• Weird & Woo Marketing Tips That Will Help Your Business

    I’m all about the woo and I’m guessing that you are too…

    I know without a doubt that there’s no activity or outcome which can’t be enhanced with a little dose of energy magic, so I’m 100% for it in every area of my life – including my daily business and marketing activities!

    If you know that you can change the world around you with your energy, thoughts and actions, then why would you not implement that in everything you do?

    Especially when it comes to the vehicle that’s going to allow you to create the most impact in the world, while also steering you closer to all of your own dreams. If it’s well aligned, you can live out all of your values through your business; like for me, mine are 1) freedom and 2) impact.

    I try to load all of my business and marketing activities with maximum positive impact.

    I also believe in karma! So, if you believe in karma too, you should try out some of these weird and woo marketing tips that will keep your clients coming back to you again and again…


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    Every time I hit “send” on an email – whether it’s an Angel Card reading, a Tarot reading, or to an editor of a magazine – I send it with love! Literally.

    I’ll think in my head: “I love you” or “God bless you“, as I hit send. I don’t say it out loud (so no-one would ever know 🤫) but sending that love and positivity to people adds an extra energetic dimension to what you’re delivering.

    When you’re sending high vibrations out to people, on some level they’ll receive them – and they’ll feel them. To be honest, I don’t do this with Instagram DM’s because I power through them quickly, but with something that I spend more time and attention on (like emails) I’ll always send with love.

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    I do the exact same thing when I send things out in the post (aka the ol’ snail mail…)

    For example, with every single gratitude stone that I put in the letterbox, I think the intention: “May this bring them more than they invested.” I’m posting it with the intention that the customer will get more from it than they’ve spent, to increase the benefit that they’ll receive.

    I definitely recommend that you do this if you send postal orders as part of your business, because it also gives you that moment to appreciate each and every item that you’re sending out – and each and every customer that you have. It’s a moment of gratitude for you too. Embrace and enjoy it!

    I also do this if I’m sending a birthday card to friends and family; I’ll always post it with love and a positive intention, expecting the person to secretly receive it when they open that card 💌

    PS – As I wrote out this heading, I realised that it could be interpreted as posting on Instagram with love, which… surprise, surprise… I do that too.

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    If you’re thinking “hmm what?“, let me explain…

    I want you to step INTO the person that you hope to become, before you step OUT into the world.

    This means taking a brief moment before filming anything – like an IG story, IGTV, TIK TOK or YouTube video – to assume the identity of the you who already has everything you want.

    This is a pro manifesting tip, because it allows you to easily align with the life you’re creating. If you want to be a leader in your field, then step into the role of already being that person before you share your message.

    This will make people see you as such, and respond to you as such, and trust in you as such, and therefore – buy from you as such.

    It will also help you to become more comfortable in that identity! Therefore, making it easier for the Universe to match you with the results you really want.

    Practice becoming the person that you want to be every time you show yourself to the world.

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    This is probably the least weird of the woo tips, but I’m going to mention it anyway just in case.

    I definitely recommend having a notepad which is just for catching all of that wonderful Divine inspiration which flows through you. If you’re a writer, I pretty much demand it!

    If you don’t grab inspiration when it comes through, it’s easily forgotten. That’s the difference between inspiration and a thought – when it’s not made by your own brain, it’s harder to retrace. It flows through and out in a second; so it’s important to catch it, use it, and share it with the world.

    I have a lot of notepads, but there’s one without an organised structure because it’s solely for my inspiration. I’ll group a few pages for a course that I’m working on and a few pages for a book, just so that the inspiration is together by project. But, I can then just write random inspo anywhere in that section.

    When the day comes to put the course or book together, I can then sort all of those random sparks into sections that make sense.

    An inspiration notepad will allow you to get the best out of your work and will make it so much easier for you to put something together, because you’ll have plenty of juicy details from the ideas that you caught weeks or months beforehand.

    Make sure it’s a notepad that you love with a lush design (most of mine have inspirational quotes on, obvs…) and keep it close by at all times. You’ll need it.

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    Not getting the type of customers that you want? It’s time to set a new energetic boundary!

