• Spiritual Burnout: What Is It And What Does It Look Like?

    Lightwork doesn’t always feel light. In fact, it can feel heavy and draining AF…

    There are 2 main ways that spiritual burnout can happen to you:

    1. Taking too much in
    2. Giving too much out

    I’ll talk about each of these in more detail so that you can become aware of them setting in (and spot if they already have 🥴)

    Spiritual burnout is the feeling of being totally spiritually spent.

    Like you’re scraping around at the bottom of your sacred inner well trying to find the water that used to be there. The thought of learning anything else or giving any more readings/healing sessions repels you. It’s like your soul is saying a flat… out… NO.

    In the words of Cheryl Cole, “too much of anything will make you sick” and that is also true of spiritual work.

    If you have been doing all of the courses and reading all of the books, you might get to a point where the idea of signing up to one more person’s free online challenge feels like literal hell on Earth.

    There’s a key message when this happens: it’s time to listen to your intuition and implement what you’ve already learned instead.

    Information overload can lead to intuition underheard.

    If this type of spiritual burnout is happening to you right now, you can expect feelings of:

    • Your head wanting to explode
    • An urge to scream at the next ad you see for an online course
    • Wanting to swap your bedtime read for mindless TV instead

    Of course it’s important to feed your brain and learn about different opinions, but the most important thing of all is YOUR brain and YOUR opinion. Investing too much of yourself in learning from other people can dilute your own inner voice and stop you from trusting yourself.

    The truth is, you don’t need any validation from anyone else if you know what feels right for you.

    Shut the book, click out of the online course, and see what YOU have to say instead when you’re feeling this type of spiritual burnout.

    The other type of spiritual burnout creeps in while you are busy doing your spiritual work.

    If you’ve been giving readings left, right and centre or had an influx of people who need your healing help, you have probably experienced this. It feels like:

    • You’ve lost the joy in doing your spiritual work
    • You’re longing for a break, and starting to actually wish for fewer bookings
    • Your intuitive messages are getting foggy, and your body feels like it needs to rest before healing anyone else

    This one is tricky to tackle when you need to run your own business, so it’s all down to strategic planning to avoid it happening in the first place. This could mean only doing readings on certain days of the week or being ready to switch to a waitlist system as soon as you hit a certain number of client orders.

    Raising your prices will also mean that you can enjoy serving fewer clients well, rather than trying to serve everyone while you run your own energy into the ground.

    Especially as an empath, Projector, introvert or anything else which might predispose you to energy drain – planning how to avoid spiritual burnout is going to keep you doing your spiritual work for much longer and with far greater success.

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    Have you experienced spiritual burnout before?

    This is something that I shine a light on and help my spiritual coaching clients to avoid, so if you want to work with me 1:1 then apply for my Spiritual Success Coaching Program before it closes on 15th September! ✨


  • Release | Use This Cord Cutting Meditation To Set You Free From Energy & Attachments

    After sending out over 3000 Angel Card readings, it’s become clear to me where people get the most stuck in their lives.

    There are a few cards which I don’t get very often at all, and then there are some which are prolific and take up the bulk of my readings.

    I also get messages from people wanting to manifest their exes or bring someone back to them, but – probably to their disappointment – I always tell them that what they should actually think about is cutting the cord…


    I knew that I needed to help with this because when we don’t know how to move forward, we feel stuck. When we feel stuck, we can’t manifest; we can’t see the new opportunities which surround us; and we aren’t grateful for things because we’re thinking about what we have lost.

    The problem with this feeling being caused by our energy is that most of us can’t see it!

    The attachment is there, but we don’t know how to get rid of it. However, with this powerful technique, you can finally reclaim your energy and raise your own vibration by severing ties to the past.

    In this free guided meditation, you will cut your cords to the things and people which no longer serve you.

    As empaths and lightworkers, we can soak in other people’s energy and take on their problems, which means that we need to regularly cleanse ourselves of low vibration energy.

    Like an energy detox, by releasing our attachments and cutting the ties to what has made us feel heavy, we can become weightless.

    Our soul can feel free, and we can breathe again.

    Too much attachment to the past makes it impossible for us to see the potential that still lies in our future…

    Enjoy this cord cutting meditation, and feel lighter as you release the past.

