• The 15 Archangels & How They Can Help You

    Angels are energy, like everything else. I think of Angels as a beautiful high vibration which resonates somewhere between us and the Divine. They are an in-between which can help us to connect and receive our wishes.

    When I started connecting with the Archangels a few years ago, I didn’t see them as a human-type figure like many people do. I saw them as a colour, depending on which one I was working with. This is why I believe that the Archangels are energies which work in loving service to the Divine, because we can tolerate their frequency more easily.

    The best way to know how each of the 15 Archangels can help you is to start working with them! The 2nd part of this series is called How To Call On Your Angels 🕊️

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    Archangel Ariel is healing angel who works with the animal kingdom and natural world.

    When To Call On Archangel Ariel…

    Archangel Ariel is the best Archangel to call on for help with environmental issues. If there’s an environmental crisis or you’re dealing with an animal who needs healing, you can call on this angel energy to bring support, comfort and healing. Ariel will also help you if your calling is related to environmentalism or animal welfare – if you want to be guided towards the right opportunity for you in this line of work, you can ask Archangel Ariel to assist.

    If you want help connecting with the Elemental Realm, Ariel can also help you with this as they govern and care for the natural world too.

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    Archangel Azrael is the angel of death… which sounds scarier than it is!

    You’ve probably seen images of a black “angel of death” which looks like a grim reaper, but – as a high vibration energy – the job of this angel is actually to assist humans with the natural process of body death.

    When To Call On Archangel Azrael…

    Archangel Azrael guides souls between the human world and spirit world and then comforts their remaining friends and family as they mourn. This angel can help to relieve the burden of the grief process.

    Similarly, Archangel Azrael will support people who work in jobs where they might get emotionally weighed down by death – such as in a funeral parlour, as a grief counsellor, or as an end of life hospice doctor/nurse. Helping to heal people from grief is a noble way of raising the vibration of the world, so Azrael will assist you with these efforts as much as possible.

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    Archangel Chamuel is a seeker of peace, who helps people to find what they’re looking for.

    When To Call On Archangel Chamuel…

    When we don’t have inner peace, it’s usually because we’re lacking clarity, connection and/or closure. Without resolution, these things can make us feel confused and alone, unsure of which action we should take next.

    Archangel Chamuel helps us to see solutions so that we can find inner peace; which collectively will lead to world peace. By asking to see through the eyes of Chamuel, you’ll finally be able to see your way out of any tricky situations that you’re in. Whether you’ve lost your keys, are unsure of your life purpose or don’t know which decision to make next – you can always ask Archangel Chamuel for guidance and a clear cut sign.


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    If you grew up in Christianity like me, you will already know this angel! Archangel Gabriel announced the birth of Jesus in the Bible, and so is often pictured with a golden trumpet.

    When To Call On Archangel Gabriel…

    As you might have guessed, the role of Archangel Gabriel is to be a Divine messenger. Therefore, this is the angel that you need to call on if you want help with communication!

    If your life purpose involves writing, teaching, speaking or delivering messages in any way, Gabriel can give you confidence and clarity about the words that you need to say. If you have an important message that needs to be shared and you want help reaching a wider audience, Archangel Gabriel can also assist with bringing you the people who need to hear it most.

    As someone whose life purpose is to be a spiritual messenger, Gabriel is one of my favourites to call on… 👏🏽

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    Archangel Haniel is the overseer of Divine Feminine energy.

    When To Call On Archangel Haniel…

    Working closely with the cycles of the moon, Archangel Haniel can help women with the cycles of their body. If you’re having issues with fertility, menstruation or any other feminine health concerns, Haniel can help to rebalance any energetic issues which are contributing to the problem.

    It’s also a good idea to call on Archangel Haniel when you do your Full Moon & New Moon rituals! 🌙 If you use the moon cycles to help you manifest your desires, Haniel can amplify your efforts. As the moon is also closely linked to intuition and psychic senses, you can call on Archangel Haniel to help you develop your psychic gifts such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, etc.

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    Archangel Jeremiel helps people to review their life and comprehend spiritual visions.

