• How To Know If You Have Actually Changed

    It was a big day for me.

    I was driving 3 hours to hand over keys for the house we had just sold, in the week before we flew out to Italy for our wedding. I could taste the energy release on the tip of my tongue as this phase of our life ended and a new page was about to turn into the next chapter, but it all stopped when I reached my car door.

    I thought it was strange to be surrounded by grey concrete as far as the eye could see, except for a round black stain underneath my car. I climbed inside and turned on the engine.

    My newly filled tank of petrol had somehow leaked entirely out onto the floor, taking my day trip and week full of pre-wedding travel plans with it. After a mechanic came by shortly after, he said that someone had drilled into the tank to steal my petrol; the £1200 that I was quoted for garage repairs was worth far more than just the £40 of fuel they had taken. To start such a crucial week by losing my wheels when there was a house handover, dress shop trips, bridal beauty appointments and airport pick-ups to be done would have plunged me into a pit of despair 4 years ago…

    But not now.

    Now was different.

    Now I knew what it meant, and I knew that the only thing which could actually harm me was my own reaction to it.

    When disaster strikes, we are being called to see our situation in a new way and appreciate everything that we used to have, have and will have. The only thing which causes us such immense stress is our attachment to how we think things should be. If we can be loose with our beliefs and change them at any moment to serve rather than stress us, then we can finally enjoy full autonomy over our experience on Earth.

    If we let things get the better of us, then they will. If we can turn any negative into a positive, then nothing will ever get the better of us again.

    Our “best outcome time lag” will get shorter and shorter the more that we practice this type of mind control. This is what I call it when we look back to see how everything fitted together so perfectly because that painful, confusing event actually was in our best interest after all…

    The sooner that we can switch into this thinking and look through the lens of absolute faith instead of fear, the quicker we can free ourselves from self-induced anxiety and thoughts of impending doom.

    This is not to say that it won’t be hard. Of course it will – like all great things that are really worth having. To have something which has not been earned is to never enjoy and appreciate it fully. My grandfather taught me that, and at the time I thought he was wrong – of course I’d like to just win a million pounds on the lottery and have it all now! But there is a satisfaction to something being earned that does not come when it is taken from the hand of another.

    If we’re brave enough to control our thoughts and find the best in things, we’ll be able to savour the intricate beauty that’s filling in the gaps of our whole existence. The perfection from which all circumstances and situations come is always there, we simply need to be able to see it for ourselves. As the single subjective viewer of our situation, we’re the only ones with the power to correct our viewpoint at any moment.

    If we’re brave to see our situation in a new way and brave to let the old way go, then we’re closer to revealing the truth of how everything is secretly working for us. If we’re brave enough to untie our idea of how we think things should be, then we’re finally free to enjoy how they really are. Everything is always perfect and working in our favour, somehow, but sometimes as humans, we’re so resistant to our own good fortune that we close our eyes to the unspoilt beauty that surrounds us. All events are with a Divine purpose, and our greatest purpose comes from our greatest pain. What is taken away from us is the gift that we will one day soon give back to the world.

    When things don’t turn out as planned it’s a wonderful opportunity to compare how you react now with how you used to react. Your comparable pain (resulting from your thinking) is the barometer by which you can know and celebrate how far you’ve come. If we can continue to use our thoughts as an asset, we’ll find the seeds of positivity hiding under each circumstance faster and faster with practice.

    You will know how much you’ve changed by how much hope you have for tomorrow in whatever form it may arrive, instead of continuing to be disappointed by what it turns out not to be.

    Let it be, and you will see, how the world, is meant to be.



  • How To Use A Pendulum For Accurate Fortune Telling

    When we’re looking for guidance about something that’s bothering us, using a pendulum can be a cheap and easy way to gain insight.

    A pendulum is a weight attached to a string – usually a crystal on a single length of chain, but you can also use a necklace that you already own. It just needs to achieve the swinging motion which will give you the answers you’re looking for.

