• The Truth About Twin Flames

    TWIN FLAME is thrown around so much in the spiritual community, but what does it really mean?

    Everyone who I’ve seen declare that they’re with their twin flame has since broken up, and this is not uncommon for twin flames. The others who are in happy long-term relationships are probably misusing the term twin flame when they actually mean soulmate.

    These are very different roles and you probably have soulmates who are not just romantic partners, but dear friends and members of your family.

    First, we need to understand what a twin flame is, and then it becomes clearer what their role is in our life if we ever meet them…

    A twin flame is thought to be the other half of a soul. This means that a soul would be splitting and entering two bodies, so if the twin flames ever meet, it will be an intense connection where the highs are so high because you feel like you’re the same person.

    However, the lows are also so low because you have the exact same shadows which are repelling each other like the same side of two magnets.

    You will find that a soulmate is a loving and fun connection, whereas a twin flame is here to make you wake TF up!

    As the other side of your soul, they are the divine masculine opposite to your divine feminine or vice versa. By romanticizing it, you’re giving it a human experience when really it’s a union that has come together for your spiritual advancement.

    As I wrote in How To Know If You Have A Past Life Connection With Someone, you might find that if you meet a twin flame there’ll be instant recognition and an undeniable sense that you have known each other for a very, VERY long time.

    This split soul connection will allow for easy telepathy and you’ll probably have a strong sense of clairempathy when it comes to this person, for example, you can feel what they’re feeling even if they’re in another country.

    Of course, you will be very similar – and in many ways, you’ll probably find that you’re a good match because you’re freakily identical in some aspects. This can feel intoxicating, but being inebriated isn’t always a good thing. Intense relationships are rarely destined to last and the flame between twin souls will often burn out.

    The intensity is a challenge to overcome so that you can stand your ground as an individual, and they’re showing you all of the aspects of yourself in human form that you’re meant to work on in this lifetime.

    Rather than completing you, they’re a reminder of your strength. During your time on this Earth, you’re not meant to cling to and rely on another person – so the challenge being presented is to connect with your own sovereignty to find your own divinity and creation power.

    By breaking your heart they may be activating you so that you realise you’re strong and powerful on your own. Or alternatively, they may reject any advances for a romantic union because it’s distracting you from that, so they may be tricky to get into a relationship at all.

    By helping you to ascend to true enlightenment which is a state of non-attachment, they might avoid attachment with you at all costs. They’ll probably be in your life for only a short time and it’s very unlikely that they’ll be lifelong partners.

    Not everyone has a twin flame so it’s not that common; it’s actually very rare for people to be true twin flames. The people who have them are meant to see them as a human mirror for certain parts of themselves.

    The twin flame is activating latent energies within you which can add to the intensity of the experience and make it incredibly addictive and emotionally intense, because the awakening that they create within you is profound and life altering.

    However they transform you, you can guarantee that after meeting them you’ll be transformed in some way. Did they break you? Good. And did they make you turn to a spiritual path that you’ve been on ever since? Their job is done.


  • How To Know If You Have A Past Life Connection With Someone

    If you believe that we live many times over – in different lifetimes with different bodies – then you probably feel like you’ve met people again in this life who you’ve known before.

    Our soul holds energetic memories from different times and realities, but we experience amnesia when we are born into a new body. In the same way that we can’t remember things from when we were young children, we also don’t remember things from our past lives. We’re blocked from those memories so that they don’t take our attention away from the path that we need to walk and the lessons that we need to learn in this lifetime.



    However, many people have still accessed information from their past lives. For example, in my most recent life, I was a 17-year-old Vietnamese boy soldier in the Vietnam War. I abandoned my troop because they wouldn’t listen to my intuitive knowledge that our plan was going to fail; I ran away on my own, I was right, and they were all killed while I survived.

    After telling this to my friend Rachel Alyce, she said that she’d also been in the Vietnam War in her last life too. Even if you don’t have this kind of evidence and you’ve never had a past life reading, there are multiple ways to know if you’ve had a past life connection with someone.

    If there’s someone in mind that you’re wondering about, do any of these resonate?

    ⋆☽  You’re instantly, inexplicably drawn to them…  ☾⋆

    Have you ever felt so strongly drawn to someone, but you can’t quite put your finger on why?