    When To Call On Archangel Jeremiel…

    You might not need to call on Archangel Jeremiel too much while you’re still living, as this angel is said to help you review your life when you’ve newly crossed over into the spirit world. However, Jeremiel can still be useful when you’re in a period of pausing and reflecting on where you’re at in your life so far. Sometimes we need to look at where we’ve come from in order to know the best way to go next.

    If you’re going through a “hermit phase” and you’re seeking clarity about the lessons that you’ve learned and why, Archangel Jeremiel can help you to understand your life journey so that you can use the lessons you’ve learned to make better decisions.

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    Archangel Jophiel (sometimes Jofiel) is responsible for bringing beauty down to Earth.

    When To Call On Archangel Jophiel…

    Archangel Jophiel is one of my favourite angel energies to work with! Beauty comes in all forms and this Archangel will help you to find it. Whether it’s in the scenery around you, the design of your home or a moment of laughter with a friend, this angel will help you to love and appreciate the great things in your life.

    Jophiel also helps you to find joy, positivity and gratitude within yourself too. As we know, a happy life begins on the inside, so Jophiel can help you to create and maintain a positive attitude. If you’re renovating or reorganising your home, ask Archangel Jophiel to give you the inspiration that you need to create a magical space where you can thrive.

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    Archangel Metatron is the keeper of the Akashic Records and a teacher of esoteric knowledge.

    When To Call On Archangel Metatron…

    Archangel Metatron is especially helpful for indigo children who need some additional comfort and support. Having high sensitivity and intense natural psychic gifts can be confusing – especially for a child who hasn’t learned how to master them yet – so Metatron can help children to turn their spiritual connection into a superpower.

    Metatron is also able to help anyone learning about spirituality or studying esoteric subjects as a formal qualification. This is an intensely wise Archangel who is said to have helped create Divine geometry, and knows the highest soul path available for everyone due to possessing their Akashic Records.

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    Archangel Michael is one of the most well-known angels due to being named in the Bible (like Gabriel) and having the job of protecting people.

    When To Call On Archangel Michael…

    Archangel Michael is called on a lot during spiritual work because he has the power to protect our energy. This angel can also cut any energetic cords that we make, which is especially important for spiritual workers who are connecting with people’s energy fields to give healing and readings. It’s essential that these invisible cords are cut – think of these energetic ties as pipes which can drain your energy at any time, without you even knowing.

    Calling on Archangel Michael will help you to maintain spiritual sovereignty by guarding you against any energy which isn’t your own, while also cleansing you of any attachments which don’t serve you. You’ll know when this powerful angel is working with you because it can feel like a strong, pushy and forceful energy. If you want strength and protection at any moment – Archangel Michael is the one to ask for!

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    Archangel Raguel is the mediator who brings harmony to conflict situations.

    When To Call On Archangel Raguel…

    If you’re in the middle of an argument and struggling to see a way out, Archangel Raguel will illuminate a route to reconciliation. This angel specialises in calming feuds and can help to eliminate turmoil from your life.

    Raguel is particularly focused on relationships, and so can help to fix the bonds between you and the people that you’ve been struggling to maintain clear communication with. If you’re looking to bring new friends into your life who are more aligned with your spirituality, you can also call on Archangel Raguel to help you attract likeminded people who you can communicate openly with.

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    Archangel Raphael is in charge of healing human health.

    When To Call On Archangel Raphael…

    If you or someone you love has a health complaint and you want to send an Archangel, Raphael is the one that you need to call for! This healing angel can guide you to the right cure for any health complaints that are holding you back and causing suffering; the purpose of Raphael is to help restore you to the full health that your body is designed for.

    This angel does amazing work to raise the energetic vibration of Earth, as there’s obviously a lot of collective suffering that happens due to physical pain. Archangel Raphael will be keen to assist you if you’re in a healing profession of any kind. This angel has an important duty to watch over people in the medical profession, as well as in all other healing modalities.

    Remember: if you need help with your health, ask Raphael!

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    Archangel Raziel is a very wise angel who helps with spiritual development.

    When To Call On Archangel Raziel…

    Archangel Raziel can progress you further along your spiritual path by helping you to access all of the spiritual wisdom that you have deep within you – both from this lifetime and previous lifetimes.