    Like everything else in life, we attract the least that we’ll accept. So, if you find yourself serving people who aren’t appreciating your work, with offers that you don’t enjoy doing, it’s time to raise your energetic boundary.

    Refuse from this point on to accept money coming in from any way that you don’t absolutely love.

    Attract customers who love what you do and respect your time, while also making it a non-negotiable that you won’t devote any of yourself to doing things that you feel trapped by.

    It’s your business – you are not trapped.

    No-one owns it apart from you, so you get to decide what you do. Don’t forget that!

    If something is making you really unhappy over the long-term, then it’s an energetic boundary issue. Refuse to accept less than what you really want, and the good stuff will start showing up.

    You can attract the customers and results that you desire if you’re sharing offers which you truly believe in and enjoy doing.

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    Intuitive business done my way is what I live by, and what I encourage everyone else to do too…

    I really don’t care what other people think I “should” be doing, because I can feel my own solutions and I can see the answers. Whenever I get really stuck, I literally close my eyes and try to see the answer. I’ll even do this if I’m looking for things at home, and I might see a moment of me walking into the kitchen – so I’ll know that my phone is in there somewhere 🤪

    I feel what I should be offering and when; I feel when the time is right to do so; and I see the words on a page when I just can’t think what I should write next. If you’re intuitive, it’s your greatest ally!

    There are millions of entrepreneurs in the world who don’t utilise this tool enough, and you don’t have to be one of them.

    Feel your solutions, see your answers, and trust your intuition. It will give you an extra edge when it comes to marketing your business. Your gifts aren’t separate from your offerings in business, so combine them all together for maximum impact…

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    I hope you enjoyed these and that they weren’t too “woo” for you. They’re normal to me, but I just realised this week that maybe they’re not normal for everyone, so I thought it would be fun to share them.

    I also shared them with you because I know that they work, and that your energy amplifies the results of everything you do!

    For amazing results with all of your business and marketing: just add a little woo ✨





  • Why You Should Celebrate All The Small Wins

    Coronavirus quarantine has shaken up the whole world, and so many people’s individual worlds.

    It’s taken away a sense of certainty, which isn’t always a bad thing – and here’s why…

    As an entrepreneur (note: if you’re making money outside of a “normal” job then you are one!) you don’t always have stability, especially at the beginning.

    You never know when your next win’s going to come in, or your next cause for celebration.

    I’ve been incredibly lucky to have had my best month in business so far in April, along with getting my Soul & Spirit article published, and an exciting award nomination which I’ll be announcing in the next 2 weeks 🏆✨

    I have a lucky 3’s rule and it’s definitely true this month! As I’m seeing these things coming off my vision board, I’ve been having mini celebrations; but it’s got me thinking – when is the big celebration?

    One of my favourite documentaries of all time is The Defiant Ones. I’ve watched the whole series 3x through in the last 2 years, and I find it so inspirational because it shows the real rise to success of people like Jimmy Iovine, Dr Dre, Eminem, and lots more of my success heroes.

    Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails says in it that his success was built brick-by-brick, so there was no ‘one day’ where he suddenly had success… and that’s literally how it goes!

    It can be too easy as inspired people to just want to race towards the next thing, and hit the next milestone. Maybe you’re trying to get that new business off the ground. Maybe you’re trying to create a new income so that you can escape from a job you hate.

    But the small wins are the only wins.

    There’s no ‘one day’ where you’ll get everything at once. Have a mini success party for every single amazing thing that happens. This is a way of being super grateful; by having a private energetic party for yourself and raising your vibration.

    This is also an amazing thing to do if you’re in a low mood. You can still celebrate doing the food shop, you can still celebrate cooking a meal, and you can still celebrate getting yourself up, ready and dressed.

    There is so much to celebrate in everyday life.

    So, please don’t forget it – regardless of what the news and media tell you!

    It’s not all doom and gloom. There are wins in everyday life. There are wins happening in your business. Wins happening in the ideas that you’re getting now which will turn into something that will create abundance, prosperity and fulfilment for you in the future.

    Winning is not a single event, winning is done through small individual things coming into fruition. You won’t just look back once and think: “Wow, I’ve done it all!