    This is different from attraction in the usual sense, because it’s usually not romantically motivated. There is just something intriguing and captivating about them that pulls you in. It’s not what happens with every other person that you meet…

    It’s a feeling of deep soul recognition that’s hard to put a name on because of that amnesia I talked about, but there’s a magnetism there; the recognition of this person meaning more to you than the stranger that they are when they first present themselves to you.

    If you have gone through lifetimes with them before, then it’s likely that they will have an important role when you meet them again. That’s why you’re drawn towards them – because you’re meant to meet them at this point on your journey!

    ⋆☽  You quickly get back into it…  ☾⋆

    Within hours or days, chatting with them just feels like catching up with an old friend. You can skip the niceties and show yourself to them fully far quicker than you would with anyone else.

    The normal period of time that it might take for you to become acquainted with someone dramatically shortens, and you can hop into a closely knit relationship far quicker than you do with most people that you meet.

    It’s almost like you’re stepping back into a relationship with them, rather than starting a new one.

    ⋆☽  There’s a strong sense of familiarity…  ☾⋆

    You already know things about them, and you can sense inherent parts of their personality.

    There’s a level of knowingness between you and a distinct feeling of soul resonance.

    The strongest way to know if you have had a past life connection with them is because you feel like you have known them before.

    ⋆☽  There may be anger & frustrations far beyond what can be explained in this lifetime…  ☾⋆

    As well as feeling like you have known them before, you may also feel like there’s an invisible hatchet that can’t be buried for some reason.

    There’s something that either one or both of you will not let go of, but it can’t necessarily be explained by what’s happened in this lifetime. Maybe your relationship in this life has been quite good but there’s a simmering layer of resentment there, like a grudge which one or both of you can’t let go of.

    This could be caused by a trauma that you had together in a past life which was far more dramatic than anything which has happened this time around, like them stealing your lover or even murdering you!

    When this is the case, you have been brought back together in this lifetime to try to resolve that trauma and close the karmic pattern of anger by showing each other forgiveness.

    ⋆☽  Or maybe, you can see synastry in your birth charts…  ☾⋆

    If you want to look further into your past life connection with someone, a good astrologer might be able to do this for you.

    It’s often the South Node in your chart/s which is the indicator of a past life connection, however, as with anything astrology related, there is so much more to it. As well as finding out if you’ve had a past life connection together, you might also be able to see what kind of connection it was, such as teacher-student, friendship, or parent-child.

    If you’ve just met someone and immediately you want to see their birth chart for this reason, then there’s no doubt about it: you have a past life connection!

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    As with everything, the most important tool that you have for discerning whether someone featured in one of your old lives is your intuition! You can feel that sense of connection and how it surpasses all of the other people that you meet on a daily basis.

    If you want to look into this further, then you can go for astrology synastry and past life readings, but these are obviously coming from other people – and YOU are the person who was in the relationship before…

    So, ask yourself: how do they make you feel?

    What seems different about the relationship that you have?

    And is there a deeper layer of connection there which can’t be explained in this lifetime?


  • How To Clear Your Heart Chakra

    Issues with the energy flow in this chakra can make us feel alone, isolated and unable to connect, because when we carry old energetic scars in our heart chakra we feel afraid to share our feelings authentically for fear of getting hurt again.

    We become guarded, sarcastic and “cold hearted”. A lot of our childhood wounds and disappointments get stuck here, shaping the way that we behave as adults.

    Some signs that it’s time for you to clear your heart chakra are:

    💚 You feel uncomfortable sharing yourself authentically – on screen or in person – because you’re afraid of rejection.

    💚 You hide from commitment in relationships, even if you’re not sure why.

    💚 You have issues with giving or receiving affection; physically and/or verbally.

    💚 You’re needy in relationships, because you want someone else to make up for the love that you don’t have for yourself.

    💚 You have a habit of pushing people away through your words and actions, because part of you is scared of getting close to them.

    💚 People have a perception that you’re tough or unemotional, when on the inside you know that you’re actually very sensitive – you just don’t show that part to people.

    💚 You have physical symptoms such as heart palpitations, poor circulation, heart pain, angina, or even problems with your lungs, like asthma.