    People have different opinions on how a pendulum gets its answers, and they fall into these 3 theories:

    ⋆☽  We can stand firm in our truth, but with lies, we falter under the weakness of our belief. Like muscle testing, our body itself is its own pendulum and will physically respond to truth or lies. Some people believe that the swinging of a pendulum comes from our body being its own truth-teller and making the pendulum swing a certain way with small muscle movements.

    ⋆☽  Some people also think that the pendulum swing is determined by our own energy and will therefore confirm or deny our own beliefs. As we already know – our beliefs create our reality – so if we believe something to be true then there’s a good chance of it manifesting in our lives in the future.

    ⋆☽  Pendulums are often used as a method of Divination, ie, to communicate with entities on the “other side” such as Angels, spirit guides, relatives in spirit, etc. This could also include getting answers from our higher self, and some people believe that these energies are communicating with us through the pendulum.

    However you believe the pendulum gets its swing, many people rely on them as a way to accurately predict their future…

    giphy-1Gatekeeper Blog copy-36

    If you buy a pendulum that instantly caught your eye, you’re more likely to form a close connection with it and get reliable answers as a result. I searched for a pendulum for years, until I eventually stumbled across an Obsidian point unlike any I’d seen before while I was at a crystal workshop. After years without a pendulum, I knew it was finally time!

    Gatekeeper Blog copy-37

    If you go to mediumship circles or psychic development classes, the phrase “receiving hand” will be thrown around a lot. It’s based on the belief that you’re more connected to spirit through one side of your body than the other. For me, it’s my left hand. If you’re unsure what your receiving hand is, go with whichever instinctively feels right and then try to keep using the same hand going forward.

    Gatekeeper Blog copy-38

    For me, I know that clockwise means YES and anticlockwise means NO. To find out what your directions will be, start asking the pendulum questions that you know have a definite yes or no answer. For example, “I am female” or “the walls around me are white”. Some people will find that their pendulum swings back and forth or sideways instead of in a circular motion. Practice makes perfect, so make sure that you keep using your pendulum to allow it to become closely attuned with your energy. It will take some time to consistently provide accurate answers, so don’t be discouraged if it’s a bit haywire at first!

    Gatekeeper Blog copy-40

    The questions you ask to your pendulum need to be closed yes/no questions instead of ambiguous and open-ended how/what/why/when/where questions. Your pendulum can only give you binary answers, so keep this at the front of your mind when you’re asking questions about your future. As an example – people use a pendulum to ask if a certain food is good for them by holding it over the item, and if it’s a healthy high vibration food then the pendulum will answer YES. To get more than a simple yes/no answer, see point no. 6!

    Gatekeeper Blog copy-41

    It’s so important to get in the right headspace so that you’re not focusing on the answer that you’d like and subtly interfering with the pendulum’s direction. I like to rest my elbow on a solid surface to prevent this from happening as much as possible. I also like to close my eyes as I meditate and ask the pendulum a question, because that way I don’t know which answer it’s given until I open my eyes. Our pendulums are really sensitive to our energy – which is powered by our thoughts – so we need to be super careful not to interfere with their motion.

    Gatekeeper Blog copy-42

    If you want more than a basic YES/NO answer, you can use a dowsing wheel. Just hold your pendulum above the centre-bottom of the wheel and then see which answer it directs you to. By using a letter dowsing wheel you can spell out the name of your spirit guide, and similarly, with a chakra dowsing wheel you can find out which of your chakras are imbalanced. I have created a number, letter and chakra dowsing wheel pack which you can download and use for free…

    Get your number + letter + chakra pendulum wheels here!

    Download 3 FREE Pendulum Dowsing Wheels

    Gatekeeper Blog copy-43

    As with the rest of your crystal collection, it’s so important to ensure that any energy they absorb doesn’t interfere with their power in the future. To maintain the accuracy of your pendulum, make sure that you’re cleansing it regularly with an effective energy clearing method.

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    A pendulum is another great tool in our spiritual toolkit to provide guidance when we feel stuck or confused. Using the dowsing wheels provided above will enable you to get more than a simple yes/no answer and can unlock the door to deeper spiritual connection. Once you’ve found your perfect pendulum, remember to keep practising. Be curious about how your pendulum works for you, because when it does, it can help to guide you through the rest of this lifetime!