    You’ll look back many different times and think: “How did I get from there to here? Life is so much better now.

    No-one else might be able to see the small wins or they might not think that your small wins are big enough to celebrate.

    But YOU know the work you’ve put in and YOU know what it took. YOU know what you’ve overcome, so it’s YOUR responsibility to celebrate your small wins – even if no-one else will celebrate them with you.

    The small wins are the only wins there are. They will get bigger and bigger and bigger, but they are all individual in nature. Don’t expect your vision board to turn into 3D all at once. Things will come off one by one when the time is right for them to manifest.

    Count your small wins everyday as things to be grateful for. Everyone’s wins will look different but they are all just as important as each other to the person who has won them.

    Through Coronavirus – every day/every week/every month (and then after quarantine carry on as a habit) – remind yourself…

    What do you have to celebrate today?



  • 5 Minutes To Set A Clear Intention

    Now that the issue has been off the shelves for a few weeks, I can share the piece that I wrote for Spirit & Destiny magazine with you!

    This is a guide to how you can manifest quickly and easily by getting clear on what you want…

    FREE for 29 more hours!IMG_4418

    “Did you know? Intentions are your direct line with the Universe…”

    Gatekeeper Blog copy

    When setting your intentions, it’s important to remember that anything is possible.

    Don’t shy away from asking for what you want and love yourself enough to know that there’s no shame in wanting to improve your life. Find 5 minutes alone where you can focus and tune in to your intuition.

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    The most successful manifestations are born from the heart.

    Once you’re sat quietly in meditation, start to think about what would truly make you happy. What would light you up inside if it appeared in your life?

    Try not to get distracted by what you ‘should’ want or what other people would want for you, as it may be different from what your soul truly desires.

    Gatekeeper Blog copy-3

    Writing is the easiest way to get clear on what you want as you can physically see your thoughts on a page.

    In your journal or on a piece of paper, write: “Dear Universe, I want…” and then end your request by expressing gratitude in advance.

    For example, “I gratefully receive everything on this page” or “Thank you Universe, with these words I create my desires”.

    You can also address this letter to your angels, spirit guides or any other being who will help you to bring this intention to life.

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    And that’s it!

    Super short, simple and easy – perfect when you only have a few minutes to begin a new manifestation, or reset one which just hasn’t been happening for you so far.

    Remember: Get clear so the Universe can hear…



  • How To Call On Your Angels

    If you read last week’s blog The 15 Archangels & How They Can Help You 🕊️, you’ll know that I promised to tell you how you can connect with them and actually feel their energy working in your life. This is the best way to build your faith and create that direct communication – by asking them and getting a live response.

    If you want help, guidance or assistance with a problem that you’re stuck with, call on an Angel to work through it with you. Their energy is always available to lift your vibration higher and get a stagnant situation moving again. Here are some techniques that you can try when you’re ready to call on your Angels…


    Gatekeeper Blog

    Believe it or not, this is actually how I got into working with Angels. I was very sceptical about them before and didn’t truly believe that they existed. Then my friend Lauren gave me a pack of Angel Therapy cards and they were the first cards that I’d owned apart from my trusty old Tarot deck. I quickly realised that the Angels were keen to come through and give me messages, and now I get the pleasure of working with them every single day. The more I work with them, the more that they give me signs and help me out with stuff.

    If you can find an Angel card deck that you feel drawn to, set the intention with it that you want the Angels to start giving you messages. The great thing about pulling an Angel card is that it will literally give you the Archangel’s name with a written message from them. It’s super clear, easy and simple. In my opinion, this is the easiest way to start connecting with Angels.

    If you’ve never used cards before and you’re unsure how to read them, my How To Read Angel Cards Like A Pro blog is here 🎴✨

    Gatekeeper Blog-2

    The truth is that Angels are probably already coming to you even though you’re not calling them! The way that you’ll know if they’ve visited is through signs, so it’s time to start looking out for them now if you don’t already. Some of the most common signs that you’ll get are…

    🕊️ White Feathers – floating down outside your window, drifting by your feet or turning up around your house. White feathers are often the calling card of an Angel.

