• Energy Update & Numerology: What The Universe Has Planned For You In 2020

    First of all…

    I want to say a huge thank you for reading the blog and following the goings on at Millennial Manifestor 😘  From starting with almost nothing 1 year ago (note: 7 followers on Facebook!) it’s been such a delight to watch the readership grow and find other souls who are embracing and seeking a spiritual connection. 2020 is going to be a wonderful year for all of us, and here’s why…


    In Numerology…

    2 + 0 + 2 + 0  = it will be a 22 or 4 year

    It’s a matter of preference whether this year is reduced down to a single number (no.4) or left as no.22. In numerology, all dates are reduced down fully to a single number except 11 and 22 in some interpretations, which have more powerful meanings than their solo counterparts. So, let’s examine the meaning of both!

    To me, the year 2020 is a 22 year in numerology which means the Master Builder. This is a stellar year for massive expansion in whatever your main focus is, but it’s not the kind that will magically manifest overnight. This is a number of practicality, diligent pragmatism and consistency with the promise that these behaviours will lead you to success. Imagine building with purpose something which is destined to make a mark on the world, for the highest good of everyone who comes into contact with it. This year is meant for building big things with intention, after discovering our self-expression again during the no.3 energy of 2019.

    For those who only count the meanings of 1-9 in numerology, this new year would be considered a no.4 year. Similarly, this number signals the importance of hard work and doing the things that need to be done, even if they’re not always the most fun. This is a practical time, where you’re working through your to-do list and checking things off, sacrificing doing things that you might enjoy more because you finally have a clear goal in mind that you’re working towards. Keep your eye on the prize and know that the energy of this year says that you’ll be rewarded for your effort if you don’t give up.

    The Energy of 2020…

    I also asked Tarot “What will be the main theme of 2020?” (before working out the numerology meaning) and the result that I got was very interesting;

    Pents03 I got the 3 of Pentacles!

    This card shows an apprentice delivering a plan and detailing a well thought-out strategy for how he’s going to move ahead with it. It carries the energy of laying down a strong foundation that long-lasting success can be built on – particularly in the areas of money and career.

    The fact that this card came up for 2020 perfectly echoes the sentiment of its meaning in numerology – this is a year for building, focus and making moves towards what you’ve got your eye on! Commit to your own personal development so that you’re able to develop your dreams this year. With consistent practical energy from you and the Master Builder energy that the Universe is providing, you’re perfectly positioned to create success!

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    The beginning of every new year brings with it the energy of renewal and a fresh start – but this is more true now than ever as we walk into an entirely new decade.

    What do you want to take with you, and what do you want to leave behind? Who were you 10 years ago, and who do you want to be 10 years from now? Right now you have an empty page open in front of you, what do you want it to say for your year in 2020?

    Whatever it is – you can make it into a reality with enough faith, belief and action! ✨



  • 8 Signs That You Have A Fear Of Failure

    I remember being sent to see the school counsellor in Year 8 because the whole class had been given a form to fill out, asking what our biggest fears and worries were. If I’d known that any answer would automatically lead to an appointment being booked, I wouldn’t have been so honest…

    But I didn’t, and so I wrote: A fear of failure.

    This fear is one of the 3 main fears that I see, alongside the fear of judgement and of change. Fear is the invisible barrier that holds us back from achieving our full potential, and when we think that there’s a high chance we’ll fall – we won’t even make the leap.

    How many times have you wanted to go for something but didn’t, because the risk of not getting it made your stomach sink? How often have your dreams been squashed by the weight of your own expectations? Or drowned out by your own questions of whether you thought you were enough?

    Overcoming a fear of failure is entirely possible if you allow yourself to be guided by inspired action, and realise that failure is a great way for you to refine your craft. However, the first step towards any type of change is acceptance! Which means recognising that you have a fear of failure in the first place.

    Here are 8 signs that you might…

    1 ⋆☽  Procrastination and avoidance  ☾⋆

    Do you distract yourself with laundry, lists and other chores when there’s something important to be done? We often find it easier to procrastinate and avoid investing our time and energy into something that we think we may fail at. If you find yourself avoiding something which could benefit you and/or potentially have a big payoff, it might be because you’re scared of failing.

    2 ⋆☽  Perfectionism  ☾⋆

    Do you keep doing and redoing something, but it never seems to be quite right? Being scared to release something into the world shows that you don’t think it’s good enough yet, and so you believe it’s destined for failure. Perfectionism is often rooted in low self-esteem, and it’s a way that we try to make ourselves good enough through our actions which we can control; but the truth is – you were born good enough! No amount of perfectionism can ever protect you from failure, as the risk of it hides around every corner. All of the most successful people know that failure is an inevitable part of success, regardless of how good the work is that they’re putting out.