    Similarly, Raziel can help to set you free from anything that’s preventing your spiritual growth from past lives. For example, if you went through massive trauma, hardship and betrayal of your trust, then it’s likely that you’re still holding an imprint of that suffering somewhere within your soul. You can ask Raziel for help to remove any obstacles which are preventing you from becoming more spiritually enlightened.

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    Archangel Sandalphon brings music down to Earth.

    When To Call On Archangel Sandalphon…

    Archangel Sandalphon assists with moving messages between heaven and Earth, which is why this angel is known to govern music. Like the messages in writings, teachings and readings, the words and sounds that we hear in songs are often delivered from other Divine realms. The musician is simply the messenger.

    If you’re a musician and you need help thinking of the words or notes to create a beautiful song, call on Archangel Sandalphon. You can also call on Sandalphon for support when you’re about to perform, so that you can deliver a truly Divine performance which strikes a chord within people’s souls!

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    Archangel Uriel will get ideas and inspiration flowing towards you.

    When To Call On Archangel Uriel…

    If you’re in a creative role, think of Archangel Uriel as your new best friend! This powerful angel can plant the seeds of inspiration within your soul which will bloom into something powerful – whether it’s through your creative work or an entrepreneurial venture.

    Think of Uriel as the whisper in your ear; the good idea that “came out of nowhere” just when you needed it most; and the download which you don’t question. Call on Archangel Uriel when you need a Divine spark that you can gift to the world. You can also ask Uriel to give you motivation and guidance when you’re moving forward with an innovative new project.

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    Archangel Zadkiel will help you with your memory.

    When To Call On Archangel Zadkiel…

    Archangel Zadkiel is legendary for helping people during exams! If you need help remembering as much information as you can within a short space of time, this is the angel that you need to call on. This angel can help you to study and store information in your mind.

    On the other hand, Zadkiel can also help you to remove things from your memory if they’re no longer serving you. Forgiveness is the best way to release old anger and trauma which is stopping you from rising up to the next level, and this angel can help you with that. Archangel Zadkiel will assist you with releasing old memories which are taking up too much space in your present.

    Zadkiel is also said to be the keeper of the Violet Flame.

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    You might have noticed that I haven’t given you any of the colours that I see these Archangels as…

    And that’s because it’s important for you to connect with them and create your own colour code! I have read about the Archangels before where someone has defined them as a colour completely different to the way that I see them. It’s just confusing and made me doubt myself – which I don’t want for you!

    So, I encourage you to connect, trust and get used to leaning on the Archangels for support. Once you see them working their magic in your life by answering your questions and delivering your desires, you will intuitively feel who can help you and when.

    Remember: there is no limit on how much you can ask the Archangels for help.

    ✨ Read the next blog How To Call On Your Angels to find out the most effective ways of getting them to assist you with what you need…! ✨



  • The Secret Sauce For Manifesting

    If you’re not letting go, then you’re saying no to your manifestation.

    Dreaming big? Done…

    Visualising? Easy…

    Being grateful? No problem.

    But being too scared to let go can be the fatal blow to that thing you’re manifesting.

    As a controlling Connie myself, I’ve had to learn this lesson the hard way. Sometimes I would get so frustrated that what I was focusing on hadn’t manifested, even though I’d worked and tried so hard.

    I’d get discouraged and angry to the point where I’d throw in the towel and give up, which is when something miraculous would finally start to happen. Once I had given up on the thing and forgotten about the thing, it would finally appear in my life when I’d least expect it.

    This is when I discovered the secret sauce for manifesting a tasty dish with the Universe:

    You must let go to let it in.

    I also learn a lot from all of the Angel and Tarot card readings that I do for people, and having sent out over 1000 free Angel Card readings I know the messages that most people need to hear, as well as the ones which are more obscure.

    The message that I get 10x more than some of the others is


    Because we hold on too tightly; because we are afraid; and because there’s an obsessive part of our human mind. The secret sauce for manifesting is to love it and let it go.


    It’s not that we don’t trust the Universe, it’s that we don’t trust ourselves to be able to manifest great things. We don’t think that it’s possible or we’re good enough or that we can make it happen – especially if it hasn’t before (probably because we were holding on too tight!)