    🌸 Smell of Flowers – many people will randomly notice a sweet floral scent when they’re just at home alone sitting on the sofa. If you have a psychic sense of smell (yes it’s a real thing), the Angels might give you this sign to let you know they’re with you.

    💫 Flash of Light – As I said in last week’s blog, I see Angels as different colours of light energy. You might have seen the photos online of people in near death situations who got saved by a brilliant white light, and the whole thing was caught on CCTV. Angels often become physically visible in this way, so if you see a flash of light that you can’t explain – it could be an Angel letting you know that they’re with you.

    🔢 Angel Numbers – “What does this number mean?” is one of the most common questions that I get asked on Instagram and TIK TOK! Luckily, I’ve already written articles about Numerology: The Secret Meaning of Angel Numbers and What 11.11 Means so I direct people to those. If you keep seeing repeating numbers like 111, 777 or 888 – for example – it’s a very clear sign that the Angels are trying to communicate with you.

    ✨ A Tingling Sensation – If you’re clairsentient, you might be getting tingles right now as you read about Angels. Perhaps when you think of an Archangel’s name the hairs on your arm stand up, or there’s a rippling sensation around your crown chakra. Feeling physical tingles and sensations is another sign that an Angel energy is with you.

    👻 Strange But Obvious Coincidences – Once, I was asking the Angels for help while walking through a shopping mall and, as I looked down, the woman in front of me had an angel wing tattooed on each ankle. These strange coincidences and WTF moments are to make you stop and notice them. Seeing an Angel-related sign at a perfect moment is a very clear message that they’ve heard your prayers.

    Gatekeeper Blog-3

    Feeling unsure is a horrible experience for us as humans, so if you want to check that the Angels are definitely coming when you’re calling for them – ask them to send you more signs. I promise that they won’t get annoyed!

    This is good advice whenever you’re feeling unsure or worried about something. Asking for more signs is often how I arrive at a decision or choose which way to go next with something; and when the sign arrives, it really makes me feel like I’m being guided along and supported. I think the energetic vibration of Earth would be a lot higher if we were all sure of how guided and supported we really are.

    It’s also a good idea to ask for more signs if you think maybe you saw a sign but you’re not 100% sure. Allow the Angels to give you confidence and clarity by confirming that for you with a stronger sign.

    Gatekeeper Blog-4

    This is where you can really call the Angels further into your life. Meditation is the key to developing any type of spiritual connection…

    Sit quietly and send your energy up as high as it’ll go. Open up a space by emptying your mind. Feel the intention of wanting to connect with Angel energies or ask them directly in your mind to come forward if it feels right.

    Notice any changes which happen for you – whether you instinctively feel drawn to colours, shapes or names. I think many people imagine that you’ll see a hunky man with big white wings and a loin cloth, but that’s rarely how it goes. You’re more likely to experience them as tingles, lights, sensations and maybe sounds. I can hear the clear sound of a bell ring in my ear and I call it an “Angel ring”. If one of your stronger psychic senses is clairaudience then you might get something similar too!

    The key is to be patient and keep practising over days, weeks and months. Your connection will get clearer over time. Eventually, you’ll get used to them coming in to visit you during your meditations where they can give you loving energy, support and guidance.

    Gatekeeper Blog-5

    This is a really powerful way to get clear answers on anything that you want the Angels to help with. Post-meditation when your energy channels are open, sit with an empty page and a pen. Initiate a conversation by writing something like: “Dear Angels, please can you tell me the best way to go next in my career?”

    Without allowing your mind to speak, just start writing whatever message wants to flow through your hand. Let go of all judgement for a moment and transcribe the answer freely. The answers that come out when your mind doesn’t get in the way can be profound and perfectly timed!

    I often also write letters to the Angels and then close my journal for it to manifest. This isn’t to receive any messages from them as such, but just to tell them my wishes and for me to get crystal clear on what I really want. Calling on your Angels can help you to manifest because they’ll leave hints and clues in your path for what you’ll need to get there.

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    Hopefully, you can now see that there are many different ways for you to call on your Angels. The most important thing is that you follow your intuition for how they’re appearing in your life – what you sense and feel is right for you, so trust it!