    If any of these symptoms resonate with you, it’s time to focus on healing and balancing your heart chakra! Here’s how you can clear out any stuck, old energy from this centre…

    Solar Plexus (2)

    This is always my first go-to when I need a general energy refresh and any type of chakra clearing. I would also include Reiki clearing within this method…

    When I did my Reiki qualification, my teacher sent me a 40-minute audio to use for my own Reiki self-clearings and the impact that it’s had on my energy has been profound. I’ve literally seen changes in the physical world from things manifesting SO much faster after clearing out my chakras with a Reiki meditation!

    There are free chakra clearing meditations on YouTube, and there are ones which focus specifically on the heart chakra that you can use. You’ll just need to make sure that you set aside some quiet time to yourself to listen lying down, and that you can find someone whose voice you like the sound of.

    Solar Plexus (1)

    There are crystals which resonate with every chakra, and for the heart chakra it’s especially easy to use them because you can wear them under your clothes on a necklace all day long without anyone even noticing.

    Another way to use crystals for clearing chakra energy is to lie down, place a crystal (or crystals) on that area of your body – in this case, your heart – while combining it with technique no.1. Reiki healers will often place crystals of each colour down their clients’ chakras, so you can do this too if you’re doing a Reiki self-clearing at home, and you can also lie with the crystals while you listen to a heart chakra clearing meditation.

    Green crystals which will work really well for stimulating energy flow through your heart chakra are: 💚 Emerald 💚 Jade 💚 Malachite 💚 Green tourmaline

    Solar Plexus

    Each chakra has a colour associated to it, and for the heart chakra it’s green.

    It’s a common belief that eating foods of the same colour as the chakra you’re trying to heal can balance the energy flow around that area. This means that to heal the heart chakra, or “Anahata”, you should stock up on foods like: 🥬 Spinach 🥬 Kale 🥬 Broccoli 🥬 Matcha 🥬 Green apples 🥬 Green tea 🥬 Chlorella supplement

    Solar Plexus (3)

    Breathwork will work better here than on any other chakra because it’s the energy centre most linked to the lungs. Anahata (the Sanskrit name for this centre) is also associated with the natural element of air.

    One breathwork exercise you can do to send light, healing energy to your heart centre is called Vyana Vayu.

    1.  Sit comfortably with your back straight, either on your bed or a pillow on the floor.
    2. Hold your hands in the prayer position, “Anjali mudra”, over your heart centre. Focus intently on someone or something that you truly love. Allow yourself to be engulfed by those feelings of love and imagine that feeling shining out of you and filling your aura. This gets your heart centre glowing and flowing.
    3. Then breathe in deeply through your nose as you open your hands and arms out to the side as wide as you can, opening your chest fully. Imagine healing white light flowing through your heart and blending with the green energy of your heart centre.
    4. Take a long exhale while bringing your arms back and your hands back into prayer position at the heart centre.
    5. Continue this flow 10-15 times focusing on the strong feelings of love as much as you can.

    By the end, you should feel instantly better, in addition to the longer term benefits that a Vyana Vayu can have for clearing your heart centre. Prayanama is also known to strengthen your lungs and circulation, as well as having mental health benefits.

    Yoga poses, or “asanas”, that open the chest such as Eagle Pose and backbends can also help to open up the energy flow through your heart chakra.

    Solar Plexus (4)

    When our heart chakra is out of whack it can make us judgemental, bitter, and prone to holding onto grudges. Making an effort to practice forgiveness will open up your heart and work like a Teflon layer, making it so much harder for any low vibration energy to stick around there.

    Choosing to hold on to old hurt and anger by refusing to forgive only hurts you in the long run. It keeps you stuck in the past and unable to move into the future.

    There are so many ways to practice forgiveness and energetic release, and it starts today in your everyday life. Letting go of things that you do or say wrong, without holding on to mistakes and making them mean something about you – forgive yourself instead.

    Then you can start to forgive other people, either on your own with a practice like Hoʻoponopono prayer or with a professional counsellor who can guide you through regressions or inner child work. Being genuinely willing to forgive people who have been unfair to you will expand your heart chakra exponentially, while making you much less afraid to get hurt again.