    3 ⋆☽  Worrying excessively about what others think of you  ☾⋆

    If we don’t see ourselves as good enough, we’re likely to be afraid that others will think the same. Failing can be embarrassing, and if we want to control what others think of us then it might seem smart to avoid anything which could possibly lead to failure. But, it’s not! We can never control what other people think of us and it’s their prerogative to think things which are untrue or unkind. Never let somebody else’s opinion have more power over you than your own.

    4 ⋆☽  Indecisive  ☾⋆

    When we’re afraid that failure could be lurking behind our next step, it can cause us paralysis by analysis as we try and figure out how to avoid it. The best way to combat indecision is to follow your internal guidance system as closely as possible. Inspired action is the best antidote to your fear of failure as you’ll know that you’re being guided along by a purpose greater than you.

    5 ⋆☽  Negative self-talk  ☾⋆

    Our inner critic would have a lot to say if we were to fail, which might be another reason for us not to try at all! If you’re used to being riddled with doubt, your negative self-talk could be another sign that you have a fear of failure. It can be hard to spot when your own thoughts aren’t productive, but what goes on inside our mind can be our worst enemy. Don’t talk yourself out of things that you want to do because you can’t be 100% certain what the outcome will be – we’ll never truly know until we try!

    6 ⋆☽  Doubting yourself  ☾⋆

    How many times have you felt like you could have done more? Self-love is a skill which can be practiced, and it’s the best way to combat perfectionist tendencies. It can be really difficult to accept that what you’ve done is good enough – even if it leads to failure – but it might not work out this time around simply because divine timing has something better in store for you. If something is right for you, your day will always come.

    7 ⋆☽  Hiding from opportunities  ☾⋆

    Afraid to try or afraid to fail? If you’re saying ‘no’ to things when a part of you wants to say ‘yes’, it’s probably an invisible fear of failure speaking for you. In the moment, it can seem easier to hide from things which are scary. But, over the long term, hiding from great opportunities will only erode your self-esteem as you miss out on the chance to prove what you’re actually capable of. Overcoming a fear of failure means feeling the fear but then doing it anyway!

    8 ⋆☽  Too cosy in your comfort zone  ☾⋆

    Ahhh doesn’t it feel comfortable to keep doing what you’ve always done? We all like our own habits because they feel cosy and familiar, but staying safe within our own boundaries can be a one-way ticket to frustration-ville. Every once in a while, challenge yourself to step outside of your boundaries and get comfortable with the feeling of discomfort instead. Many of the world’s biggest entrepreneurs attribute their success to being able to do this! Stepping outside of your comfort zone takes practice, but the rewards for your career, lifestyle and bravery can be enormous.

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    Being afraid of failure is a normal human emotion, but it can be insidious to our wellbeing and success. Next time an opportunity feels too challenging, ask yourself – what would I do if I wasn’t afraid? Once you start acting in spite of the fear, you will start to realise that the worst thing that can ever happen is an emotion.

    As I’ve said, the best way to overcome a fear of failure is to be fully aligned with your intuition and take inspired action. Your soul will always lead you to success, even if failure is required first to teach you the lessons that you’ll need to get there. If you’re struggling to connect with your intuition and are being held back too often by your fear of failure, check back here again for my new spiritual coaching tools which will be available from the start of 2020!

    There is nothing that can hold you back when you have a purpose greater than you…



  • Scientists Have Found That Your Soul Goes Back To The Universe

    I don’t know about you, but I don’t need someone else to tell me what to believe.

    As a creative thinker, I’ve always been more inclined to follow my heart and what I feel to be true rather than what someone else, or a group of people together, has decided is truth.

    But I do enjoy it when the scientific community comes out with a statement such as this, because it’s always interesting to get a new angle on spiritual issues. Scientific validation is what many people need before they can give themselves permission to believe.

    Today’s article is about the fact that two prominent researchers – Dr Stuart Hameroff and Sir Roger Penrose (of Oxford University) – have been working on a Quantum Theory of Consciousness. This is what they found…

    The Science of the Soul

    In summary, they call the human brain a biological computer and our consciousness a program that it runs. According to this quantum theory, the soul of a person is in the “microtubules” of the brain cells, which are constructs that live inside our cells.