  • 5 Ways You Know The Law Of Attraction Is Working

    Waiting for what you want isn’t the funnest part of manifesting…

    As I always say about Divine timing, our manifestation will arrive at the best time for everyone involved and once we’re truly ready for it. Of course, it’s easy to see this with the gift of hindsight – but sometimes it can feel disheartening when the wait is so long.

    Thankfully, the Universe will send us pointers to say: “Hi… I see you, and I’m cooking up your manifestation. Yes, it will be with you soon. Don’t panic or give up just yet!”

    These are 5 of the ways that you can know if the Law of Attraction is really working…

    ⋆☽ You’re beginning to feel angry and frustrated ☾⋆

    I define anger as an emotion of change.

    When we’re finally fed up of something – a situation we’re in or the behaviour of another person – we get so frustrated that we start to make changes. These changes can create just the perfect entry point that our manifestation needed.

    Feeling our own anger and frustration shows that we’re no longer agreeing to our current situation and are ready to move on to the next level. As we’ll only ever get what we’re ready for, this sensation is a positive symptom that you’re ready for the Law of Attraction to work its magic.

    ⋆☽ You don’t need your manifestation ☾⋆

    Need is an emotion of lack.

    When our hope for the future is fuelled by faith rather than desperation, we are able to surrender and let miracles happen – instead of clinging tightly on to an outcome because we’re unhappy with our current life.

    This is why gratitude is so important for the Law of Attraction…

    Being grateful for what we already have will erase our need to grasp the future because we’re not coming from a place of lack. Quite the opposite! When you’re contented and grateful, you’re creating your future moments from a place of abundance.

    Once you’re happy enough without your manifestation, something magical happens where it appears in your life at the moment when you wanted it the least.

    ⋆☽ You can feel a new vibration ☾⋆

    As you let go of old energy which was once blocking your manifestation, you’ll feel like a lighter and happier version of you. Things won’t bother you as much as they used to, and you’ll react to things with more compassion instead of leaping into judgement and criticism. When this starts happening, it’s a great sign that you’re vibrating from a higher energetic frequency.

    It’s not reasonable to expect a new life as the same person that you were, so you’ll need to let go of emotional baggage and BE the person who belongs with your manifestation. As the Law of Attraction says, we need to resonate with the vibration of what we want to attract…

    When you feel that you’re transforming into a new person, this is a great sign that you’re getting closer to your new manifestation.

    ⋆☽ You disassociate with the life around you ☾⋆

    This is the most unnerving side effect of the Law of Attraction!

    Our own life won’t seem to fit us anymore when we’re energetically ready for a new one.

    Activities we used to enjoy no longer feel fulfilling because we’re standing at a crossroads between our old life and our new one. Some people call this phase a “test” but I prefer to think of it as a transition period.

    Matter moves slowly so there will be some temporal delay as our manifestation travels across the physical plane.

    ⋆☽ Visible signs from the Universe ☾⋆

    When a big change is coming, you will start to get indicators from the Universe.

    If you’re seeing Angel numbers or noticing synchronicities, like strange coincidences that seem too good to be true, then it’s likely that your manifestation is almost complete.

    Pay attention to what happens when you’re thinking about your manifestation – whether a feather falls at your feet or a white butterfly lands on your arm – because these precious moments of serendipity are designed to give you comfort…

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    The Law of Attraction is always working for you – but it’s our job to steer it in the direction we want it to go in. If we can stay faithful, be grateful and remove the energies which drive us to seek more out of need, then we can become a powerful magnet for all of the good things we desire.



  • This Is What Moving To Glastonbury Is Like

    Taking a leap of faith will look different depending on who’s taking the leap.

    For me, it was moving to a new town that I’d never been to before based on nothing but intuition and a good feeling in my belly. Fortunately – I was not disappointed!

    Amazing things can happen when you follow your internal guidance system instead of drifting along with the status quo. Following your heart to where it wants to go is the only sure way to get to a destination which fulfils you, instead of ending up in a life that doesn’t really feel like your own.