    Download the free meditation mp3 here → http://www.lizroberta.com/product/free-energy-detox-meditations/

    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6dwzujr3NA&w=560&h=315%5D



  • 6 Signs That You Have Empathic Overload

    [This article was published in the May 2020 issue of Soul & Spirit magazine]

    Liz Roberta, a Spiritual Coach who writes the Millennial Manifestor blog, helps you protect & connect with your intuition by avoiding overwhelm…

    If you’re an empath, you have been given a gift. Your sensitivity can be a wonderful tool for connecting people with the light, but it can be hard to spot when you’re gradually becoming burdened with other people’s emotions.

    To know if this is happening to you, check to see if you’re feeling any of these 6 symptoms…

    Gatekeeper Blog copy

    Have you been struggling to connect with your intuition and psychic abilities recently?

    If so, it could be a sign that other people’s emotional energy is clouding your spiritual sight. Staying in a high energetic vibration is so important for maintaining a clear psychic connection; carrying other people’s dark energy in your aura acts like a thick fog on your intuitive highway to the Divine.

    Keep your spiritual gifts active and finely tuned by having strong energetic boundaries, because often people struggling for Divine connection will unknowingly attach to your energy and use it as a conduit.

    Gatekeeper Blog copy (1)

    Want to hide away and spend more time by yourself than usual?

    Retreating into hermit mode can feel tempting when your soul is tired from carrying the extra weight of other people’s emotions, so watch out for withdrawal as a sign that you need to check in with your boundaries.

    By noticing what friendships and relationships are weighing you down, you can start to limit the time that you spend with these people. At any moment, you can say to the Angels in your mind: “Wrap your loving wings around me and help me to feel my own emotions.”

    Gatekeeper Blog copy (2)

    Are you prone to aches, pains and irritating illnesses?

    If you’re someone who always has a cough or cold, for example, then it could be a warning sign that you’re letting in too much energy which isn’t your own. Over time, this low vibration energy can build up until it manifests as a blockage in one of your chakras and causes you to become ill.

    The most commonly affected chakra is the throat, when empaths don’t say what needs to be said for fear of hurting someone’s feelings or harming a relationship. Your body will lovingly give you warnings to tell you that you’re energetically overloaded.

    Gatekeeper Blog copy (3)

    Have you been taking longer than usual to decide because you’re struggling to pick a direction?


    Confusion is to be expected when you have empathic overload! Picking up on everyone else’s energies can be bewildering for your intuition and mean that you’re prioritising other people’s emotions ahead of your own.

    Doing what’s right for you can be hard as an empath if it means giving someone else less than the best, but you need to be the master of your own fate. With better boundaries in place, the cloudy path to what you really want will become clearer.

    Gatekeeper Blog copy (4)

    Have you been feeling low, worried and anxious?

    When the emotions we’ve collected don’t know which way to go, they can manifest in a way that will force us to stop and name them. It’s normal to experience more negative emotions than usual when you have empathic overload, but, while feeling other people’s stress is a sign of your compassion – it isn’t particularly productive.

    Ground your energy and refocus any thoughts which are making you feel unstable or unsupported.

    Gatekeeper Blog copy (8)

    With these feelings of confusion and anxiety, it’s harder to maintain the high energetic vibration that you need for easy manifesting!

    If you’re finding it more difficult than usual to attract what you want, or you’re attracting results which are slightly “off” from what you’ve been asking for, the Law of Attraction could be telling you something.

    Keeping your energy light and free from other people’s burdens will ensure that you’re a magnet for abundance!

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    So, do these signs sound true for you?

    If you’re experiencing 3 or more of them at the same time, then it’s likely that you’re becoming overwhelmed by your Divine gift of sensitivity.

    Remember to cleanse your energy body regularly and keep your boundaries strong; your energy is your best tool for making an impact!

    Make Your Energy Your Own Again!

    When you don’t know how to let go of what’s not yours, ask the Angelic realm for assistance. They can see what you are carrying and will lighten the load.

    Ask Archangel Michael to set you free with this simple request, repeated out loud or in your mind as you sit quietly in meditation: “Archangel Michael, please cut the cords connecting me to any energy which doesn’t serve me. Lift the load so that I can raise my vibration and shine brightly again.”



  • Who Is Your Gatekeeper Spirit Guide?

    This one is for all of the psychics, mediums and Tarot readers… 🔮

    If you haven’t heard of a Gatekeeper Spirit Guide before, prepare to meet your new mystic mentor!

    Gatekeeper Blog-3

    Your Gatekeeper is your Spirit Guide who holds the keys to the spirit world 🔑

    For some people, the gate will stay firmly locked in this lifetime and they’ll never have any kind of psychic experience; this will happen if their soul isn’t ready for it yet and/or it’s not essential for fulfilling their purpose.