    I wrote about 8 Reasons To Forgive The Person Who Hurt You The Most (it’s one of my most read blogs ever) which you can read here

    Solar Plexus (5)

    The last tip is to massage some essential oils into your chest before you go to bed at night. Some essential oils which are known for opening up the heart chakra are 1) Palmarossa and 2) Geranium.

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    I hope these tips help you to experience the energetic and physical changes of having a balanced heart chakra. Subscribe to the blog at the bottom of the page and follow me on Instagram to know when the next energy centre of the Chakra Series comes out!

    This is part of a chakra series:

    💙 How To Clear Your Throat Chakra

    💛 How To Clear Your Solar Plexus Chakra





  • How To Attract Love With The Law of Attraction

    Looking for love can feel like a losing game. If you’re not using the Law of Attraction, that is…

    From all that I’ve read/watched/seen/witnessed/told someone from their Tarot cards – we can be really awesome at manifesting in one area of our life, and then absolutely pants at it in others. Even though the energetic principles are the same, our beliefs can tie us down in one area of our life more than another.

    For me, I have done a lot of hard belief and energy work around love and so my best manifestation to date is my wonderful husband. As I’m writing this to you, we’re in an idyllic cabin nestled between some mountains which encircle a Norwegian lake. A wood fire is cracking behind me and in front of me is a panoramic view of the jagged landscape and frost-tipped pine trees, which are slowly being covered a strong but silent downfall of snow. My love is sat on the opposite end of the big grey corner sofa that we’re on, and it’s moments like this which feel like a dream.

    I want to help as many other people as possible to live their dream…


    “We are all Divine love embodied in a human body, so it’s really a case of revealing our true selves and getting back to the most pure, authentic version of ourselves rather than trying to be anything that we’re not; rather than trying to become anything else… we want to be a perfect energetic match for love, and the way we do that is with total self love.” – Attract Love, Keeping Lasting Love (module 4, pt.1)

    The biggest mistake I see is people hoping that the love they will find from another person can replace the love they don’t have for themselves. A full cup is what will attract another cup; and a full one at that. I have attracted plenty of cups that were not full and, as a result, the relationships were… less than desirable. But it’s because I was not in a good place, so I didn’t attract people who were good for me. I had to do so much inner work to get treatment for my mental illnesses, come to terms with my body image and nip my needy habits in the bud.

    Just as money cannot be created and kept from scarcity, the same is true of love.

    “It’s not about giving loads out and thinking that it will come back to you that way, it’s actually about having it all for yourself already; and already being full. That is the energy of love.” – Attract Love, Even Energy Exchange (module 4, pt.3)

    I knew that I had to do something to help the people who were struggling to manifest love, even if they were super successful at manifesting in other areas of their life. I had finally cracked the elusive love code and found the energetic solution! It had to be shared and it had to create a positive change. All of the most powerful healing formulas are born out of someone’s genuine desire to help, and this definitely was.


    Pink and White Social Media Strategy Presentation

    If you’re looking to change your luck in love for the 2020’s, this first Valentine’s Day is the ideal chance to invest and transform.


    You can learn everything that you need to about love and the Law of Attraction in 4 weeks or if you’re like Rachel Green and just prefer to “power through”, then all of the lessons, meditations and workbooks are immediately available for you as soon as you log in.

    The price will never be this low again, and will continually increase – I’m only offering so much content for such an insanely affordable price so that as many (and any) people who need intuitive guidance around love right now can easily access it. Oh, and with continual price increases there will be new course content being added… which you will never have to pay another penny for because you’ll have lifetime access as an Attract Love member!

    Just some of the topics we’ll cover are:

    • Your Love Blueprint 
    • Your Ideal Partner 
    • Meeting Your Soulmate 
    • Creating Intimacy Faster
    • Clearing Your Stuck Energy 
    • Keeping Lasting Love
    • Feeling Safe In Love
    • Getting Used To An Even Energy Exchange 

    And you can see more details on the Attract Love course website!

    You are completely loveable and entirely perfect in every way. I want to help you see that so that everyone will notice it too. I hope you have an amazing Valentine’s Day on Friday, and –

    ❤️ I’ll see you inside the Attract Love course ❤️

    “It just is… it’s certain. It’s already happening. It already has happened somewhere in the Universe and you’re just travelling to that point in space and time.” – Attract Love, Completely In The Moment (module 4, pt.4)