    Release the burden on your shoulders and let go to let it in…

    If you were drawn to read this article, it’s probably because this message was something that you needed to hear right now. What are you trying to create? What are you struggling to manifest? And what are you afraid won’t happen?

    Our fear of a manifestation not happening makes it not happen. We don’t check on a pizza delivery every 2 seconds, pacing the floor and biting our nails wondering if it will ever turn up. We let it go and leave it to the pro’s.

    When you have done your bit for your manifestation – dreamed it, believed it, visualised it, been thankful and taken lots of aligned action – it’s time to seal it with the secret sauce…

    You must let go to let it in.



  • How To Attract Love With The Law of Attraction

    Looking for love can feel like a losing game. If you’re not using the Law of Attraction, that is…

    From all that I’ve read/watched/seen/witnessed/told someone from their Tarot cards – we can be really awesome at manifesting in one area of our life, and then absolutely pants at it in others. Even though the energetic principles are the same, our beliefs can tie us down in one area of our life more than another.

    For me, I have done a lot of hard belief and energy work around love and so my best manifestation to date is my wonderful husband. As I’m writing this to you, we’re in an idyllic cabin nestled between some mountains which encircle a Norwegian lake. A wood fire is cracking behind me and in front of me is a panoramic view of the jagged landscape and frost-tipped pine trees, which are slowly being covered a strong but silent downfall of snow. My love is sat on the opposite end of the big grey corner sofa that we’re on, and it’s moments like this which feel like a dream.

    I want to help as many other people as possible to live their dream…


    “We are all Divine love embodied in a human body, so it’s really a case of revealing our true selves and getting back to the most pure, authentic version of ourselves rather than trying to be anything that we’re not; rather than trying to become anything else… we want to be a perfect energetic match for love, and the way we do that is with total self love.” – Attract Love, Keeping Lasting Love (module 4, pt.1)

    The biggest mistake I see is people hoping that the love they will find from another person can replace the love they don’t have for themselves. A full cup is what will attract another cup; and a full one at that. I have attracted plenty of cups that were not full and, as a result, the relationships were… less than desirable. But it’s because I was not in a good place, so I didn’t attract people who were good for me. I had to do so much inner work to get treatment for my mental illnesses, come to terms with my body image and nip my needy habits in the bud.

    Just as money cannot be created and kept from scarcity, the same is true of love.

    “It’s not about giving loads out and thinking that it will come back to you that way, it’s actually about having it all for yourself already; and already being full. That is the energy of love.” – Attract Love, Even Energy Exchange (module 4, pt.3)

    I knew that I had to do something to help the people who were struggling to manifest love, even if they were super successful at manifesting in other areas of their life. I had finally cracked the elusive love code and found the energetic solution! It had to be shared and it had to create a positive change. All of the most powerful healing formulas are born out of someone’s genuine desire to help, and this definitely was.


    Pink and White Social Media Strategy Presentation

    If you’re looking to change your luck in love for the 2020’s, this first Valentine’s Day is the ideal chance to invest and transform.


    You can learn everything that you need to about love and the Law of Attraction in 4 weeks or if you’re like Rachel Green and just prefer to “power through”, then all of the lessons, meditations and workbooks are immediately available for you as soon as you log in.

    The price will never be this low again, and will continually increase – I’m only offering so much content for such an insanely affordable price so that as many (and any) people who need intuitive guidance around love right now can easily access it. Oh, and with continual price increases there will be new course content being added… which you will never have to pay another penny for because you’ll have lifetime access as an Attract Love member!

    Just some of the topics we’ll cover are:

    • Your Love Blueprint 
    • Your Ideal Partner 
    • Meeting Your Soulmate 
    • Creating Intimacy Faster
    • Clearing Your Stuck Energy 
    • Keeping Lasting Love
    • Feeling Safe In Love
    • Getting Used To An Even Energy Exchange 

    And you can see more details on the Attract Love course website!