    They help you with your psychic work…

    The reason that I addressed this article to the psychics, mediums and Tarot readers is because you’re probably already popping between the two worlds quite often while you’re working. Whether it’s spotting s1111gns, getting messages through Tarot/Angel/Oracle cards, seeing ghosts/spirits or receiving intuition through your psychic senses (clairvoyance/clairaudience/clairsentience etc), your Gatekeeper Spirit Guide can assist you.

    They can help you to refine your gifts and will pass you direct messages once you start collaborating with them.

    They can also help you to live a normal life…

    A common theme with my Spiritual Coaching clients is that they feel overwhelmed with their natural gifts. They’re confused by the weird things that are happening to them and don’t know how to control it. They get spirits bothering them at any time of day, which can be scary and annoying – especially as spirits seem to be most active at night!

    Your Gatekeeper Spirit Guide can regulate this for you, so that the gate connecting you to the spirit world opens and closes when you want it to.

    They give you safe access to the spirit world… 

    Another purpose of your Gatekeeper Spirit Guide is to give you psychic protection.

    As your personal portal manager, they will act as your bouncer and bodyguard, allowing in only the spirits and messages which will benefit you and the people you’re serving. They will guard you as you do your psychic work and keep your connection clear, safe and high vibe. Sounds good, right?!

    Gatekeeper Blog-2

    Meeting your Gatekeeper is a similar process to meeting your regular Spirit Guides. It will probably require several attempts and will definitely require being open-minded…

    You can use the below free meditation to help you meet your Gatekeeper ↓

    The general steps for meeting your Gatekeeper go like this:

    • Take time to relax into a deep meditation – sit or lie comfortably while using scented candles/incense/meditation music and any of your favourite methods to help you relax. Let go of keeping your awareness in the physical world, and allow yourself to drift deeper.
    • Walk in to an enchanted forest – Imagine yourself walking through a beautiful, calm forest which feels mystical and magical. Walk deeper into the forest feeling the warm, light rays of the sun softly touching your face as they reach through the tall trees. Walk until you see a large old tree, wider than the rest, with a beautiful amethyst cave in its trunk. You can walk into this amethyst cave and it is the doorway for you to access the spirit world.
    • Wait for your Gatekeeper – As you walk through the portal, you will still walk out into a forest of trees but on this side you are in the spirit world. Ask your Gatekeeper to show themselves to you and come and meet you in this enchanted forest. Try not to be afraid and know that this is a benevolent spirit who has been with you since birth, protecting you and keeping you safe.
    • Interact with your Gatekeeper – Hopefully you will eventually see a figure coming towards you when you’re asking your Gatekeeper to show themselves. Ask them what their name is, if there’s anything that they would like you to know – and feel free to have a discussion about how you would like to work with them going forward.

    Gatekeeper Blog

    One final important note about meeting your Gatekeeper…

    They are famous for being quirky!

    I’ve heard people say that theirs looked like Merlin, a leprechaun with no legs, and a back-to-front centaur with a horse’s head and neck. Mine looked like a man-sized black crow wearing a cape, with human legs.

    Expect the unexpected.

    The way mine appeared actually did make a lot of sense to me because I’ve always been drawn to crows and magpies, so much so that I have a large magpie tattooed on each foot. I believe (inherited from my mother) that when I see two of them together it’s a sign of good luck. Therefore, I think my Gatekeeper presented itself to me in that way because the symbolism had personal spiritual relevance to me.

    Entities in the spirit world don’t have a physical form so they can choose to present themselves to you however they wish, which is why different people will see Archangels differently and associate them with different colours. And the same is true for spirits in general. Because they are not fixed by heavy, dense physical matter, they can choose and change how they show themselves to you.

    My psychic mentor said that Gatekeepers have a sense of humour – so don’t be surprised if yours looks like a weird and wacky creature that you’ve never seen before… they’re easier to remember that way!

    ☽ ☆ ☾

    Your Gatekeeper is your guide who can give you access to the spirit world and protect you from psychic experiences when you just want to go about your daily life in the human world.

    It will take time to establish clear communication with your Gatekeeper Spirit Guide, but it begins by making the effort to meet them.

    Keep an open mind, keep trying, and hopefully you will start to enjoy the benefits of working with them very soon!

    Have you met your Gatekeeper either before or after reading this article? Let me know what your personal experience was in the comments or on Instagram!