    What does it mean if our brain is a biological computer running the program of our soul?

    It means that when the person passes away the program could be run elsewhere.

    When our heart stops beating during clinical death, blood stops flowing to the brain and our microtubules lose their quantum state. Yet the quantum information stored inside the microtubules does NOT get destroyed in the process – rather, it dissipates out into the Universe.

    If the person were revived (like in a near death experience) then the quantum information could enter back into the microtubules. However – in most cases where the person passes and does not recover – the quantum information is no longer held within the body and is released to become part of the Universe as a soul…

    “Let’s say the heart stops beating, the blood stops flowing; the microtubules lose their quantum state. The quantum information within the microtubules is not destroyed, it can’t be killed, and it just distributes and dissipates to the universe at large. If the patient is resuscitated, revived, this quantum information can go back into the microtubules, and the patient says ‘I had a near-death experience.’ If they’re not revived, and the patient dies, it’s possible that this quantum information can exist outside the body, perhaps indefinitely, as a soul.” – Dr Hameroff speaking on the ‘Through The Wormhole’ documentary

    In summary, they say that consciousness is a result of quantum gravity effects within the microtubules of the brain.

    By investigating Orchestrated Objective Reduction, they discovered that consciousness is something which LIVES WITHIN neurons at a quantum level, rather than RESULTING FROM the connections between neurons.

    This means that the neurons in a person’s brain don’t have to be alive and firing to keep the soul alive, and that the soul can still exist at a quantum level even when the brain is dead… in the Universe.

    So, do we ever really die?

    That’s up to you to decide!



  • Smudging: How Burning Sage Actually Kills Bacteria & Raises Your Energy

    How often do you smudge?

    Wafting a stick of sage around my apartment really feels like therapy for me, because I always feel significantly better afterwards.

    It was something that the Native Americans used to do and is a glorious ceremonial act of cleansing the air by burning sage leaves (sometimes with other herbs) which have been bundled together by string to create a smudge stick.

    They weren’t something that I had come across until relatively recently in my journey, but wandering around the shops in Glastonbury they are everywhere. So, what exactly do they do – and are they more than just woo woo?

    Ummm, yes!

    The smoke that comes off the burning sage releases ‘negative ions’ which have been linked to an uplift in mood in multiple scientific studies. It is these same ions which are made by sunlight and water, adding to our sense of calm when we’re on a beach, near a waterfall or enjoying the sunlight that reaches through trees in a forest.

    When there’s enough of them, these ‘negative ions’ can cleanse the air of mould spores, odour, bacteria, and other airborne particles which can potentially be harmful. This happens because they cling to particles with an opposite energy charge to them, causing the germs, mould and allergens to fall to the ground because they get too heavy to remain airborne. This means that – thanks to the sage – you are no longer breathing them into your lungs and body.


    Because our modern homes are filled with lovely luxuries like rugs, carpets, washing machines and televisions, we are now being exposed to more of these particles than ever. This means that smudging can help us more than ever too! It has been found to eliminate a large amount of the pathogenic bacteria that lingers in a room following 30 days of smudging.

    “We have demonstrated that by using medicinal smoke it is possible to completely eliminate diverse plant and human pathogenic bacteria of the air within confined space…” – ‘Medicinal Smokes’ research article in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology (2006)

    Cleansing your aura and the space around you using a smudge stick not only improves air quality, but it can lift your mood and make you feel better too. Especially if you set a strong intention while you’re doing it…

    For example, as I walk around cleansing the space in each room (especially the corners), I will say repeatedly out loud: “this is a clear and open space for inspiration and creativity” or “I cleanse this room of negativity so that new good things can flow through“. As we already know about manifesting, intention is the key which will unlock the results that you want!

    I then open all of my windows so that the smoke can leave the apartment, taking the negative energy I have just intentionally released along with it. After doing this, the energy in the flat instantly feels much fresher, lighter and helps me to feel more prepared for a new beginning.

    If you light your smudge stick and the end turns to flame, you will need to blow it out to make sure that it’s a slow burn and the leaves turn gradually to ash. In my experience, the same smudge stick can last many different uses and will need to be relit a few times during each smudging session. Also watch out for smoke detectors in your house 🔥

    Regular smudging with a bundle of sage can:

    • Clear negative energy
    • Improve your mood
    • Improve air quality
    • Make you feel more relaxed
    • Support your intentions for a new beginning
    • Give you a positive energy boost

    If you haven’t tried smudging yet, why not give it a try and see how you feel afterwards…?