    With that in mind – what can you expect if you’re considering a move to Glastonbury?

    Gatekeeper Blog copy-29

    And a lot of them! As soon as you arrive in Glastonbury and pick up a copy of the local Oracle guidebook, you’ll see that there are more spiritual events happening here than you can shake a smudge stick at…

    It’s the perfect place to visit if you’re looking to expand your spiritual horizons and sample new practices like sound baths, group chanting, Goddess retreats, transformational workshops and Shamanic healing. Some events are very reasonably priced, like 2-hour Crystal Healing workshops at Goddess House for just £5 (run by Zena and Neil of Crystal Heaven) whereas longer 2/3 day courses will carry a higher price tag.

    Whether you’re at the start of an awakening or experienced in all things esoteric, you’ll have many opportunities to try new ancient healing practices that you’d struggle to find practitioners of elsewhere.

    Gatekeeper Blog copy-30

    You may have heard Glastonbury being called “the heart chakra of the Earth” and it’s somewhere that definitely has a certain ‘vibe’. I’ve spoken to a few people who reported a phase of intense emotional release (ie, grief and crying) shortly after moving here as lower vibrations moved out of their energy field. They could then feel more in tune with the town’s high vibrational frequency, which legend says is due to Ley lines crossing to create an energetic hotspot. Reportedly, this is also why Stonehenge was built nearby.

    The energy (with the culture) attracts many sensitive, empathic and intuitive people here each year to absorb the healing frequencies and worship at the sacred sites. If you feel sensitive to energy – you may experience headaches, intense emotion and a particularly strong connection to Mother Earth when you come and stay.

    Gatekeeper Blog copy-31

    The locals that you find here would not be found in other, more traditional, English towns. There are usually musicians playing in the streets and people walking barefoot is commonplace. Pop-up stalls are likely to feature fortune tellers, tarot card readers and jewellers, and you’ll often pass by people crouched on the pavement drawing in chalk.

    Eccentricity is the norm here and it’s a place where you can let go, breathe, and appreciate one another for your uniquely expressed attributes. After all, if everyone were the same, the world would be a very boring place!

    Gatekeeper Blog copy-32

    If you’re vegetarian or vegan, you’ll feel blessed with the number of options here. From the organic supermarket to the delicious Rainbow’s End, you’ll definitely find healthy and delicious treats to eat. Just strolling down the high street you’ll cross multiple chalkboards inviting you in to try their fresh vegan bakes.

    I’ve been to a few coffee shops here which served their own homemade oat, almond and hemp milk in their drinks, and many will also include rare and raw ingredients sourced from overseas. Of course, you can expect to pay a higher price for these but your gut will be grateful for the investment!

    Gatekeeper Blog copy-33

    Before I came here, a friend of mine said that it was “easier to get crystals than socks” and that summary still sticks with me – because he was exactly right! You won’t find an M&S here, or many chain shops at all for that matter… but you will see a ton of crystal shops. If you come to Glastonbury without a crystal collection then you’ll be tempted to leave with at least one.

    In addition to the high street stores, there will often be crystal stalls lining the streets selling small tumblestones, large geodes and raw chunks of citrine, quartz and rose quartz. These sparkling displays will be sure to catch your eye as you walk past.

    Gatekeeper Blog copy-34

    The first time that I went to do my weekly food shop at Tesco, it felt like everyone in there was just popping in from a local festival. It felt like that; except that there was no festival on, and it was just my first glimpse of the hippy culture here…

    You can expect to see long floaty dresses, colourful harem pants, and beaded dreadlocks in abundance as you walk around, and during solstice season the floral crowns come out too! My fiancé, Ally, said to me when I was trying to choose an outfit: “you could go out wearing a blanket here and no-one would blink an eyelid” and he was probably right…

    The free and open culture of Glastonbury is undoubtedly one of the greatest things about it, and it’s what makes so many people feel instantly at home here.

    The 1970’s hippy vibe that Glastonbury festival was born of is still prevalent here, and long may it continue to thrive and delight us – whether it’s a fallow year or not!