    You are completely loveable and entirely perfect in every way. I want to help you see that so that everyone will notice it too. I hope you have an amazing Valentine’s Day on Friday, and –

    ❤️ I’ll see you inside the Attract Love course ❤️

    “It just is… it’s certain. It’s already happening. It already has happened somewhere in the Universe and you’re just travelling to that point in space and time.” – Attract Love, Completely In The Moment (module 4, pt.4)



  • How To Find Out The Colour Of Your Aura

    Do you know the colour of your aura?

    Even if you think you do, it can change! Pretty crazy, right?! So, how about now – are you still sure?

    Your aura is an energetic screenshot of how you’re vibrating right now, and as we very well know – your frequency will determine what you attract with the Law of Attraction! Your aura is affected by how healthy you are, how you’re feeling emotionally (which is affected by your relationships, career, stress etc) and it can also signal what your soul is here to do.

    If you want to know what colour your aura is but you aren’t able to see them yourself yet, here are some ways that you can find out today!

    Blog Title

    I spend a lot of time at spiritual workshops and psychic development classes, so I’ve been lucky to come into contact with many different healers who have a natural ability to see and sense auras. People with these gifts often find work as a Reiki therapist or energy healer to help people with balancing their chakras and cleansing their energy body.

    Asking a professional healer is a great way to find out the colour of your aura because they’ll also be able to help you heal it as needed. Remember to check that they can see auras initially though, if that’s what you’re most interested in finding out. To get recommendations for an energy healer who can see auras, you can message me on Instagram 🤳🏻

    Blog Title-2

    When I have contact with the Archangels, I see them as colours. That’s how I can identify which one is with me! So, it makes sense that they’d be keen to show you what colour you’re shining too. As with any request that you have in day-to-day life and anything that you ever feel unsure about – you can always ask the Angels to help you.

    Make it clear what you want to know by writing in your journal: “Dear Angels [you can enter a specific one here], please tell or show me the colour of my aura right now. I will look out for the signs…”

    Then pay attention to any colours that you see in your mind or feel like you’re being guided to. If you keep noticing the colour blue everywhere you go afterwards, or the word ‘blue’ keeps coming up in conversations and things you’re reading – they could be giving you the answer to your question!

    Blog Title-6.png

    Our friends and family in heaven know us intimately and can see us for who we truly are. Therefore, they are a great source to rely on when you need answers! I ask mine for help with all sorts of little things, like finding my keys, and they’ll bring my eye straight to somewhere that I haven’t thought to look yet.

    If you ask your spirit guides by writing down or thinking of the question in your mind, then – like Angels – they will also try to show you to the answer. Watch out for the signs: any colours that you’re drawn to more than usual or that seem to be following you around; it will be your spirit guides delivering the answer that you asked them for.

    Blog Title-7

    If you read my blog on using a pendulum, you’ll know that you can ask a pendulum for accurate answers to simple questions – including the colour of your aura! And the best way to do this is by using a dowsing wheel. With a crystal or homemade pendulum (like a wedding ring on a necklace), you can hold it above the the dowsing wheel so that it acts like a map, guiding you to your answer.

    To find out the most prominent colour in your aura, you’ll need to print and use a pendulum dowsing wheel specifically for colours or chakras, like this one I made earlier…

    Blog Title-4

    Since I was 14, my Tarot cards have guided me to everything that I need to know. But, centuries ago, they actually started out as a card game before they were used by psychics for divination! Many people still learn how to do readings by using a standard 52-card playing deck and substituting the suits of the Tarot (wands/cups/pentacles/swords) for the suits of the playing cards (clubs/hearts/diamonds/spades). You can do something similar when you want to find out the colour of your aura…

    Instead of buying a whole new set of Oracle cards, you can write on a spare deck of playing cards. Write by hand a different colour on each playing card (from the list of aura colours I’ve given below) and then shuffle them like you would an Oracle or Tarot deck, focusing your energy and intention on asking for the colour of your aura. This is more likely to work if you have an existing connection to cards and use Oracle or Tarot often, as spirit will know that you’re open to accepting and receiving messages this way.

    Pull one card when you feel guided to – and see what colour it reveals!

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    And once you’ve discovered the colour of your aura, wait for next week’s blog: What The Colour Of Your Aura Says About You!

    (You can subscribe to the Millennial Manifestor blog at the bottom of this page 👇🏽)