Divinely guided! When we line up our energy, intention and calling, we open up a pathway for our manifestations to come to us quicker than an excited child down a waterslide.

    When we line up our energy, intention and calling, we open up a pathway for our manifestations to come to us…

    Removing the should‘s is a bold act of self-love. A statement to the Universe that you accept nothing less than the best, and are not open to receiving anything apart from what you desire. If you aren’t free to go where other people want you to, then you have more space to find your own way towards what you want. Again, provided that your desires are aligned and guided from your genuine heart and soul – then you will find more joy here; and as your vibration increases, your ability to attract via the Law will increase too…

    Finding joy is such a key part of manifesting. Often it sounds like manifesting is about looking forward and creating something new, but the magic of manifesting happens when we are able to find the beauty in what we have. My best manifestations came when I had the realisation that I was totally happy with where I was. I often get private messages from people asking for help to manifest different things – and my response is always the same: be totally and completely happy without the thing.

    Maybe we are trying to manifest something that we’re desiring because we feel like we should. Remove those from your life now.

    Maybe we are directing our energy away from our manifestations because we’re busy focusing on what other people say we need to be happy. Bring your attention back to your heart.

    Maybe the life of your dreams is waiting for you if you are brave enough to release the obligation and accept your full power of manifestation. The only thing that you should do is make decisions that are true to you. Period.

    You are a creator and you have been trusted with an amazing gift. Use it to create the things that will fill you with joy, and in turn you will transfer joy to the people around you. Who will transfer joy to the people around them.

    Say no, choose where to go – and honey, just let it flow!